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Picasso & Cubism Inspired Bust Project

Picasso & Cubism Inspired Bust Project






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    Picasso & Cubism Inspired Bust Project Picasso & Cubism Inspired Bust Project Document Transcript

    • Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust   Sculpture  I                        Mrs.  Duckworth  &  Mrs.  Holtz     Cubism  was  a  20th  century  avant-­‐garde  art  movement  pioneered   by  Pablo  Picasso  and  Georges  Braque  that  revolutionized   European  painting  and  sculpture.    Picasso  demonstrated   uncanny  artistic  talent  in  his  early  years,  painting  in  a  realistic   manner  throughout  his  childhood  and  adolescence;  during  the   first  decade  of  the  20th  century  his  style  changed  often  as  he   experimented  with  different  ideas  and  theories.    Picasso  is   known  for  his  blue  and  rose  periods,  his  African-­‐influenced   period,  and  for  various  types  of  Cubism.    Picasso  was  most  well-­‐ known  for  his  paintings,  but  he  was  also  a  sculptor.     The  activity:    In  this  project,  we  have  a  chance  to  produce   reinterpretations  of  the  works  of  Picasso!    The  simplified  forms   of  Cubism  lend  themselves  beautifully  to  sculpture   reproductions.    By  looking  through  the  vast  array  of  figurative   paintings  done  by  Picasso  during  his  Cubist  phase,  we  find  many   possibilities  for  sculpture  adaptations.       What  you’ll  do:   1. Analyze  and  discuss  the  portrait  paintings  of  Pablo  Picasso  and  other  Cubist  artists.     2. Find  your  favorite  Picasso  portraits  at  one  of  the  following  websites:   a. http://www.pablo-ruiz-picasso.net/ b. http://www.picassohead.com/ 3. Choose  your  favorite  3  portrait  paintings  and  print  them  in  color.    For  each,  write  the  title  of  the   painting  and  year  it  was  painted,  then  write  5  aspects  of  each  painting  that  you  like  or  find   interesting,  and  explain  why.     4. Look  at  your  wire  and  nylon  sculpture  and  your  favorite  paintings.    Then  do  a  few  thumbnail   sketches  of  how  you  can  interpret  the  paintings  into  your  sculpture.   5. Choose  your  best  design  and  complete  a  final  color  drawing  of  how  you  will  paint  your  sculpture   in  the  style  of  Picasso.    Your  drawing  should  be  from  multiple  viewpoints  based  on  your  wire  and   nylon  sculpture.     6. Paint  your  final  Picasso  inspired  bust  using  acrylic  paint.       Tips:   • You  can  use  multiple  paintings  as  inspiration.   • Look  at  the  different  shapes  and  how  they  work  together.   • Consider  multiple  faces  within  your  bust.   • Decide  on  a  color  scheme  –  it  doesn’t  have  to  be  realistic.   • Be  sure  your  sculpture  is  interesting  from  all  angles.     Requirements:   1. Three  printed  color  images  of  Picasso’s  portraits   2. Five  aspects  of  each  painting  that  interests  you   3. Thumbnail  sketches  of  possible  interpretations   4. Final  color  drawing,  from  multiple  angles,  of  best  design   5. Create  final  Picasso  inspired  bust  using  a  high  level  of  care  and  craftsmanship  
    • Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust                          Reference  Images       Sculpture  I                                                                Mrs.  Duckworth  &  Mrs.  Holtz     Name:  _________________________________________________________________________        Block:  ______________________   Attach the 3 COLOR Picasso images you printed below. For each include the title of the painting, the year it was painted and 5 aspects about the painting that you find interesting and why. Portrait #1: Title: Year: 5 Aspects: Portrait #2: Title: Year: 5 Aspects: Portrait #3: Title: Year: 5 Aspects:
    • Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust           Thumbnail  Sketches       Sculpture  I                                                            Mrs.  Duckworth  &  Mrs.  Holtz     Name:  ______________________________________________________________________        Block:  ______________________     1. Look  at  the  3  Picasso  portraits  you  printed  in  color.       2. Review  and  consider  the  5  aspects  of  each  painting  you  listed  as  interesting.     3. Look  at  your  wire/nylon  sculpture  and  consider  how  to  make  it  a  Picasso  inspired  Cubist  bust.   4. On  this  page,  complete  several  thumbnail  sketches  from  a  variety  of  angles  of  what  your   sculpture  will  look  like                                  
    • Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust           Final  Color  Drawing       Sculpture  I                                                        Mrs.  Duckworth  &  Mrs.  Holtz     Name:  ______________________________________________________________________        Block:  ______________________     On  this  page,  create  a  final  COLOR  drawing  of  how  you  will  paint  your  sculpture  in  the  style  of   Picasso.    Your  drawing  should  be  from  multiple  viewpoints  based  on  your  wire  and  nylon  sculpture.        
    • Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust            Reflection  Sheet           Sculpture  I                                                                                                                                   Mrs.  Duckworth  &  Mrs.  Holtz     Name:  ___________________________________________________________________________        Block:  ________________     Thinking  about  your  Picasso  &  Cubism  Inspired  Bust  sculpture  and  the  process  you  used     to  create  it,  please  answer  the  following  questions…     1) Do  you  believe  your  sculpture  is  your  best  possible  work  and  effort?  Please  explain  why.   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________     2) What  was  one  challenge  you  faced  during  this  project  and  how  did  you  solve  it?   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________     3) What  was  one  success  you  had  during  this  project  and  how  did  you  feel  when  complete?   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________     4) What  planning  did  you  use  to  complete  the  project?    How  did  this  planning  affect  the  end   product?   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________     5) Did  Picasso  influence  your  sculpture?  How?  Be  specific.   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________       6) What  are  some  of  the  qualities  you  like  about  your  Picasso  Bust?    What  would  you  change  or   do  differently  if  you  made  the  same  sculpture  again?   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________   _____________________________________________________________________________________________________  
    • Picasso & Cubism Inspired Bust Sculpture I Mrs. Duckworth Completion of Requirements (1pt. each) ____ Three printed images of Picasso’s portraits, in color ____ Five aspects of each painting that interests you ____ Thumbnail sketches of possible interpretations ____ Final color drawing Name: _________________________________ Block: _______________ Criterion below will be evaluated on this 12-point scale: 12. Exceeds Expectations 9-11. Meets All Expectations 6-8. Meets Most Expectations 1-5. Meets Few Expectations Composition/Application of Elements & Principles Do your creative elements work together as a cohesive whole? Is there emphasis on the appropriate areas? Does your eye flow effortlessly through the piece? Does your piece appear cluttered or empty? /12 Creative Problem Solving Does your sculpture take realistic concepts and convert them into abstract imagery? Does your sculpture reflect inspiration from Pablo Picasso and Cubism? Did you take the scope of the assignment and bring new and interesting thoughts and visual imagery to it? Does your sculpture go beyond the expected or ordinary solution? /12 Application of Materials & Processes The focus/intent of this project was to use Pablo Picasso’s Cubist Portraits as inspiration for an abstract 3D bust by using wood, wire, nylon and acrylic paint. Does your sculpture show mastery of transforming 2D imagery into an interesting 3D form? Did you create a bust using the sculpting and painting methods effectively demonstrating the techniques demonstrated in class? /12 Craftsmanship Are there obvious signs of care and quality in the production and creation of your piece? Does your piece meet conventional standards of craftsmanship? /12 Comments: TOTAL: /52