Social media live case study 2


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using our Social media journalists we are able to capture the essence of an event using our clients social media channels. It is informative, relevant and engaging in the most social of ways. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and just about any other social media channel can all be used to increase brand exposure an duser engagement. Contact us to find out more

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Social media live case study 2

  1. 1. Client Social Media Live SummaryCase study #2 by SLAM Marketing
  2. 2. Facebook Fan Page Engagement Average 28 Day Total Engagement Previous 3 weeks Week of CampaignFor the campaign period we saw a 56.47% increase in total fanengagement on the previous period.
  3. 3. Sharing Stories About Fan Page The number of people sharing stories about your page. These stories include liking your Page, posting to your Pages Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one of your Page posts, answering a Question you posted, RSVPing to one of your events, mentioning your Page, phototagging your Page or checking in at your Place. (Unique Users)Of the total amount of people talking about the client’s fan page, 94.11 %occurred during the 1 week campaign.
  4. 4. Brands Fan Page Total Reach Daily The number of people who have seen any content associated with your Page. (Unique Users)The campaign period saw a 292% increase in the total number of people who sawany content associated with the brands fan page. This including photos, statusupdates, video, etc.
  5. 5. Viral Brand Exposure 900 800 700 Daily The number of 600 people who saw your 500 Page posts via a story from a friend. (Unique 400 Users) 300 200 100 0This graph shows a 773% increase in viral brand exposure, by appearing in the newsfeeds of friends of the brands fans who interacted with the content for the campaignperiod.
  6. 6. Twitter Unique Users Unique Users• This graphs shows a 495% increase in unique users on the client’s Twitter page.• Unique users are individual users who have interacted with tweets and content posted.
  7. 7. Brand Exposure Facebook Impressions Twitter Impressions Previous 3 weeks Week of Campaign• For the month, client brand exposure on Facebook increased by 434% and on Twitter increased by 473%.• We generated a huge increase in the combined number of potential users that saw any content associated with the two profiles.
  8. 8. Summary• SLAM’s Social Media Live program is interactive journalism and brand marketing specifically designed for social media. As such it creates fantastic user engagement, deep brand reach and “top of mind” brand longevity to existing fans and potential new ones.• This high level of user engagement between fans and friends of fans creates the perfect environment to increase the likelihood of sales of the clients product or services.• By using all the clients social media tools at once customers feel like they have a better, closer relationship with the brands they love and are more likely to consider the brand during a decision making process just by being there at the time.