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  • Makewaves is an online community that makes it safe for children to share what they make with a real audience. Teachers often describe Makewaves as a safe facebook and the BBC featured Makewaves when looking at how you can engage tech savvy young people when the tools they love to communicate with a locked down when they enter school.
    We work with several national partners to use the Makewaves tools to get messages and resources out to young people. Enable young people to respond in interesting and relevant ways such as leaving comments online, submitting their own videos, images and blogs in response to partner inspiration and being rewarded for their engagement through earning Open Badges that can be displayed elsewhere on the web.
    Makewaves is accessible in home and at school.
    Each school has their own site within Makewaves and each young person has their own profile page.
  • This shows the Makewaves homepage, some of the national badge missions that young people can take. Young people can also interact via mobiles and the Makewaves app.
  • Impact of badges on motivation since launched. Being adopted by several project partners as a mechanism to engage young people and to reward achievement and skills.
  • Exanple – office of Gordon & Sarah Brown
  • Why Open Badges are different. The data they carry about how the young person has earned them, From Mozilla , Based on gaming incentives.
  • Badges on students’ pages, in members’ newsfeed and in public library. Evidence unique to their own activity.
  • Badges created by partners and by other schools can be found in the public badge library on Makewaves. This is just a snapshot of that. Learner-led. Schools – track achievement and all types of learning & engagement.
  • Evidence can be rich media – social media tools of Makewaves,
  • Young oeople can se which members have chosen to take a badge. Mexican wave effect. Young people are notified when a friend / clasmate earns a badge. Quality not quantity.
  • Teachers receive the evidence and award a badge. Also the option for Makewaves to award based on specfic criteria or a project partner can manage this process.
  • Sn intro to open badge tools on makewaves

    1. 1. The Social Media Platform for Schools “At the forefront of educationsocial networks” The Guardian BETT winner 2012 Finalist 2014
    2. 2. safe social learning An international platform for young people to find exciting challenges, connect with others and build a digital record of their achievements through badges. 4,500 Schools 65,000 Pupils 10,000 Teachers
    3. 3. Competition Winner Only UK Badge platform 53,000 badges awarded since Jan 2013 26,000 students have earned a badge from over 1,400 schools
    4. 4. Badge Anatomy
    5. 5. Malala Day Campaign
    6. 6. Badge Club Students love to discover and earn badges and help each other ‘One of the biggest impacts we have seen is the eagerness of children to get involved and try something new.’ Matt Rogers, Teacher
    7. 7. Badge Library
    8. 8. Computing at School Magazine, SwitchedOn
    9. 9. Raising the profile of School Nurses. New ways of engaging young people. Bottom up approach to health promotion. Parents earning badges, and governors. Using projects with prefects to develop leadership skills. Potential of badge missions to motivate young people to learn about health issues. The potential:
    10. 10. Sharon Middleton Director 07908 403521 @SharonMakewaves