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Hair-Growth-Rate,-Which-Is-Half-An-Inch-A-Month,-D144 Hair-Growth-Rate,-Which-Is-Half-An-Inch-A-Month,-D144 Document Transcript

  • Hair growth rate, which is half an inch a month,depends on many factors such as what you eat, the season of the year and hair care routine. Following are some suggestions for natural remedies for hair to grow your hair faster
  • 1 You need to avoid things that can affect hair growth such asexcessive dandruff, split ends or dry hair 2 Severe hair coloringaffects not only the hair growth but also damages your hair 3 Yourhair growth is stimulated by washing your hair using a shampoo
  • However, you can achieve better results only if you wet itoccasionally Another excellent way for the growth of your hair iswetting it a couple of times a day Rosemary sprays can be usedinstead of water for wetting 4 Removing the split ends also help togrow longer hair As your hair grows long, it tends to get damaged atthe ends
  • 5 Another powerful natural hair growth remedy is massagingSpecial masks, balms or lotions can be used for massaging Also,combing a couple of times a day is a good method to stimulate bloodcirculation in the scalp, which consequentially stimulates hair growth 6 Massaging the scalp for a couple of minutes every day is one ofthe finest remedies
  • Electric massager can be used for this purpose Here a few naturalremedies for stimulating hair growth: Hot oil massage: Mix twoteaspoons of olive oil with how to grow your hair faster twoteaspoons of coconut oil and heat it Gently massage the scalp usingthis for 10 to15 minutes Dip a towel in hot water, wipe and roll itaround the head Repeat this twice and rinse well using shampooWarm a cup of castor oil, massage into scalp and gently comb it
  • Bind the hair with hot towel on the head and wait for half an hourThen shampoo your hair and rinse Beat one egg and add slowlyone teaspoon of olive oil and one teaspoon of vinegar Apply it onhair and keep for ten to 15 minutes Apply shampoo and rinse well
  • how to grow your hair faster