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The results are in

  1. 1. The Results Are In…. Nevada’s Mock Election Fall 2010
  2. 2. Just the Numbers • Nevada was one of the top voting states in the YLI Mock Election • Number of schools that had students vote: 32 plus 2 home schools • Number of students who voted: 11,140 • Number of votes cast: 137,510
  3. 3. Mock Election Reports… • With 16 schools reporting on the CAE and the Mock Election, here is what they had to say…
  4. 4. Who Did Students Vote For? • U.S. Senate: Harry Reid = 53% • House of Rep – District 1: Shelley Berkley = 59.6% • House of Rep – District 2: Dean Heller = 40.5% • House of Rep – District 3: Dina Titus = 36.7% • Governor: Rory Reid: 40.2% • Lt. Governor: Jessica Sferrazza = 35.6% • Secretary of State: Ross Miller = 37.7% NOTE: Except for Dean Heller, students voted for democratic party candidates.
  5. 5. What Did the Schools Do? Foothill HS – Las Vegas • 2548 students participated in online voting. • The entire Social Studies and Science departments participated in registration, review of candidates and issues (the week before voting), and finally the actual voting. • The principal, Jeanne Donadio provided "Election Official" shirts to 26 Advanced Placement Government seniors who monitored the 3 election sites (computer labs) and assisted students with actual voting. • Planning was done through 9 teachers, primarily: 4 Social Studies, 1 Science Department Chairperson, the Broadcast Journalism teacher (pre-election publicity) and the Art teachers (publicity and poster contest).
  6. 6. What Teachers Had To Say… • “Our mock election was successful and was a great learning experience!” • “For the Civic Awareness Expo, I transformed my room into campaign headquarters. I assigned my students candidates to research and they created an information booth. We had over 400 students attend throughout the day and visit the booths.” • “Virtual High school students enjoyed the mock election! The electronic voting and registration (on a google doc) made it easy for students to register and vote.”
  7. 7. Elko High School in the News • In the Elko Daily Free Press – “Teens Learn About Politics” October 13, 2010 • “Hundreds of juniors and seniors at Elko High School had a chance to hear from political candidates and learn more about the upcoming election Tuesday during the school’s first Civic Awareness Expo.”
  8. 8. TMCC High School Reports… • Students at TMCC High School wrote their own press release • TMCC High School participating for the first time ever in the ‘Your Vote, Your Responsibility’ program. • “… TMCC High School seniors will be participating in the ‘Your Vote, Your Responsibility’ program aimed at educating future voters upon the process of voting and the reasons why voting is necessary.”