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Published in: Education, Technology, Sports

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  • 1. Shark biologist.
    Nicholas Pappas
    Hour 4
  • 2. Introduction
    I will be researching where great white sharks bread and how they migrate
    Also I will be trying to get a better understanding for this giant shark
    The most important thing is to protect this amazing creature. Because this shark is becoming extinct.
    Tagging and taking blood samples and getting sperm samples from males will help to see if the sharks are ready to breed.
  • 3. Nature of the job
    Tagging the giant shark
    Taking tissue samples
    Blood sample, if male sperm sample too
    Pull out the shark hook
    And release the shark safely
  • 4. Working conditions
    I will be working on a ship specially built for capturing and releasing great white sharks.
    Working on this ship for months at a time.
    Also there is also the chance of getting injured.
    I will be working in outdoor conditions.
    The conditions will be physical.
  • 5. Training
    Learning how to get a fish on the line
    Learning how to extract DNA
    Train to know the difference between male and female sharks.
    To become a marine biologist I need to take biology, human anatomy, physiology and zoology.
  • 6. Job outlook/employment
    This job is not competitive because all shark biologist are trying to find out the same information.
    There are job openings
    I would have to move out of Michigan because Michigan does not have great white sharks.
  • 7. To start off you get paid about 45,000 a year. And are paid 1,000 a week .
    As you gain seniority you get paid more money.
    Marine Biologists make about $200, 000 - $300, 000 a year
    My first purchase would be a house so it would make it easier for me to get to work.
  • 8. Automotive designer
    Responsibilities designing a new car, working with car companies and Designing parts for the vehicle as well as designing the vehicle.
    • Earnings-250k when you start depending on the company. And as you work your way up the salary gets higher.
    I chose this career as my fall back plan because I love cars and I love designing cars.
    Related occupation
  • 9. My feelings on this job are that this is the job of my dreams. If I go into this job I would be happy doing it every day. Plus you don’t get many chances to touch a 1000 pound great white shark. look forward to the money and conserving the population of great white sharks. The part I do not look forward to is smelling the bait and the chance of getting my hand bitten clean of. The learning experience its not every day you get to see a shark in its habitat. It is very important we help the great white sharks so that the animal does not disappear of the face of the earth.
  • 10. Work sited