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Prophecy to These The Blood Bought Vision
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Prophecy to These The Blood Bought Vision



Prophecy to These is an audio teaching for our Online School of Prayer, Lesson Nine. This was transcribed into text for our students. This message comes from Ezekiel 37 on the subject of "Prophecy." ...

Prophecy to These is an audio teaching for our Online School of Prayer, Lesson Nine. This was transcribed into text for our students. This message comes from Ezekiel 37 on the subject of "Prophecy." What is the purpose of the Blood Covenant in Prophecy? What is the motivation of Prophecy? How is Prophecy formed? What is the outcome of Prophecy and more. Another classic writing by Sister Lara, Visionary of Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries, Since 2003.



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Prophecy to These The Blood Bought Vision Prophecy to These The Blood Bought Vision Document Transcript

  • 1 Prophecy to These “The Blood Bought Vision” Sister Lara “Four Winds of God Series Continued” Online School of Prayer
  • 2 Copyright All Rights Reserved Not For Commercial Use  Sister Lara Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries International “Speaking the Vision and Making it Clear”
  • 3 Prophecy to These “The Blood Bought Vision” Sister Lara “Four Winds of God Series Continued” Online School of Prayer
  • 4 Contact: Email SharingGodsDream@gmail.com Face Book https://www.facebook.com/BeyondtheVe ilPropheticMinistries/
  • 5 Table of Contents Opening Prayer……………………………6 Developing Prophetic Skills………………9 Prophetic Promptings…………………….17 Prophetic Purpose………………………..19 Government of Hope…………………….22 Prophetic Entrance……………………….25 Prophetic Breath………………………….30 Prophetic Weight…………………………34 Prophetic Ascension………………………37 Prophetic Incense………………………….42 Prophetic Courtrooms……………………..45 Prophetic Captivation……………………...49 Prophetic Blood Bought Visions………….55 Prophetic Impartation……………………..62 Prophetic Gates of Zion……………………66 Notes………………………………………..73
  • 6 Opening Prayer Hello everyone, what a blessing it is to be with you here tonight, I am Sister Lara. I would like to, kind of sneak in tonight and do a little study, on the topic of the Four Winds of God. I believe this is going to be a series, and if I have to give a subtitle the message would be "Prophecy to These."
  • 7 Let us pray, “Father we come to You tonight and step out into Your courts before Your presence. As we begin this series Father, we pray that You will give us keys are effectual in each one of our lives to teach us how to prophecy. Father, tonight, as we go through Your Word we pray Father that those that will hear will receive revelation on these various subjects. More so, Father, that You will strengthen them and You will
  • 8 encourage them in their journey and You will let them know that there is Hope. So, Father, we just give you thanks and we give You praise in Jesus name. Amen. And they all said? Amen.”
  • 9 Developing Prophetic Skills Our Scripture foundation tonight, um, comes from the Book of Zechariah Chapter Ten, on these particular subjects. If you want to get your online Bible, that will be great. While you are doing that, I would like to welcome everybody. What a blessing it is to be out with you all tonight. Prophecy to These, are you all there? Excellent!
  • 10 Zech. 10, "Ask ye of the LORD rain in the time of the latter rain; so the LORD shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one grass in." Oh I love that, when we ask God He will create it, and whatever we need. If we need rain, He will create it. I love that. That is not my topic tonight, but, not only will He create it, "He will do it for everyone."
  • 11 So, wherever we send the Word and what ever we ask for, God will not only bless and create not only that particular situation, but also He will create blessings for everyone who is around the answered declaration, will receive a blessing. Hallelujah! The second Scripture I would like to give tonight comes from the Book of Ezekiel 37, and that is our foundational scripture
  • 12 that we will be focused on tonight. I want you know that we will be reading from the King James Version, God was speaking to the Prophet Ezekiel and the circumstances in which He was speaking to the Prophet was that he was being prepared to see a valley that was full of dry bones. As we can see, "He was being carried away in the Spirit of the Lord."
  • 13 The Lord took the Prophet, from where he was and set him down in a valley of dry bones, found in verse two, and the Spirit of the Lord began to take him around the scene. I love that because when we are trying to develop Prophetic skills and we have a vision, or a dream, we begin to grow in the Holy Spirit in dreams and visions we will begin to look for detail. I love what happened here because the Holy Spirit
  • 14 began to give Ezekiel, not a bird's eye view, but a very detailed view. He took him from the north, to see the bones. He took him to the east to see the bones. The Prophet went full circle. "We develop the prophetic gift in a vision or in a dream we will begin to look with detail and try to get all the detail possible that we can."
