Sharons FactFinding 62cv09-1163 Taxes/Elections


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Sharon4Anderson,Candidate St.Paul Mayor,Fact Finding Ramsey Dist. Crt.62cv09-1163,Judge John Vandenorth,Order asserting jurisdiction and Required further Fact Findings. Issues: Fees/Assessments certified by City Council,Ratified by the Mayor of St.Paul, based on Theft of Cars,Trespass of Private Property 697 Surrey, Water Shutoff, and Treason Denial of State and Federal Laws, Candidate's must be made WHOLE.

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Sharons FactFinding 62cv09-1163 Taxes/Elections

  1. 1. Page 2 of 6 FAX TRANSMITTAL Fri 14Aug09 Ramsey Dist.Crt.File 62cv09-1163 AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE BY E-COMMERCE AND FAX: TO: Ramsey Co. Clerk of Court, tel:651-266-8255 F 266-8263 2nd Jud.Court Admin. 651-266-8266 F 266-8278 Sheriff: 651-266-9333 F 266-9301 651-266-2171 F 266-2177 Susan Gaertner 266-3222 F 266-3010 Lori Swanson MN_AG 651-296-3353 F 282-2155 St.Paul City Clerk 651-266-8688 F 266-8574 and all others as their interest appear. FROM: 651-776-5835 FAX VIA OUTGOING: SHARON CANNOT RECEIVE FAXES PGS.20 at 9:15am Fri14Aug09 CANDIDATE ST.PAUL MAYOR SHARON ANDERSON Sample Brief: to follow 62cv09-1163 format Issue: Whether the district court correctly instructed the jury on materiality, whether the district court properly excluded the testimony of a witness under Fed. R. Evid. 702, and whether there was sufficient evidence to support the jury’s finding that the defendant knowingly failed to disclose material information on insider trading. zOpinion below (10th Circuit) z Petition for certiorari z Brief in opposition z Petitioner’s reply z Brief amicus curiae of National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (in support of petitioner) z Brief amicus curiae of Washington Legal Foundation (in support of petitioner) z Brief amicus curiae of Chamber of Commerce (in support of petitioner) Subj: RE: 62cv09-1163 20Aug09 Webnair Fact Finding Hearing demanded by Home 697 Surrey AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE BY E-COMMERCE,FAX Fri. 14Aug09 STATE OF MNNESOTA DISTRICT COURT COUNTY OF RAMSEY 2ND JUDICIAL DISTRICT EastSideReviewnews 2008TaxDelpg53 IN THE MATTER OF 697 Surrey and 3 thousand propertys Minnesota Constitution Art. X To the above named: re: 62cv09-1163 JUDGE JOHN VANDENORTH RICO Cases NOTICE OF APPEARANCE VIA PHONE 651-776-5835 DOCUMENTS ON FILE 20AUG09 Thursday, August 13, 2009 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  2. 2. Page 3 of 6 FACT FINDING MOTION (1) Relator requests the Court for an Order Asserting Jurisdiction and Requiring Further Fact-Finding, (2) Relator Sharon Scarrlla Anderson request the Court for Order to pdf the Files. similar to Docket: 08-1172 Title: Nacchio v. United States (3) Relator questions the County Attorney's representing the City of St.Paul and official's apparantly kathy lantry et al, joel essling, jack reardon mayor Chris Coleman et al unk at this time. "Isn't that the job of the city attorney John Choi"? Prosecutor Jean Stepan re: Separation of Powers Official's, wilful neglience to list of witness, testimony except 2 Affidavits which are refuted herein: Property taxes are paid, Assessments illegally certified by council with approval of Gerald Henderickson, then Ratifid, y the Mayor, knowing False mandates MS609.43 Prosecution of Joel Essling,Jack Reardon and Tanya Hunter Cop NOTE: Theft of Sharons 91 Chrylser implicates Aaron Foster Police Impound Lot, etc. ie: Barb Winn Murder. 07/15/2009Affidavit-Other Sa 62cv09 1163 Aff Lynn Moser Dtd.8 Jul09 13 pgs.13 0907 (4) :Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury a. pg1. Proof of Long Form Complaint that City certified $1,745.74 via Theft of 91Chrysler Disabled Plates ,fully insured Titled Forfeiture Cars etc. to 4271-321stpl Aitkin,MN summ abate 018337_018362 contrary to (i) Since when is my car considered a nuisance? Trailer with camping equipment, porta potty,stove,sink,microwave,TV,blankets etc. Answer/Cross 1/2 Million Answer/Cross/1/2MillionClaim v.CitySt.Paul 71 pgs of Answer/Cross dtd 5Apr07. 