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Resume sharon magor

  1. 1. Mr. Sharon Magor, B.Com. MA.<br />Profile - Marketing and Communications Consultant<br />I help my clients communicate more effectively with their audiences, using proven marketing principles, new technology and a caring approach. Where I am most valuable to my clients, is the ability to create and set up new projects and initiatives that were not done before in an organization. For example, I developed business intelligence gathering techniques for an agency, allowing it to gather valuable competitive business information. <br />I am adept at adding the impact of e-marketing to marketing organizations. I introduce best practices, direct and generate content, and add new tools to organizational websites and e-marketing campaigns. An SEO project I lead resulted in my organization being ranked in top 3 on Google in a tightly competitive field.<br />I have ad agency and client-side experience managing Canadian and international market research and creative campaigns. In addition, I possess advanced knowledge of why and how media work. I calmly manage details and budgets. I am a keen communicator attuned to how people relate to each other and to organizations. For example, I coordinated a bilingual five million dollar TV, radio, print, outdoor and online campaign that won an award.<br />Key Qualifications<br />Advanced knowledge of key marketing and business principles<br />Able to work with internal and external parties in a supportive and collaborative manner <br />Fifteen years experience as a marketing consultant, working mainly with Not-for-profit and government agencies, providing marketing analysis and direction <br />Strong understanding of current marketing communications, offline and online<br />Developed several successful e-Marketing campaigns and online content for corporate websites and intranet<br />Won Bessie Award for creative campaign <br />Representative Achievements<br />Creating Effective Communications<br />Recently I was approached by a mental health agency, who claimed their communications with their clients was not as effective as it should be; they did not get the desired responses to their messges and felt ignored.<br />I decided to conduct a communications audit. It started by designing a qualitative research study, where end clients were asked for specific communications feedback. As a result of the survey, a report was compiled with specific steps to improve communications effectiveness and enhance collaboration.<br />Several months after the report was submitted, I was asked to develop a comprehensive strategic communications plan for the agency. Building on the knowledge I had previously gained, I suggested a new model of communications, which was widely accepted. We recently embarked on redesigning the agency’s corporate identity as a result of the communications plan.<br />A survey that was done independently by the agency showed a 75% increase in satisfaction of communications with my client.<br />Streamline Operations<br />As a communications consultant for Bridgepoint Health, I met with various decision makers and IT personnel in order to develop a hospital-wide portal. This online tool allowed executives to promptly receive operational information on the organization at the beginning of each work day. The project involved defining the business needs of executives, evaluating available information and data gaps, designing interactive tools to deliver the data, and measuring the effectiveness of such data on the organization’s operations. I utilized my business background and project management skills to deliver an important tool, “Dashboard”, which streamlined hospital operations.<br />Innovative Research Methods for Business Information<br />As the senior consultant in a marketing consultancy agency, I identified that there was a need or opportunity to supply business intelligence to our clients. The intelligence gaps included: competitors’ market share, new product releases and other business innovations that clients’ competitors were involved in. Some of this information could have been found in business libraries, but, I decided to initiate a new manner of finding competitive intelligence. I searched for and developed a list of business related websites where this information could be found. I monitored developments on a regular basis and cross-checked the information with published sources for accuracy. I then compiled the information into reports and presented it to my clients. This information allowed them to better understand market trends and to adjust their marketing initiatives accordingly. This unprecedented way to collect information was introduced ten years ago in 1998. I have continued to find new ways for organizations to use the internet to get an edge over competitors. <br />Career History<br />B Positive Communications<br />Marketing Communications Consulting 2008 – Present<br />B Positive places its focus on the not for profit sector, helping its clients communicate more effectively with their audiences, using proven marketing principles, new technology and a caring approach.<br />We provide business and marketing strategy and direction to clients, spanning different fields, helping to develop online and offline marketing and communications initiatives in an effort to help our clients be clear and effective. <br />JVS Toronto<br />Marketing Manager 2007<br />A diversified professional non profit employment services organization <br />Developed and directed all internal and external communications to promote brand awareness, trial and usage of the services<br />Developed and executed: market research, signage, POS material, media and web communications<br />Managed Intranet communications<br />Maintained and oversaw marketing budget <br />Assisted in fundraising activities resulting in record breaking donations collected<br />Essential Data Services<br />Sales Manager 2006-2007<br />Servicing the SMB community through personal care and prompt attention to computer safety needs<br />Developed & implemented new marketing initiatives – SEO, referral programs, networking<br />Delivered sales presentations to prospective clients<br />Blue Lemon Media Inc.<br />Business Development Consultant 2006<br />Interactive communications agency delivering services to healthcare organizations <br />Achieved largest corporate sale in five years <br />Generated new leads to achieve sales goals<br />Developed sales initiatives with the CEO to introduce corporate services to new market segments<br />Attended & delivered sales presentations to prospective clients<br />Bridgepoint Health Hospital, <br />Communications Consultant<br />Leading brand in the complex health care space 2004-2005<br />Provided leadership and direction to the hospital’s online initiatives including Intranet and public website, reporting to the CIO and Director of Corporate Communications,<br />Developed applications in the recently launched hospital Portal, leading to increased information sharing and staff productivity<br />Led the content development phase of the corporate public website, an enhanced site that was created in response to users' feedback, to make the online experience enjoyable, helpful and informative<br />Analyzed the business needs of hospital departments in order to develop a customized hospital Portal that enhances information sharing<br />Provided business analysis and application development such as Executive Dashboards and Data Repository to support IS department <br />Developed web applications for the hospital’s Executive Information System, using several software tools that resulted in a streamlined operational report distribution<br />Provided technical support to computer users in the hospital such as creating new accounts, administering users and troubleshooting, using Microsoft and Novell tools<br />Palmer Jarvis DDB<br />Account Supervisor (Government clients solely) 2002, 2003<br />Ad agency awarded most creative agency 5 times by Marketing Magazine<br />Managed and executed large-scale national ad campaign (over $5 million)<br />Implemented advertising and promotional efforts<br />Nateev Marketing Consultants <br />Marketing Consultant 1998-2001<br />Marketing consultancy servicing Israel’s largest packaged goods corporations<br />Prepared marketing and strategic plans resulting in 20% increased sales<br />Developed techniques, never used before in the agency, to locate business information through the web leading to $ US 2 Million of new business<br />Conducted qualitative and quantitative market surveys leading to multi million dollar marketing campaign<br />Analyzed market trends for exclusive customers resulting in 10 Million USD investments<br />Advised and instructed a medical sales team to increase sales up to 15% in a quarter<br />Developed and consulted on the implementation of branding strategy for fresh produce products for worldwide markets, involving $US 5 Million advertising campaign<br />Government Advertising Agency <br />Account Executive 1995-1998<br />Israel’s largest advertising agency, in terms of budget, servicing government clients<br />Managed advertising campaigns for government owned companies of more than $ 3 million USD portfolio<br />Increased advertising budgets by 15% by offering the use of new media tools<br />Managed production of promotional material for increasing immediate and prospective sales<br />Coordinated, monitored and promoted a nation wide advertising campaign to promote government telecommunication interests<br />Education<br />Computer Programming for Internationally Educated Professionals, 2004<br />Graduated with Honours, George Brown College<br />Masters of Mass Communications, graduated with Honours 2001 <br />Bar Illan University, Israel<br />Diploma of Journalism and Communications1999<br />Bar Illan University, Israel<br />Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, graduated with Honours 1996<br />The College of Management, Israel<br />