SLAM Strategy Social Media Live - Case Study


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SLAM Strategy formally SLAM Marketing, Social Media Live is the most up to date social media strategy on the market. Perfect for any business wanting to get live coverage of their event to all their fans in a truly engaging way. This is real social media

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SLAM Strategy Social Media Live - Case Study

  1. 1. Client Social Media Live Case StudyCase study by SLAM Marketing
  2. 2. Facebook 28 Day Impressions Comparison Weekly Average Total Impressions3500030000250002000015000 Average 28 Day Total Impressions10000 5000 0 Previous 3 weeks Week of campaign For the month, we saw a 70% increase in the weekly average number of total impressions during the campaign period. That represents a 70% increase in brand exposure.
  3. 3. Facebook Lifetime Post Total Reach (Unique Users) 600 500 400 300 Lifetime Post Total Reach Lifetime The 200 number of people who saw your Page post. (Unique Users) 100 0• Lifetime total post reach for the 3 weeks (1/7/12-25/7/12) prior to the campaign period was 654 people reached.• For the campaign period (26/7/12-31/7/12) lifetime total post reach was 8213.• That represents a 1255% increase in people reached on the previous period.
  4. 4. Facebook Average 28 day Total Engagement. 1750 1700 1650 1600 Average 28 day Total Engagement. Engagement includes clicks and stories 1550 created from your page content (comments, likes, shares). 1500 1450 1400 Previous 3 weeks Week of campaignFor the campaign period, we saw a 113% increase in average 28 day totalengagement on the previous period. This increases the brands likelihood of being“top of mind” for a customer purchase of the brands products or services.
  5. 5. Facebook Total Talking About This 25 20 15 10 Total Talking About This Likes. Comments, shares etc. 5 0Of the total number of people sharing stories about the client’s page, 82% of theshared stories occurred during the campaign. This shows that their was a high levelof user activity and engagement in comparison to previous times due to the livesocial media occurring.
  6. 6. Facebook Daily Total Reach (Unique Users)12001000 800 600 Daily Total reach Daily The number of people who have seen any content 400 associated with your Page. (Unique Users) 200 0This graph shows a 315% increase in the number of people who saw contentassociated with your page, including photos, status updates, video, etc. for thecampaign period.Most importantly this shows how far the clients brand was exposed to new andexisting potential customers from a single live social media coverage of an event.
  7. 7. Facebook Daily Viral Reach800700600500 Daily Viral reach Daily The number of people400 who saw your Page or one of its posts from a story published by a friend. These stories300 include liking your Page, posting to your200 Pages Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one of your Page posts, answering100 0This graph shows a 308% increase in daily viral reach for the campaign period.Viral Reach is essential for finding new customers as it stimulates referralsthrough friends of friends. The more fun and interactive the content the morelikely it is to create viral reach.
  8. 8. Facebook Daily Total impressions160001400012000100008000 Daily Total impressions Daily The number of impressions seen of any content associated6000 with your Page. (Total count)40002000 0 Impressions are how many times any page content has been seen by a user also called total brand exposure. In this graph we see a 1196% increase for the campaign period.
  9. 9. Facebook Daily Page consumptions (Total count)700600500400 Daily Page consumptions Daily The number of clicks on any of your content. Clicks300 generating stories are included in "Other Clicks." Stories generated without clicks on200 page content (e.g., liking the page in Timeline) are not included. (Total count)100 0In this graph we see a 1165% increase in consumption for the campaign period.Also known as interactions, consumption shows user interaction which helps tokeep the brand “top of mind” for purchases of client related products and services
  10. 10. Twitter Total impressions1200010000 8000 6000 Total impressions: Combined 4000 number of potential users that saw any content associated with the 2000 Twitter profile. 0For the campaign period we saw a 1462% increase in the total number ofimpressions from the previous period.
  11. 11. Summary• SLAM’s Social Media Live program is interactive journalism and brand marketing specifically designed for social media. As such it creates fantastic user engagement, deep brand reach and “top of mind” brand longevity to existing fans and potential new ones.• This high level of user engagement between fans and friends of fans, creates the perfect environment to increase the likelihood of sales of the clients product or services by referral, directly and indirectly.• By using all the clients social media tools at once customers feel like they have a better, closer, more dynamic relationship with the brands they love and are more likely to consider the brand during a decision making process just by feeling like they are able to be there, even if it is only online.