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Coil Vessel

Coil Vessel



Coil Vessel Presentation for Ceramics I.

Coil Vessel Presentation for Ceramics I.



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    Coil Vessel Coil Vessel Presentation Transcript

    • Coil VesselCultural Inspiration Modern Twist
    • Historic Pottery• History of pottery dates back millennia• People around the world have fired or baked clay to make pots, plates and ceramic decorations since prehistoric times• Creations were not only aesthetic, but also functional… and each form served a specific purpose
    • TaskResearch pottery from variousperiods in history, analyzehow form worked withfunction, and then create yourown culturally inspiredceramic vessel.Your vessel will have anupdated and modern elementto create a new and uniquepiece.
    • TaskYou will use the handbuilding technique of coilwith red terracotta clay.Some areas will besmooth, and others the coildesign will remainunblended.The vessel will be finishedby adding a pattern/designusing texture, sgraffito, andunderglaze.
    • CulturesResearch and read about ALL of the following culturesand their related pottery. There are links in your researchand planning packet to guide you. - Greek - Pueblo - Mimbre - - Hopi - Navajo - Zumi - -Mesop - Minoan -Choose FIVE different vessel shapes and designs thathave a form interesting or meaningful to you from thecultures above.
    • Worksheet #1 Form & FunctionFor EACH of the FIVE vessels youdecided on, draw a diagram of theshape of the vessel (includinghandles if present), write the name ofthe form, and the function of thevessel.Once you have completedWorksheet #1, choose and circleONE of the vessel shapes you willrecreate for your own project.
    • Modern Day Coil PotsLook at coil pots where thecoils have not beensmoothed and blendedtogether on the outside ofthe form.Consider how you couldincorporate theseunsmoothed designs intoyour vessel… mixing boththe historic form with amodern coil design.
    • Worksheet #2 Coil Patterns & DesignsCreate a plan for the unblendedportion of your vessel.Shapes could be organic,geometric, symmetrical orasymmetrical.Use the coil pots you researchedas inspiration.You will need at least 2 inches ofunblended coils…complete atleast 4 different designs so youhave a variety to choose from.
    • Worksheet #3 Finishing Patterns & DesignsCreate a design you will addthrough texture, sgraffito, and/orunderglaze.You will need at least 2 designelements…complete at least 4different pattern designs.There are a many styles,images and patterns on ancientpottery. You should read aboutthe designs and motifs meaningand symbolism.
    • Worksheet #4 Final DrawingCreate a final drawing ofyour vessel.Include the unblended coilarea and the finalpatterns/designsdeveloped on Worksheets#2 and #3.Drawing should have cleanlines, be symmetrical andshow how your final vesselwill look.
    • Some Cultural Examples
    • Greek
    • Pueblo
    • Mimbre
    • Hopi
    • Navajo
    • Zumi
    • Mesop
    • Minoan
    • Requirements• All 4 worksheets must be complete before you can begin coil construction.• Complete 4 Worksheets (Steps #1-6) by: – AC Class: Monday 3/19; end of class – BD Class: Friday 3/16; end of class• Create full size template in class on: – AC Class: Wednesday 3/21 – BD Class: Tuesday 3/20
    • Requirements• Must be a minimum of 6” and maximum of 8” in one direction.• Must have at least 2” of unblended coils.• Must have at least 2 design elements added with texture, sgraffito and/or underglaze.• Must be created with help of a template.• May have handles.
    • Timing• Coil vessel construction and finishing design must be complete prior to Spring Break.• You have a total of 8 classes to complete the entire project… – 2 days for research and planning – 4 days for coil construction – 2 days for finishing design * If you work slow…speed up or come in extra! *
    • Questions?
    • Work TIme• Finish Produce Creatures• Hand-in Produce Creature packet• Begin research & planning for Coil Vessel• Steps #1-6 due end of next class!
    • Before You Make Your VesselYou must create a templateout of Bristol board andmasking tape to ensureyour vessel remains thedesired shape and issymmetrical.You must first be sure yourfinal vessel drawing iscomplete and perfect…thenyou can make a template.
    • On a piece of Printer PaperMaking Your 1. Draw full/actual size and symmetrically the outline or shape of your vessel – be sure your Template vessel is between 6” and 8” 2. Fold the drawing paper along the center of vessel. 3. Trace ½ of your image by placing the LEFT edge of a piece of tracing paper along the fold On a piece of Bristol Board 4. Measure 1 ¼” up from the bottom and draw a line horizontally 5. Measure 3 ½” in from the right side and draw a vertical line from the bottom of board 6. Place tracing paper graphite side down onto the Bristol with the bottom of your vessel on the horizontal line and trace the outline of your vessel 7. Cut away vessel shape and the 1 ¼” x 3 ½” rectangle leaving a tab on the bottom and the negative space around your vessel 8. Cover the board carefully with Masking Tape 9. This is your template… write your name on this and keep it safe until your vessel is complete!!!
    • Work TIme• Start rolling coils• Put them on bat• Cover in damp paper towel• Put in double bag• Put name on bag• Store on shelves