Praying For the Nations Botswana Africa


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Example Handout for Students in Online School of Prayer on "How to Pray for the Nations." This is an example sheet for Botswana, Africa. Sister Lara Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Since 2003

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Praying For the Nations Botswana Africa

  1. 1. Pray For Botswana Online School of Prayer Sister Lara, Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries
  2. 2. Praying for the Nations Each week Online School of Prayer partakes in praying for the Nations. To date, Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries has prayed for every Continent, including every Country and Nation—of the earth. Now, we begin our journey again and I wanted to do something a little different. From time to time I would like to share with you “How we pray.” I pray this is a blessing to you. Online School of Prayer Staff “Happiness is seeing Jesus in the Secret Place” Visionary ~ Sister Lara, Online School of Prayer
  3. 3. Tools We Use 1. Prayer Circle—The Prayer Circle is designed into different parts of a wheel. Each section of wheel helps make suggestions to those in Intercession. Each Intercessor will personalize Scriptures under that theme section to speak over a Nation. (Continent) The wheel is created to spend an hour a day-for some students who are just beginning, ten minuets a day to start out with to build. 2. Each Student has a personalize desk they have in our Online Lecture Study Hall. It is a WYSIG editor where they write their revelations during this time as a way to grow in dialogue with the Holy Spirit. 3. Each Student has a training tutorial video to help them navigate the wheel before they start to help them stay focused on their purpose.
  4. 4. Second: Tools We Use We are currently going through each Continent, and we are taking one country at a time in Africa. 1. Wikipedia-Africa: Under each Continent we navigate to each territory of that Continent. 2. 54 Territories (2 Disputed) 3. Navigate to the Emblem: What does this territory stand for? What can we learn? 4. It is here, I begin to take notes. Botswana
  5. 5. Your Assignment Sheet: A Study on the Emblem: • The Motto of Coat of Arms for Botswana is "RAIN" What comes to mind? Write your Scripture(s) • In the center of the Shield there are 3 ripples of blue, "What do they represent?" What comes to mind?(Write your Scriptures) • The BULL represents an OX. This is the WEST WIND which means breakthrough. What does the bull represent. <Click link to read. "What comes to mind?" (Write Scripture) • The Zebra represents_____________. What gift has God given to this Nation? Write your answer. • The Blue Ribbon not only means rain, but it also means __________. Write your answer. • Rain and Blessing is also another name for their ______________. What comes to mind how God blesses the earth? (Write your answer.) • One of the Zebra's are holding an ivory tusk which stands for __________. (Write your answer.) Can you find a Scripture that speaks of what ivory represents? • The other Zebra is holding a __________. What Scripture can you find to pray for this Nation?
  6. 6. A Time to Study It is here, after investigating and writing down notes each student is coached to find these meanings in the Word of God. Keeping it simple is always best, and it allows each student to be creative. They use what they learn to grow in commune with the Holy Spirit and they begin to speak LIFE over that territory.
  7. 7. Continue to Learn After an Intercessor learns the Emblem, or Coat of Arms of that territory, each student will then be navigated to learn about that territory. This is done by Sister Lara to help the students be coached for praying for a territory.
  8. 8. A Study in History: 1.What is the Nation of Africa you are praying for today? 2.What part of Africa is Botswana located in? 3.Where is the seat of Government located? How can you pray for their Government? 4.The North Boarder is being disputed over in Botswana but is called the "Court of Justice." What does the North represent in God's Word? How can we pray out of the Courts of Justice? (Write your answer.) A Study in Environment: 1.The motto of Botswana is "Rain and Blessing" yet-- Environmental issues have risen because there is no rain. What comes to mind? How can you pray for this Nation? A Study in Politics: 1.Botswana is the least corrupt Nation in Africa because their Judicial system is separate from Government. What comes to mind concerning "Praying Justice" for revival? Write your answer.
  9. 9. A Study in Economy: 1.Botswana's economy relies on precious diamonds and jewels not found anywhere else the world. T:F A Study in Arts: 1.Botswana is noted for singing without instruments. T:F 2.One instrument Botswana enjoys is the drums. T:F 3.What comes to mind? Write your answer. A Study in Education: 1.Diamonds were found much of the money was used to increase education to the children. T:F Prayer Wheel Categories: 1.What is the Scripture reference for the category of Praise? Write it out. 2.What is the Scripture Reference for the category of Waiting? Write it out. 3.What is the Scripture Reference for the category of Outreach? Write it out. 4.Now that you have these categories written down, move on to step four. 5.Take on 1/2 an hour to Pray the Prayer Wheel for Botswana. (Two 15 min days, or 1/2 at one time.) 6.Write your thoughts that came to mind while you prayed. What did you like? What did you learn? Was there something about this Nation that God gave you a lot of joy to pray? 7.Send your answers in to
  10. 10. Interaction Campus Blog Instructions: 1.Go the Campus Blog Site. 2.Create a Category: Make it unique for you. For example "Alice Praying for the Nations", or "Praying for the Nations is fun", or "Praying for Africa"--remember to make it personal. 3.Write down what Nation you prayed for in Africa, and share your heart on what you learned. 4.The Campus Blog will be seen throughout the Campus so others will get to know you, and the work you are doing in OSP.
  11. 11. If you have any questions, and would like to be an "Intercessor for the Nations" please do not hesitate to ask to on the weekly scheduled list to receive your assignment. Why not start praying today? You will be glad you did! Have fun! OSP is on the move for "Praying for the Nations." Have a blessed day! Sister Lara and OSP Staff Happiness is Seeing Jesus in the Secret Place ~ Sister Lara