Shawn Austin Visual Resume 2013

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FS EBB Project

FS EBB Project

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  • This is just the opener, to get a visual of who I’am
  • This is a statement of confidence that I know they will be impressed and that I am the right man for the position.
  • This is just a statement to follow up the previous and to lighten the mood.
  • Just letting them know I can understand and process complex issues
  • Im not closed minded and welcome to change and new theories
  • I learn and adapt quick
  • A usual interview question
  • Fact 1
  • First Degree
  • Leads to credibility
  • Well known Gospel Artist
  • Well known Rap artist
  • Well known Rap artist
  • Lets them know I want to further my education to succeed
  • Hard but good Interview question
  • Lets them know Im not here temp or a job hopper
  • Lets them know Im not afraid of stressful situations
  • I want to be a leader and innovator
  • Simple contact info
  • Just to end the experience with humor


  • 1. Hey, I’m Shawn Austin
  • 2. And guess what?.....I’am the guy you are going to hire!
  • 3. But Before I Show Up On Monday...Let Me Tell You About Myself...
  • 4. I’ am Articulate
  • 5. Open Minded
  • 6. And quick on my feet...
  • 7. Education you may ask?p://
  • 8. r e in 05’ f rom he ad uated I Gr
  • 9. With my Associates in Recording Arts
  • 10. Since then I have worked with people like....
  • 11. Kirk Franklin...
  • 12. Bizzy Bone....
  • 13. Black Child of Murder Inc.
  • 14. And now I’ am back working on my Business Bachelors... Text
  • 15. But what are the qualities that make you an asset to us?
  • 16. I’ am Dedicatedttp://
  • 17. What do I welcome?...
  • 18. ng e alleCh
  • 19. What am I planning to be?
  • 20. A Pioneer!!
  • 21. And if you need to reach me....ttp://
  • 22. Email: com gm ail. eat z@ Au diB us tin Au di __ A tt er :@ Twi LinkedIn: Shawn Austin
  • 23. See Ya Monday!