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Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit

Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit



Can we see into our future? What does your future hold in store for you? This is our third lesson for our online school of prayer "Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit" taught by Sister Lara. ...

Can we see into our future? What does your future hold in store for you? This is our third lesson for our online school of prayer "Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit" taught by Sister Lara. This was an audio message that was transcribed into text for our students and friends.



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    Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit Seeing Your Future Praying in the Spirit Document Transcript

    • 1Seeing Your FutureThrough Prayer“Can we see our future?”Sister Lara
    • 2CopyrightAll Rights ReservedPublished byBeyond the Veil PropheticMinistries International
    • 3Seeing Your FutureThrough Prayer“Can we see our future?”Sister Lara
    • 4ContactElectronic EmailSharingGodsDream@gmail.com
    • 5Table of ContentsSeeing Your Future 1Through Prayer 1Copyright 2Seeing Your Future 3Through Prayer 3Contact 4Table of Contents 5About 7Opening Prayer 8Knowing Where God Moves 10About Your Future 15Show Me My Future 21Reaching Into Your Future 29Affirmed in Our Future 33Join and Look 37NOTES: 42
    • 6
    • 7AboutHello and welcome to another timetogether, I am Sister Lara. We will becontinuing in our prayer series aboutlearning to pray in the Spirit. Today,our subject is “Seeing in the SpiritThrough Prayer.”These are just audio talks and ourmain purpose of doing these teachingsis to help our team to help mobilizeprayer to pray for the Nations andencourage them to grow in faith.
    • 8Opening PrayerIf you are a person who desires togrow in the Secret Place, then thesemessages are for you. Let us pray.“Father in the name of Jesus wecome to You today giving You allpraise and glory for Your teachingsin Your Word. We pray today thatYour people will be strengthened inthe Secret Place. We pray that Youwill encourage somebody to grow inhis or her dialogue with You through
    • 9prayer, in Jesus name. Amen.” Andthey all said, “Amen.”
    • 10Knowing Where God MovesI am not going to teach or preachtoday I am just going to do someaudio talks together; we are going totalk about “Seeing your futurethrough praying in the Spirit.”Hebrews 11:1 is a popular Scripturethat we all talk about and it says,“Faith is the substance of thingshoped for and it is the evidence ofthings not yet seen.”
    • 11We take a look at that Scripture andwe often hear many wonderfulmessages on it about the beauty of thework of faith. However, faith is thesubstance of things hoped for andevidence of things not yet seen.Let us take a look at an easy saying toremember that, “Faith is entering intothe realm where God moves.”Faith is moving into the realm whereGod moves so that you can see fromHis eyes, His thoughts, and Hisconcerns. Isn’t that amazing? Faith is
    • 12moving into the realm where Godmoves to have Spiritual Sight.Hallelujah!When we think about praying in theSpirit we think about the gift oftongues, but I would like to ask you,“How do we make that work?”The language of the Spirit is the Wordof God and the language of the Spiritis also dreams, visions.
    • 13What we are going to talk about inmore detail is centered in on visionsand dreams. As you get ready to goand begin to pray in the Spirit it ishard to begin to pray because youhave many distractions.As you pray in the Spirit God willimpart to you a vision and He will alsoimpart to you the ability to see yourfuture. In addition, God will sharewith you what He wants to talk to youabout concerning your future.
    • 14Many can get to this point in the Bodyof Christ by just learning to stay inprayer until you hear from God.You see prayer understands that youcan get into the flow of the heart ofGod to have a vision of His thoughtstowards you from His view.Remember, we just said what faithwas in order to operate in your future,and the same is the idea of prayer.
    • 15About Your FutureAs you begin to pray in the Spirit youwill get to a point in your life that yourtime of prayer that God will literallyshow you all about your future. Godwants you to know everything aboutyour future.I know there was a time in my lifewhen I began to learn this and Godtook me to a place where I couldliterally see what He wanted from me.You have to take time to be skilled inyour prayer life in order to have Hope.
    • 16What has God given you to do? Whathas God shown you about your future?The Bible says, “The plans that Hehas for us are so much more then wecan imagine or think.” How excitingis that!So let us take a look at a little bit moreof the Word of God. The Apostle Paulexperienced this when he said in 1Corinthians (Let us get our Bibleopen) chapter eleven verse twenty-three.