  • 15 So, the Holy Spirit took the Prophet in full circle and caused him to: pass by the bones, and round about the bones. So, God let him see. I love that! God let him see in a vision with great detail. "Behold, there were very many in the open valley; and, lo, they were very dry." We begin to see a conversation take part with the Prophet Ezekiel and God. I love what God asked the Prophet,
  • 16 He said, (Ezekiel 37:3) “And he said unto me, Son of man, can these bones live?"
  • 17 Prophetic Promptings So many times, you know, as a person in the Body of Christ when you receive a vision or dream, um, God will always prompt us with a thought to speak to us. I love how God prompts Ezekiel here, as He began to prompt him with questions, "Can these bones live?" And the Prophet said, "I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest."
  • 18 However, as we continue to read in Ezekiel 37, verse 11, we understand why those bones became dry, "Our bones are dried, and our hope is lost: we are cut off for our parts." So, as we talk about the subject today, "Prophesy to These" I would like to talk about that particular subject.
  • 19 Prophetic Purpose If you are taking notes, the purpose of Prophecy is to "Restore Hope." See, we saw a whole Nation that had come to nothing. Why? Because they lost hope. That is the true Apostolic/Prophetic Anointing is that we are heralders of Hope. We know that the motivation of God is to prophecy Hope. Let us get that, and let us try to understand that is the purpose of why we prophesy.
  • 20 WE want to prophecy in order to bring Hope. Notice that God told the Prophet, "Prophecy to the bones." See, when we begin to prophecy to something, we know that immediately our purpose is to restore hope, and our purpose is to allow that word of hope to begin to form something.
  • 21 I am getting a little ahead of myself but, "The motivation of prophecy is to form hope into a particular situation. Hope where there is no Hope."
  • 22 Government of Hope “Prophecy to these bones and say unto these bones.” You see the Spirit of Prophecy goes forth into the Government of Hope and when you speak to something in your life, the Spirit of Prophecy --when you prophecy to these things, I love what He says, "Say to these bones." Whatever you prophecy to "Has an ear already to hear. They are already there with the gift of faith."
  • 23 That is powerful. Where ever hope is lost is because we have not prophesied to that situation. Understand that wherever you are called and assigned by God to prophesy faith is already there, waiting for you to respond to what is said. Prophecy only responds to hope. If I prophecy and I do not prophecy out of hope, faith is not enabled by God to: hear, respond and to act.
  • 24 We have to ask ourselves when we judge the Spirit of Prophecy, if it does not work, “What is wrong?” It was prophesied but it was not prophesied through hope. We have to understand that where there is no hope, God is assigning you to prophecy to. Prophecy to these things, and say to these things means you have to speak hope and you have to prophecy.
  • 25 Prophetic Entrance Prophecy is as simple as the Spirit and the Testimony of Jesus. The Word Testimony means witness, so it is His Life and His witness that begins to takes place. That is why faith on the receiving end responds. This is powerful, and this is the beginning of a brand new day in the Body of Christ. Look around the world today and see where there is no hope. Eight small Continents in the
  • 26 world look around. Wherever there is no hope, Truth is not found and wherever Truth is not found faith is not there to respond. We have to understand that faith is sitting there waiting for someone to come by and prophesy the Spirit and Testimony of Christ. This is powerful! Now, we have to understand that we have the basics of Hope. We have the
  • 27 basic "Prophecy to these things" as faith is on the other end. Look what begins to form. The Spirit and Testimony of Christ and His Person begin to be formed into that situation. See, as you prophecy hope Christ is being released. So, what does that mean? Prophecy prepares the entrance of Jesus to enter in. You see we can hear
  • 28 many prophecies in the world but where ever there is no hope Jesus is not being formed and where ever there is not faith being activated it because Jesus is not found there. Wherever Christ is not found, hope is not there and again--faith is not activated. This is powerful! "Oh! Lord God! You know why bones are dry! Can these bones really live?
  • 29 “Prophecy to these things. Prophesy to these bones."
