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an overview of the B690 module exam

an overview of the B690 module exam



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exam overview exam overview Presentation Transcript

  • The B690 ExamPpt 1
  • The Professional Certificate in Management (C31) • Students must – Pass B(ZX)628 and B(ZX)629 (or equivalent modules) – graded results – Complete B690  Satisfactory participation in the residential or online school  Pass the exam (pass/fail only) • The overall qualification (C31) has no grade attachedPPT 2
  • Purpose of the examination • Promotes consolidation and internalisation of your learning • Shows that you can readily recall, select and integrate relevant management concepts • Tests your ability to critique solutions toPPT 3 problems
  • Structure of the exam • Case study available 2 weeks before the exam datePPT 4
  • Structure of the exam • Part 1 of the exam paper (70 marks) – New information which gives a fresh perspective – Asked to identify and analyse the main issues, draw conclusions and make recommendations – Report structure similar to that for B628/9 TMAs and EMAs.PPT 5
  • Structure of the exam• Part 2 of the exam paper (30 marks) – New information (eg, an email, letter, report, minutes) with a summary or someone else’s view – Asked to identify the main issues in this new information and give critical feedback on the suggestions made – Say what you would do given that information PPT 6
  • Critique framework Outline issues Identify information/ evidence Assess implications Consider practicalities Identify course of actionPPT 7
  • Critique framework Outline List the main issues raised, issues Identify with evidence from the text that has led you to this view information/ evidence Assess Assess the implications of these issues for relevant implications stakeholders Consider List the suggested approaches for resolving issues from the practicalities new information in Part 2 and their implications for relevant stakeholders Identify Outline an action plan describing what you think should course of happen next given what you have discussed above. Ensure action that your plan includes SMART objectivesPPT 8
  • Revision and exam support • Module forum available for students to discuss the exam immediately after the residential/online schools • Moderators can provide guidance and support – Initial focus on the specimen exam paper • Students may discuss the case study information freely once the case study is made available on the B690 websitePPT 9
  • Ppt10
  • PPT 11
  • Tips and adviceBefore the exam…• The FAQs on the B690 website have lots of practical information about the exam• You’re not alone – make use of other students and share thoughts and approaches online• Be prepared – make sure you’re clear about where the exam is being held*, how to get there, how long it will take to travel there, equipment you need to take*.• Sleep well, eat well …During the exam...• Answer the questions asked – most common mistake is not answering the question given.• Be aware of the time - work out how much time you have per question and leave yourself some time either side to make notes and read your answers through – as a rough guide, allow 2 hours for Part 1 and 1 hour for Part 2.After the exam• Relax! Your result will be available about 2 months after the exam• Pass mark = 40% (about 90% of students pass); resit mark =15% (no student has failed to achieve this so far) * Details under ‘Examination’ on B690 link on StudentHome PPT 12
  • What next? • Exercises in the café looking at both parts of the SEP • Visit the module website as soon as the school ends • Engage with the activities in the exam preparation forum as soon as it opens.Ppt 13