    • 17“For I have received from the Lordthat which I have also delivered fromyou that the Lord Jesus on the samenight when He was betrayed tookbread and gave thanks.”You know, and I know that theApostle Paul was not there. He wasnot there on the night that Jesus wasbetrayed and as far as we know theApostle Paul probably did not evenfollow Jesus before He had hisvisitation on the road to Damascus.
    • 18However the Apostle Paul said, “Ireceived.” I want to challenge you tothink today that this happened becauseGod took him to a place where theApostle Paul could see in order tounderstand what happened that nightChrist was betrayed. We can learnfrom this exciting thought that theHoly Spirit showed the Apostle Paulthe full events of what happened in theLord’s Supper.I had a situation like this one timewhen I was in prayer, and the Word of
    • 19God became live events to me as well.I remember for nine months when Ibegan to learn about this and the Wordof God would come to life and theHoly Spirit would show me“Scriptures coming to life.”For nine months, I prayed and Iprayed; prayed, “Oh! I want to seethe events of Jesus and I want to seethe Word of God become life.”This finally happened after ninemonths as the Holy Spirit showed meJesus out of the Book of John chapter
    • 20ten of the “Good Shepherd.” TheseScriptures became alive and I receivedwhat the Apostle Paul did where Icould see events in the Word of God.I have even taken time in prayer tomeditate upon the Word of God andpray in the Spirit; the meditation of theWord of God and other events ofJesus, the Christ, became life to me. Isaw Jesus as Shepherd, but I also sawHim as High Priest and before youknow it this became my whole life ofprayer. Hallelujah!
    • 21Show Me My FutureMeditating upon the Word of God tosee the events of Jesus in the Word ofGod in visions. How exciting is that!That is pretty exciting that you can getto that place.You cannot do it in five simpleminuets as it takes time. You have toget into the flow of God’s heart to seethe Word of God as He sees it and theHoly Spirit will begin to show youevents of Jesus and His Word comealive, and He will show you the same
    • 22way your future through prayer. He isno respecter of people. Oh Glory!I remember when God showed me myfuture of write books before I began towrite books.I began to write on the subject of thedreams and now there are over thirtythousand copies that people have readon the subject of the dreams. I sawthis in a dream before I wrote it.I also remember that God showed memy future about prayer from
    • 23beginning to end, and right now I amhaving that begin to come to pass inmy life as I literally saw it in visions.God can show you your future! Wehave looked at a few examples in theWord of God and I have given you afew examples so that you can learnthat this can be for you as well. Whenyou are in prayer, you can be on thecutting of edge of what God wants toshow for you.
    • 24You really got to have a hunger.God’s Word says, “Eyes have notseen, and ears have not heard thethings that God has prepared foryou.”Faith is the substance of things ofhoped for and the evidence of thingsnot yet seen. What substance ofthings hoped for? What is hope?Hope is your future, what you see inthe future and what is supposed tocome. Hope is something positive inyour future. Faith is the substance of
    • 25things hoped for and faith is thesubstance of hope.It seems like as believers we weremade to live on faith; we were madeto know about our future. We weremade to know about what God hasplanned for use. I remember as achild, around the age of five, I beganto ask myself, “What is my future?What will I do? What is my purpose?Will I live long?”Maybe you have asked yourself thesame questions as well. It is so
    • 26important that as we grow in the Bodyof Christ we learn to pray in the spiritand ask God to show our future.Show God that you want to see. TellGod that you want to see the Biblecome to life in your life. We read inthe Book of John chapter fourteen,“When the Spirit of Truth has comeHe will show you things to come.”We have to understand that the HolySpirit will show us our future and it ispromised that you can see your future.So many people in the world today
    • 27want to know, “What is our future?”We must face the future and seek Hisheart in every area of our life. Somany people come to me and say,“Does God have a word for metoday?” When I receive questionslike that I know the person is not apraying believer. However, theApostle Paul said, “All things are newand old things are passed away.”In Philippians chapter three versethirteen the Apostle Paul said, “Iforget those things which are
    • 28behind” and he learned to continue tolook for his future and reach for hisfuture to run course.Think about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,and Sarah as we read about them inthe Book of Hebrews chapter eleven,we read about them in the Hall ofFame of faith and yet, these samepeople lived the same way.
