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The Shaspa Bridge delivers a scalable framework that removes complexity and offers developers a straightforward approach for creating home energy management systems, smart home solutions, smart …

The Shaspa Bridge delivers a scalable framework that removes complexity and offers developers a straightforward approach for creating home energy management systems, smart home solutions, smart workplace applications and more by providing seamless interaction between sensors, applications and cloud-based services. The Shaspa Bridge is poised to drive adoption among global electronics, utilities, facilities management companies and beyond, providing them the means to create smart, connected applications and services via low cost, energy efficient technology that can be deployed quickly.
From utilities companies leveraging the Shaspa Bridge to enable the next generation of advanced smart meters, to IT companies using the technology to help manage and control the environmental impact of their datacenter, usage scenarios are nearly limitless. The technology scales almost infinitely, providing the backbone and infrastructure required to develop advanced fleet solutions, entertainment and retail applications, safety and security services, healthcare data management utilities and more.

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  • 1. Shaspa Intro London 21. July 2010
  • 2. Enabling Smart Environments for Sustainable Cities
  • 3. The need for connected environments -> Smarter Buildings
    • Smart Buildings / Smart Homes
    • Assisted Living
    • Entertainment & Convenience
    • Safety & Security
    1.4 billion isolated CE Devices in homes 4.1 billion wireless handsets 170 billion kwh/year wasted by consumers due to lack of power usage information 800 million + broadband households 1 trillion connected devices in the world, constituting an “internet of things”
  • 4. Global Environmental Initiatives -> Energy Efficiency
    • Smart Metering / Demand Response
    • Renewable Energy Systems
    • Smart Automation Systems
    • Home Energy Management Systems
    • Electrical Vehicles
    $900 billion in global energy saving potential by 2020. $170 billion approx. estimated investment to save those figures Need for smart scalable, easy to use and connected systems
  • 5. Enabling Smart Environments – Shaspa Service Framework Specific planet icon for Cloud Computing + Shaspa Bridge Service Delivery Framework (OSGI)
  • 6. Shaspa Bridge - Smart Instrumentation
      • Support for the most common wireless sensors
      • Support for the most common Building Automation Standards
      • Support for various Network Access Methods
    Shaspa Bridge
  • 7. Enabling Smart Environments Specific planet icon for Cloud Computing
  • 8. Shaspa for Consumers
    • Home Energy Management
    • Entertainment & Convinience
    • Safety & Security
    • Health & Wellbeing
    • Value Added Services
    • More choices of devices, services, and service providers
    • Ability to have total view of all services & manage all devices in the home from one point of view, as virtual devices over the web
    • Remote access to all home services over the mobile web is becoming much easier
    • Ability to combine smart devices / services in the home with general services available in the web
  • 9. Shaspa for Electronics Manufacturers
    • Cloud services make existing & new devices work better, easier, reducing consumer confusion, lowering manufacturer support costs & trouble calls.
    • With the intelligence in the cloud, fewer service calls to the home are needed
    • Electronics companies are moving to an open platform environment where devices can better inter-operate with each other
    • Device diagnostics and business intelligence, consumer driven design
    • Lower business risk from lock-out from proprietary walled gardens
  • 10. Shaspa for Service Providers
    • Utility Companies
    • Telcos
    • Facilities Management Companies
    • System Integrators
    • Aggregating data in the cloud provides new insights into consumers’ wants, and creates opportunities for new services
    • Cloud services in the network allow sharing of infrastructure, lowering the services cost
    • Intelligent services on a common cloud platform shorten the time to market, and ease service life cycle management
    • Cloud robustness and extensibility links both legacy and newly optimized products for peak performance, energy savings and consumer customization
  • 11. One Solution – Multiple Applications
  • 12. More Info: