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  1. 1. As our college graduates become increasingly more encumbered by their student loan debt, an unlikely victim is emerging: marriage. Becoming bound toone another through the sacred union of marriage isbeing put off by many in order to spend time paying down their student loan debt. As a result, the average age for marriage is increasing, and newgenerations are being destined to grow up with older parents.western sky loans
  2. 2. While the implications of this "older" family are not yet western sky loansknown, little guesswork needs to be done to predict what a few of thoseproblems may be The Average Age for Marriage According to IHSGlobal Insight, the median age for marriage in 2007 was 27 5 years oldfor males and 25 6 years old for females
  3. 3. However, the same research firm found those ages increased to 28 7and 26 5 respectively in 2011
  4. 4. While those numbers show roughly a year increase for both sexes, thefact that such an increase occurred over a mere four years is whats trulyastonishing Furthermore, that dramatic increase took place during aneconomic downturn and during a time when college students weregraduating with record-breaking student loans As our current studentsand recent graduates contemplate how they will repay their college debtwhile unemployed or underemployed, the question theyre asking isnt,"Will you marry me?" but instead its, "Can we get married after I pay offmy student loans?" The Risks of an Older Marriage But the choice topostpone marriage in order to satisfy student loan debt isnt unwise
  5. 5. When financial problems rank number one in the somekeyword, oureducated youth are making prudent decisions to put marriage offHowever, such decisions do not come without risks One of the largestrisks associated with marrying at a later age is related to beginning afamily later in life
  6. 6. The Center for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania revealed thatfertility rates drop significantly after women turn the age of 35Additionally, women over 40 subject themselves to double the risk formiscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy when compared topregnant women of 35 or younger When student loans postpone thecreation of families, its not difficult to see how they may possiblycontribute to future pregnancy complications in our college-educatedyouth of today
  7. 7. Furthermore, having children later in life also leads to the inevitable
  8. 8. outcome of kids being raised by older adults Having a baby at 40 yearsold means parents will be legally responsible for their children until bothparents are nearly of retirement age When past generations welcomedgrandchildren into the world around their retirement, our nations futureparents may still be raising children of their own
  9. 9. Our college-educated youth are facing obstacles unlike any experiencedby past generations: they are being told they must go to college for acareer, theyre entering their 20s with unprecedented debt, and nowtheyre starting their families later on in life Student loan debt is sinkingits teeth into facets far away from the lending world, with the institution ofmarriage and the concept of the family being perfect examples of that
  10. 10. western sky loans