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This is a kingdom teaching for Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Team and Friends. The subject today is Kingdom Hope. "Learning to bring Heaven into the earth and making them one in Blood …

This is a kingdom teaching for Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Team and Friends. The subject today is Kingdom Hope. "Learning to bring Heaven into the earth and making them one in Blood Covenant."

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  • 1. Kingdom Hope Sister Lara
  • 2. HelloThis is a continued If you would like to teaching by Sister learn more, or Lara to Beyond take part in our the Veil Prophetic teachings, please Ministries Team and Friends. We let us know by have started a responding to our new teaching on threads wherever the subject of you read this "Kingdom presentation. Leaders."
  • 3. Welcome Matthew 6:33 "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." How do you pull out of heaven what you need to have influence in your areana of life? If you have been wondering this same question and you have tried everything there is try ......
  • 4. Kingdom HopeWhat Kingdom Government and Law Binds and collects all that is in heaven to be released in the earth?
  • 5. PresentingKingdom Hope
  • 6. Let me explain a few thingsHope can do you for you... How does HOPE work?
  • 7. Hope BindsHope is the Door that unites Heaven in order to release all the influences of Heaven into the earth.
  • 8. Hope is LikeHope is like a "Shoe Lace" on your shoes that you tie every morning before putting them on.Hope brings together..the kingdom and the earth to be one in the Blood Covenant of Jesus.
  • 9. Hope Collects Hope collects and Hope releases all that is in heaven into your place of influence in the earth. Matthew 6 "On earth as it is in heaven."
  • 10. Where There is No HopeBeloved, every kingdom son and daughter needs to know what makes the earth be renewed in Kingdom Living. As a Kingdom son or daughter, we must realize that everything we need is available to us in the Kingdom. Where there is no Hope, you will find your place of assignment.
  • 11. Hope Brings New SeasonBeloved, Hope causes the Blood Covenant of Jesus to put you into a new season in your assignment. Hope ushers in Kingdom influence into your life, and causes your season to be enlarged."Where there is no Hope, the Glory of God is not found."
  • 12. Hope is not Lost Beloved, there are many voices in this world that show that Hope is a lost art of our daily speech. As well, there are many who think that the earth is doomed and all therein. However, I know I am speaking today to someone who wants to be a voice of Hope.
  • 13. Be a Kingdom Son and Daughter Today Release Heaven intothe Earth and have faith that HOPE is at work for you today. Allow the Law of Hope to be a Kingdom Government in Your Life through your declarations.
  • 14. Hope CanChange Nations Hope can change a Nation in ONE DAY and LEAD a Nation to Kingdom Reality.
  • 15. Hope is JusticeHope brings Divine Justice and Judgement against all the areanas in life that oppose this Kingdom Law and Government for Sons and Daughters.
  • 16. Enemies of Hope BowWhen the Kingdom of Heaven is released....the enemies and insurgents against HOPE bow at the Glory of God revealed.
  • 17. Hope is a Contract As a Kingdom Son and Daughter, you have a contract with God, through the Blood of Jesus, that "Heaven can be released and all its resources in your situation, yourIt is final and it is finished! family, your city, your"Hope is a legal contract thathas been purchased for each work, your nation,Kingdom Son and Daughter to and more."bring you into Kingdom Covenantthrough the Blood of Jesus."
  • 18. Thank You For Visiting TodayBeyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Sister Lara @Kingsoft_Office kingsoftstore