  • 30 Prophetic Breath As you prophecy, I love what it says in Ezekiel 37:5, "Thus saith the Lord God unto these bones; Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live." We have prepared Christ to enter in but it takes God's breath to make it come alive. You see, wherever there is no breath of God prophecy does not form.
  • 31 Where there is no breath of God, whatever you prophesy to, it does not come alive. You can have faith but no breath of God and when there is no breath of God faith is not activated. You can have hope but where there is no formation of Christ, the breath of God is not there. So, when it says, "Prophesy to these things" we have to understand that not only are we releasing hope, and not only allowing the Government of
  • 32 hope to go forward but we are forming Christ so that God can breath on it. Wherever God's breath is not there, hope is not there. Wherever God's breath is not caused to come alive then Jesus is not there, but more then that, wherever there is no breath of God there is no weight of who He is.
  • 33 I know this seems like a lot, that is why I am going to make these messages short and sweet and I hope to do this every night. You can sit where you are and begin to speak to someone I want you to think about, "Talking to someone at work, a loved one, or the telephone. If you have no breath that Word cannot be heard. If you have no breath that Word cannot go forth."
  • 34 Prophetic Weight You see the breath of God is important in the Spirit of Prophecy because it is His breath that sends the Word, breath is the weight of His breath that causes what you have spoken to come alive and prepare Christ to be made known. Now this is powerful! Powerful! True Spirit of Prophecy causes us to live in the Life of the Spirit and it causes the
  • 35 breath of God to enter into that situation. When we begin to see what happens next, in the Life of Ezekiel we see that he began to speak and the bones begin to take form. In verse six it says, "I will lay sinews upon you. I will bring up flesh on you. I will cover you with skin. I will put breath in you." We have to picture Ezekiel looking at these bones and he prophesied the word here.
  • 36 It is something so amazing that what is dead, something that is dry and something that is withered, can hear. Why? God has created faith to already be there on the words you speak! It is amazing to me that God will speak something like that and gives that situation the ability to hear. "I will lay sinews. He will put sinews upon you and He will bring up flesh."
  • 37 Prophetic Ascension The word bring means to ascend. Hallelujah! You see the Spirit of Prophecy, when you get these principles that I am teaching tonight, and when I am done I will write everything I am saying into a book and make it available for you free, so you can read it over and over. You see the Spirit of Prophecy takes you beyond your boundaries.
  • 38 "Prophecy to these things." The Spirit of Prophecy takes you beyond your limitations and the Spirit of Prophecy causes you to rise up. It does not cause you to look at yourself, and it does not cause you to look at your past, your failures; or to look at a Nation and say, "Look how bad that Nation is." No, we can prophesy to a Nation and know that faith is already there and we can cause that Nation to begin to rise up and go
  • 39 beyond their boundaries. That is why there is Hope for every Nation in the earth today. That is why there is Hope for our families, and our cities. That is why there is Hope for our workplaces and that is why there is Hope for every place we live. If we understand the purpose and formation of prophecy when it says, "Prophecy to these things" we can understand the power that God will
  • 40 begin to form Christ into that situation and cause us to ascend higher. We hear the prophetic word “Come up higher" but we cannot come up higher unless there is God's breath and the formation of Christ. We want to "Come up higher" but we cannot because God's breath is not in it and Christ has not been formed in that prophecy as it is going forth.
  • 41 It has to be through the Spirit and Testimony, the very witness of Christ. The word bring means to "Go beyond our boundaries, prophecy to these things, to ascend." I love the second word of that, as the word bring means to “rise up before God." So when we prophesy it causes us to ascend and rise up before God.
  • 42 Prophetic Incense God brought breath and now it is rising back up to Him. Picture Him breathing in, and picture Him breathing out. That is what the Spirit of Prophecy does. It takes what you have prophesied to, "Prophecy to these things" as it forms Hope with the understanding that faith is already there to make it come alive. Prophecy brings Christ, as prophecy is the entrance of Christ being prepared for
  • 43 what purpose? To be formed into a situation where there is no hope allowing God's breath to upon that. Acts 2, "The breath of the Holy Spirit was given." In Genesis 1, were God created man, "The breath of God was given." Where there is no breath there is no formation of Christ. Where there is no formation of Christ there is no hope. Why does it come back up before God?