15T191746Z/ApplBlog5Apr07_71.pdf (ii) Taking Homestead Credit, to inflate Tax Disparity, arbitrary,capericous, constitutionally,criminally "patterened enterprise" RICO Auditor Mark Oswald Affidavit 62cv09-1163 Thursday, August 13, 2009 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  3. 3. Page 4 of 6 Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury, Issue: Citys False Certification, based on Theft,Trespass,Treason must be held accountable for Grand Jury or 12 man Jury. Sharon paid 2 check $449.93, reran to bank acct. another $449.92 Civil, Family & Probate Case Records Search Results Logout Search Menu New Civil Search Criteria: 62cv09- Location : All MNCIS Sites - Case Help Search 1163 Search Filed/Location/Judicial Case Number Style Type/Status Officer 62-CV-09-1163 Delinquent Real Property Taxes for 2008 02/12/2009 Administrative File Ramsey Civil Open VanDeNorth, John B., Jr. Abolish Property Taxes: Legal Notice to pdf Court Files 62cv09-1163_StateMN v 697 Surrey Ave St.Paul,MN Candidates Plea to implement pdf ECF Filings in the 3 thousand propertys published 697 Surrey is on pg 53 East Side Review News alleged to be Tax Delinquent. 62cv09-1163 go to top access to court records Access Case Records scrool to bottom click on I accept click civil records type in 62cv09-1163 click on upper left link Logout Search Menu New Civil Search BackLocation : All MNCIS Sites - Case SearchHelp Register of Actions Case No. 62-CV-09-1163 Delinquent Real Property Taxes for § Administrative Case Type: 2008 § File § Date Filed: 02/12/2009 § Location: Ramsey Civil § VanDeNorth, Judicial Officer: § John B., Jr. Party Information Lead Attorneys Topic Delinquent Real STEPAN, JEAN Property Taxes for 2008 Retained Events & Orders of the Court DISPOSITIONS 02/12/2009 Closed administratively Related: Files: City Council Agenda July 5th,2007Sa Tax Del62cv09 1163 18 84 go to pag 23 1/2 million Damages Co.Dist.File#J0707AJoy08A:Assm.#8337 _697 Surrey ID 32-29-22-41-0053 OTHER EVENTS AND HEARINGS 02/12/2009 Notice-Other EastSideRevies DelTaxesI_73pgs 697 Surrey pg.53 03/31/2009 Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis Thursday, August 13, 2009 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  4. 4. Page 5 of 6 03/31/2009 Order-Other (Judicial Officer: Lindman, Dale B. ) 03/31/2009 Affidavit-OtherSa Tax Del62cv09 1163 18 84 04/02/2009 Other Document 04/06/2009 Affidavit of Service 04/06/2009 Correspondence Sa 62cv09 1163 1 Apr09 25pgs. 04/06/2009 Other Document 04/06/2009 Other Document 04/06/2009 Other Document 04/07/2009 Order to Remove (Judicial Officer: Johnson, Gregg E. ) 04/09/2009 Notice of Case Reassignment 04/10/2009 Correspondence 06/26/2009 Affidavit of Publication 06/26/2009 Other Document 07/06/2009 Publicly Viewable Note to File Sa Tax Del62cv09 1163 18 07/15/2009 Motion Sa62cv09 1163 Stephan Ans 15 07/15/2009 Memorandum 07/15/2009 Affidavit-Other Sa 62cv09 1163 Aff Lynn Moser Dtd.8 Jul09 13 pgs.13 07/15/2009 Affidavit-Other Auditor Mark Oswald Affidavit 62cv09-1163 pgs.16 07/15/2009 08/10/2009 Affidavit Affidavit of Service Gearin Judge AffidavitPrejudice Kathleen of Prejudice 08/20/2009 Motion Summary Judgment (10:30 AM) (Judicial Officer VanDeNorth, John B., Jr.) Fraud upon the Court must not stand, therefore in Good Faith Further Affiant sayeth not at his time: Mandating Compensatory, Punatitive,Tort Damages amt. unk Attorney Pro Se Fee's at $240.00 pr hour At issue is Title to Realestate, Title to Car to make Sharon and 3 thous property owners WHOLE ACKNOWLEDGMENT The undersigned hereby acknowledges that costs,disbursements, and reasonable attorney's and witness fees may be awarded pursuant t MS 549.211 to the party against whom the allegations in this pleadings are asserted. Minnesota Statutes 549.211 - Google Search DATED: Wed. 12Aug09 Thursday, August 13, 2009 AOL: Sharon4Anderson
  5. 5. Page 6 of 6 LEGAL NOTICE: /s/ ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835: Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, Sharon4 Anderson - Google Profile Candidate AG2010 Blogger: User Profile: Sharon Anderson SharonsYahoo! iGoogle Homestead Act of 1862 Twitter / Sharon4Anderson S Blogger: Dashboard Home | FAIR USE NOTICEThis site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of whistleblower protection issues, MY FindLaw Thursday, August 13, 2009 AOL: Sharon4Anderson