    • 29Reaching Into Your FutureIn Hebrews chapter eleven versethirteen it says, “They all died in faithand they all saw from afar.” Eachcame into a place where they wereeach able to see their future reach fortheir future and what God had plannedfor them. Oh hallelujah! You can seeyour future. Oh Glory!When God began to show me thesethings I began to realize that even Imust continue to have the heart thatGod wants to show me my future, too.
    • 30As well, I prayed that God wouldwork that out in my life. I began toask for Wisdom from God on how todo this, and have eyes to see.The more vision you have for yourfuture the more of a cutting edgeprayer life you will have to know God,which is our motive. Many peoplesay, “Is it right to seek a vision?” Ihave to ask myself, “Isn’t Jesus ourVision?”So by faith, in Hebrews chapter elevenverse three we understand God framed
    • 31the worlds. You have your future, andGod already there frames it. Whichincludes, your assignments, your lifeplans and more, through praying in theSpirit. Each of us has a destiny that isalready set into place so that each ofus can know our future.The more the practice seeing the moreyou will work out your future. Themore you work in vision the more youwill work and live in hope. The morethat you live in hope the more you willproduce faith. The more you produce
    • 32faith the more you will produce vision.Hallelujah! The more that youpractice God’s heart to see vision themore you will have a deeperrelationship with God.So we have to maintain this verythought of prayer, and desire to befocused and aim in the Spirit.
    • 33Affirmed in Our FutureWhen we pray in the Spirit it is duringthat time that each of us have to allowthe Holy Spirit to reveal your future.If it does not come along the first time,then get into the Secret Place a secondtime, and if it does not come along atfirst, we must allow faith to have it’splace.Faith has to take root, and I want youto know that it will not happen overnight. I have been in the ministryalmost thirty years, and I had to learn
    • 34this as well. It is up to you to get intothe Secret Place and say to yourself,“No matter what it takes I am goingto ask God to show me my future;meditate upon the Word and allowfaith to take root.”In Genesis chapter twelve, God toldAbraham “Leave your country and Iwill show you the land.” God wantedAbraham his future. Oh Hallelujah!This is what God wants to do withyou. Praise Him!
    • 35In Ephesians chapter one, verseeighteen we read that the Apostle Paulspoke, “The eyes of yourunderstanding be enlightened thatyou may know.”Here, the eye of our understanding hasto do with imagination. It representsthe idea wants to give our creativity aplace of influence of overflow of Hislove. Many say that imagination isnot good, and I would say, “Yes, it is.”Healthy imagination causes each of usto be overflowing with God in our
    • 36creativity and His Love. Oh Glory!Here, God will use faith to take root inour imaginations.In the Book of Ephesians chapterthree, the Apostle Paul prayed that wewould be strengthened with might inour inner man so that Christ can berooted, and grounded in God’s Loveso that faith can take root.This thought has to do with propheticseeing into our future as well, so thatwe can pray concerning our future andsee our future.
    • 37Join and LookOnce we get passed obstacles inprayer and get rooted then we canallow the Holy Spirit to teach each ofus how to try to comprehend thewondrous Love of God. Christ dwellsin each of us even deeper as webecome more rooted and grounded inLove.The word comprehend in the Greekspeaks about joining and lookingtogether from God’s perspective. Ohpraise Him! What God shows you will
    • 38be what you are to do in His Will.You are joining Him in prayer; youare joining Him and seeing with Him.In the Book of Ephesians chapter twoverse twenty, we learn that JesusHimself if the Corner Stone. TheApostle and Prophet are foundationalstones, and we learn that other peoplein the Old Testament these simpleprinciples are not yet made known asit is now. Praise the Lord!These foundations have revelation toshare about praying to see into your
    • 39future. God wants to take you intolong seasons of prayer so that you cansee your future.You have to continue to pray, and youhave to be person that allows yourselftime to get rooted and grounded inGod’s Love. As well, you have to bea people that understand that the Wordof God frames everything in yourfuture. As you meditate upon theWord and you desire to see yourfuture, you will learn to meditate uponthe ability o see your future.
    • 40In the Book of Hebrews chaptertwelve verse two, we also read, “Lookunto Jesus (Comprehend) who is theAuthor and Finisher of your faithwho for the joy that was set beforeHim endured the cross, and sat downon the right hand of the Throne ofGod.”Notice it was joy that was set beforeHim. Jesus himself had a vision ofHis future. Now that you have one ofthe secrets of Jesus, we can understandthat He saw His own future.
    • 41We are not above Christ however weare His disciples and He is the Master.However, we can follow His examplein order to keep our eyes on the future.Pray about your future.We pray this has been a blessing toyou today. Amen.
    • 42NOTES:
    • 43