  • 44 I have pondered this for years, and years. This word ascend or bring means, "To be a sweet smelling savor unto God." Oh hallelujah! That is the Spirit of Prophecy! We saw it form! We saw that we are to speak and we saw that it is the motivation of Hope.
  • 45 Prophetic Courtrooms Think about a courtroom, or a judge’s mallet when he hits the mallet at the end of the session and says, "Justice in the court." That mallet is Hope and that is the power of prophecy. When He says let "Justice be in the court" prophesy also means, "To enter into the courts of Justice." You see we need Justice and Judgment in the earth today. Where there is no hope there is no Judgment
  • 46 against God's enemies. Where there is no hope there is no Justice against God's enemies. Where there is no prophecy forming Christ Jesus that situation is not taken into the courts of heaven for Justice and Judgment upon God's enemies. You know, Ezekiel went from the north, the south, the east, and the west. He saw that the bones were dry, and there was no Justice and Judgment against God's
  • 47 enemies. But, God called the Prophet to prophecy HOPE. When we prophesy HOPE Judgment and Justice automatically goes forth to our enemies. If you can picture the Word of the Lord going forth when the Lord spoke, "Prophecy to These" and the Word going forth, then you can picture God saying, "Arise! Come up!! Meet Me!" If you can picture the word meaning of the word bring, when it says, "Prophecy
  • 48 to These Things" then you can picture going beyond. You see the Spirit of Prophecy when it goes forth it speaks Life.
  • 49 Prophetic Captivation You hear the Spirit of Prophecy when it goes forth because it causes you to hear and it captivates you in HOPE. It captivates you in such an expectancy it will take you beyond where you have ever been before God. It speaks Hope! It speaks Life!! It causes you to hear!! "Prophecy to These Things" has no limits and it has no boundaries and it
  • 50 goes forth to accomplish that what is sent to do. "Prophecy to These Things." God also said in this same verse, "I will cover you with skin." See the word cover means to lay down and that is how you enter into rest. The word cover means to put a blanket over. I want you to catch this now. "Prophecy to These Things" we are forming Christ.
  • 51 The Spirit of Christ begins to hover that situation. The Spirit of Christ begins to become one into that situation. The Spirit of Christ causes that situation to enter rest. Eight small continents of the world and the world do not know rest. Enter into the rest of God! Enter into the Peace of God!! Where rest is found, the Spirit of Christ is there. "Cover with skin" means to lay down and put a blanket over.
  • 52 I cannot help but think when God told the Prophet Ezekiel to "Prophecy to These Things" what God was thinking about when one day His own Son would lay down His Life through the Cross. Where am I going at with this? The Spirit of Prophecy causes the Cross, which is the central means of the Gospel of the Kingdom to be released into a situation. Oh! Hallelujah! The Cross-of
  • 53 Jesus! Ezekiel must have seen in that day. He must have had a little bit of revelation of the coming of Messiah; after all he was called to prophesy to Israel. God had the Blood Covenant on His mind. He brought Covenant before the very forefront and He wanted to activate the Covenant thousands of years before Christ even came into this situation.
  • 54 Today, we practice the Spirit of Prophecy when we say, "Prophesy to These Things" hear the Word of the Lord and Christ begins to be formed. You begin to speak the formation of Christ and you begin to speak the Spirit and Testimony of Christ into a situation it automatically releases the power of the cross. Hallelujah! Today there is hope for every Nation in the earth and every Continent in the earth.
  • 55 Prophetic Blood Bought Visions You see, this is where false prophets miss it. They prophesy, but there is no Blood Covenant to give Life. They prophesy, but there is no Blood Covenant of Christ to bring Life. Life is in the Blood. They prophesy and there is no vision, because prophetic vision is birthed from the Blood of Jesus. This is false Seer’s miss it. False Seer’s have no
  • 56 Blood Covenant with Christ and His Blood does not run freely their Tabernacle and Gates. Ah ! I might be getting off track for a moment or two, please forgive me, but that is just the Way it is. Prophecy is “Blood Bought Vision.” Today there is HOPE for every single family, every Nation today if God's people would "Prophecy to These Things."
