LinkedIn presentation for May 22 event


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Celebrate Small Business Week
Constant Contact Presentation

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LinkedIn presentation for May 22 event

  1. 1. Engage Marketing(Relationship Marketing) and Social Visibility
  2. 2. Sharon Shores Social Media/Marketing Consultant LinkedIn Educator Providing Social Media Plans for Businesses Providing Social Media Management for Professionals
  3. 3. Marketing-What has changed? Contacts 3-5 Contacts -NOW 7-27 Channel Overload Syndrome
  4. 4. Marketing has Changed! Inbound marketing cost 61% LESS than Outbound marketing Of the 300,000,000 citizens in U.S. 200,000,000 are on a do not call list
  5. 5. Marketing has changed! Push Marketing (Traditional Marketing) AKA Transactional Marketing versus Engage Marketing AKA Relationship Marketing Consumer Power
  6. 6. Marketing has changed 86% of the population skip TV Ads
  7. 7. Text Messaging Some 73% of adult cell owners use the text messaging function on their phone at least occasionally. Users send or receive more than 40 texts per day on average
  8. 8. MobileOver 17% of the world’s population uses mobile devices.Over 1 billion apps have been downloaded
  9. 9. Trust Brands? Or Friends?
  10. 10. Six Degrees of Separation  Refers to the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, byway of introduction, from any other person on Earth
  11. 11. Six Degrees of Separation
  12. 12. Six Degrees of SeparationNOW --3.74 degrees
  13. 13. Relationship MarketingEffectiveness & Social Visibility Social Media by itself is NOT enough Sources: “The New Relationship Marketing” Mari Smith Guy Vaynerchuk –The Thank You Economy Companies that successfully integrate relationship marketing, have certain hallmarks—Best Practices
  14. 14. Relationship Marketing Effectiveness (RME) Rate your company---to these statements: Yes or No My company: Conducts regular polls and surveys of our customers to ensure we understand current challenges and needs of our customers Yes No (LinkedIn has polls)
  15. 15. RME My company: Strives to integrate customer feedback as much as possible in order to improve our products and services. Yes No (discussion groups) My company: Understands the power of social media and has active profiles on all of the popular sites. Yes No
  16. 16. RME My company: Has effective listening and monitoring systems in place . Yes No My company: Has a corporate social media policy in place. Yes No My company: Generates warm leads from all online and offline marketing efforts on a regular basis. Yes No
  17. 17. RME My company: Has a reliable Customer Relationship Management tool in place (CRM) Yes No My company: Conducts regular training sessions for staff on customer relations and social media best practices Yes No My company: Stays on the cutting edge by evolving, adapting and integrating new technologies Yes No
  18. 18. RME My company: Embraces high tech but maintains high touch by reaching out to our customers, prospects, vendors and partners. Yes No My company: Has a very high customer satisfaction rate. Yes No My company: My company consistently goes out of the way to let customers know how much we value them. Yes No
  19. 19. LinkedIn Stats AVERAGE INCOMEHere’s the breakdown for average userincome for each of the social networkingsites: Twitter - $58,000 Facebook - $61,000 LinkedIn - $89,000
  20. 20. LinkedIn Stats LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter..--Hubspot
  21. 21. Engage Marketing Engage Marketing IS Relationship MarketingRelationship marketing is about: Connecting Adding Value Creating Community Establishing and maintaining credibility
  22. 22. Engage MarketingRelationship Marketing Relationships = Results
  23. 23.
  24. 24. Tips Profile complete-Picture, Summary in 3rd person Listen to conversations in groups Add value versus selling Be a problem solver-solution provider
  25. 25. Most important social media advice? Choose ONEB.Have a personality.B. Know you cant control your message.C. Build relationships with your followers.D. Have a crisis plan in place.
  26. 26. Build Relationships
  27. 27. Measuring Engagement and Social Visibility  LinkedIn -Measure—Social Visibility 0-5 You have no picture on your profile You have your logo on your profile Your profile is not complete You belong to no groups You do not engage with anyone When someone connects with you, you send them no message.
  28. 28. Door Prize Donors Speedway Raceway Gary Patton Chief Connecting Officer On Purpose Leadership Terri Gilpin Prosper Mobile Marketing 303-872-0300
  29. 29. Door Prizes Drop your Business Card Check table at the end of the event to see if you have won!
  30. 30. Thank you! Thank you!Many thanks to Zak Barron Constant Contact, Door Prize donors and volunteers! Denver Business Journal