  • 57 To cover means to lay down. Finally God is in control and we are not. There are far too many familiar spirits speaking in the church today, and the church neds deliverance by TRUE deliverance. TRUE deliverance comes from having the Blood of Christ Jesus flowing freely through their gates, and their Tabernacle is ONE with the Tabernacle of God. (If
  • 58 you have not got my new teaching on this please request.) All we had to do was speak. He will cover that which is dead with what, His blood. He will cover that with what is needed, which is what? Life. God is doing something so powerful this is in the realm of the Spirit that he is learning to do this. You see, in 1 Corinthians 13 is the Love chapter, but chapter 14 it says, "Abide in faith, and abide in Hope
  • 59 and Love, we should prophecy more then all these things." You see, the Spirit of Prophecy is what we should hold on to. Prophecy to these bones. We have to learn to form Christ in every nation in the earth. We are headed into the greatest revival the world has ever known, and the greatest outpouring the church has ever known. Prophecy is not a word of encouragement. Someone says, "I want
  • 60 to prophecy to someone today and I want to let everyone know it is going to be ok." That is not the Spirit of Prophecy, which is just a word of encouragement. Because, that word of encouragement will not arrest you into the Love of God, and it will not arrest you into that situation to be formed in Christ and it will not captivate you into Hope. It will lead. Encouragement is like a road sign
  • 61 on a high way, "Go this way, or go that way."
  • 62 Prophetic Impartation We have a wide-open opportunity in the Body of Christ today and we need to encourage one another. However, Paul said, "We need to prophecy! Prophecy!" I will bring them up! I will cover them! I will make them go beyond their boundaries! I will make them come up before me! I will form them in My Son! I will spread My Spirit all about and I will take My Spirit to cover these bones
  • 63 and they will go beyond where they are and they will live in the Life of the Spirit. We will continue in on this series, "Prophecy to These Things." I pray that today's message has been a blessing to you. Nobody knows that this message was going to be here tonight, so if you are listening through audio on demand, I pray it was an encouragement.
  • 64 If you are listening right now on whatever network you are in, grab a hold of this. Prophecy! Be encouraged. I know as well as I am speaking tonight you have been brought up in the breath of God and something in you has been activated. I know that you have been brought up before the very Throne of God. If you could right now, you would probably give God a high five and say,
  • 65 "Wow! Thank You for Your Word tonight." If this message has been a blessing to you tonight, I pray that you will begin to apply these simple tools that I have given to you tonight from the Word of God. Let us pray. Amen.
  • 66 Prophetic Gates of Zion “Father, we thank You that we are being taught to prophecy rightly in this hour of Kingdom. Father, we know it is hard sometimes to rethink the way we used to think, but when there is hope all things are possible because faith comes alive in us. I look out tonight Father God, in my heavenly place that we are seated in, along with everyone who is listening, or
  • 67 coming in through on demand, and we take our place of rest. We are hidden in Christ and seated in heavenly places. The Spirit of Prophecy!! Make way! Make way! Make way!! For Christ is yet to be formed and is being formed. He shall cause the Continents of the earth to lay down. The breath of God will come upon the waters of the earth, and the breath of God will come upon those desolate places. Behold!! He
  • 68 shall do a new thing among thee oh the earth. For He is rising up a people to learn to prophecy. He is raising up a people to bring HOPE. Hear ye the Word of the Lord tonight oh ye earth!! Ye shall come up before God and His breath shall be in you. Ye shall go forth a powerful church! A triumphant church!! A jubilant church!! An overcoming church!! The Holy Spirit and the Bride shall say Come!! Come!!
  • 69 Lord Jesus. We have prepared the Way!! Open up oh ye Ancient Gates of old!! Let the Story of the King of Glory be told!!! There is Hope all ye Nations of the earth. Open up ye Ancient gates of old for the King of Glory is making the entrance to be made known. Let the sound of the shaking take place where the Body is being formed. Let the
  • 70 sound of the songs come forth oh ye earth! There shall be a rising in the earth in the church the world has ever known yet. She shall be a powerful church in the land of the Redeemed. Father, tonight we just give You thanks and praise. We pray that every Word that has been spoken tonight has been filled with Hope, and I step out on Your Seer’s Glass which is Your Word, the Seer’s Glass of heaven, and I see it
  • 71 rippling over the earth. I thank You Father that Your breath has been on every word that has been spoken. I thank You Father You will cause a rising up and breaking forth already. We give You all the Glory and Honor in Jesus name.”
  • 72 NOTES:
  • 73