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I Shall Arise Wanda Brannon


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Through the many trials of life you can be an over comer if you make up your mind that you are going to make it standing on the Promises of God's Word. Sister Wanda also shares her personal …

Through the many trials of life you can be an over comer if you make up your mind that you are going to make it standing on the Promises of God's Word. Sister Wanda also shares her personal testimony of over coming obstacles in her life. Great ready by Wanda Brannan. 5 Thumbs up !

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  • 1. I Shall Arise“I have made up my mind that I am going to make it.” Wanda Brannon 1
  • 2. Copyright All Rights Reserved † Published by Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries International2
  • 3. I Shall Arise“I have made up my mind that I am going to make it.” Wanda Brannon 3
  • 4. Contact Sister Wanda Electronic Email Face Book Wanda Brannon4
  • 5. Table of Contents God Healed My Eye…6God Will Uphold You…8 Overcoming Faith…12 Hold On…16 Get Over It…19 Rise and Shine…27 Be Encouraged…38 5
  • 6. God Healed My EyeIt is good to see you againSharing, and God bless youroom. It has been a long time, asI know quite of few of you inhere. Since I have seen you lasttime I have had laser surgery onmy right eye, thank God, as I wasblind about a month and a halfago until the month of August.God had them fix my eye andthank God, I am no longer legallyblind in my right eye, and I have6
  • 7. been that way all my life. God isan awesome God. I had came toa place of surrender in my life,and I got to a place where I toldthe Lord, “Whether You allowmy eye to be restored or not I amgoing to worship and serveYou.” 7
  • 8. God Will Uphold YouSometimes, God wants to see ifyou are going to worship Him inspite of your circumstances. Alot of people serve God for whatthey can get out of Him; there area lot of people who are just in itto get what they get forthemselves, and they are not in itfor a relationship. They are notin it to get to know Him andserve God for what they want. Itis so important that we worship8
  • 9. Him in Spirit and Truth, asworship is a lifestyle, as we allsaid earlier. It is a life ofdedication day in and day out;you worship with your liferegardless of how you feel.There are things that havehappened to me today that I amnot going to dwell on. I havemade up my mind that I amgoing to make it. I have fallen,but when you fall and youstumble you pick yourself up. It 9
  • 10. says, “Though the righteousman falls seven times yet theLord will uphold him.” I don’tcare how many times youstumble you get right back upbecause you are running in a raceyou stay in the race and you donot deviate, and you do notdetour. That is what the enemywants you to do and he wantsyou deviate to get your focus offthe prize. Our prize is the LordJesus Christ as Paul said, ―Icount it all joy.‖ Everything is10
  • 11. going to come against you to takeaway that joy. He is going tosteal everything you got! I said,“God I don’t feel like speakingand I do not feel like doinganything.” You have to get pastwhat you feel, as it is not a walkof feeling it is a walk of faith.It is not biased on what you feellike or what you do not feel like,as everything you have done is tobe added to the step of faith. 11
  • 12. Overcoming FaithThe Lord told me the other day,“Overcome.” To overcome is totake this step of faith. There aretimes you do not feel like takingsteps but you do it by putting onefoot in front of the other. You doit as an action of the Spirit inyour will, which is what He toldme. He said, ―As an act of yourwill that is a type of worship.‖ Inever saw it like that, and I neverrealized that when you did12
  • 13. something just because God tellsyou to, not because you wantyou—I am not saying you can’tfeel God’s presence. There aretimes when I feel it but not toseek my own will. There aretimes when I want to be in theShekinah. But, He says, “I Amwith you and I will never leaveyou or forsake you.‖ We havegot to take Him at His Wordwhether we feel Him or not. Ihad to get to that place that I maynever feel Your presence in this 13
  • 14. life, I am going to serve Youbecause I love You and Yourpromises are yes and amen, andYou are a Faithful witness.He has brought me through andHe has taught me how to trust.So many times I wanted to feel,but you know, sometimes youhave to literally hold onto thatWord for dear life. It is like theSpirit of God spoke to me andsaid, “Daughter you are to holdonto that word for dear life.” It14
  • 15. is your life! The Word of God isnigh thee even in your mouth, theWord of faith, which we speak,that is your life. That is what theHoly Ghost told me. That is mylife and He said, “You havefinally got it.” 15
  • 16. Hold OnYou got to hold onto God’sWord because He is the LivingWord; the Written Word, theWord. The Lord said, ―It is timeyou seek the Word of the Lordbecause He is the Living Word.‖He is in our hearts by faith, andthe Word of God is alive. Thereare people that make religion outof the Bible, now hear me, don’tshut me off, –and hear what I amsaying. There is people and say16
  • 17. that is all you need. I am notagainst the Bible, don’t get mewrong. I love God’s writtenWord. You see Jesus talkedabout the Pharisees and theScribes who put their trust in theTorah, but the Torah spoke ofHim. He was the Word that theWord was speaking about and Heis that Living Word that is on theinside of us. Many people do notsee that, and that is why we haveto trust. I feel the Anointing nowbecause I am obeying Him and a 17
  • 18. lot of times I do not feel Himuntil I step out of my comfortzone in spite of how I feel or I donot feel.18
  • 19. Get Over ItI did not plan to preach, Sharing,this was not on my heart to dothis tonight. I came in Pal Talkbeing low and God said, “Getover it! Get past it! Get overyour flesh and serve Meanyway.” When you are in anArmy you are a private, orwhatever decree you are, youalways have someone over you.How many of us know that theLord Jesus Christ is the 19
  • 20. Commander and Chief, as whatHe says goes. It is not a time toreason and question as,sometimes, obeying God’s Wordmay say that you might get to theplace, days, weeks and months tojust obey God will be thedifference between Life or Death.That is how serious it is and weneed to receive the Word of Godwith joy. Even if you do not feelit reach out by faith until it ismanifested as that is what it isgoing to take to stand upon His20
  • 21. promises. We sing that song,“Standing on the promises ofChrist my King” you know thesong. Now we are going to haveto start living what we sing, asmany times it has just been songsto us. Do you know what I amsaying in the room? Hellodaughter of Zion, and differentones as I was under another nickRejoiceInJoy and LarrysAngelsometimes. 21
  • 22. Sometimes you have to stand,and having all you have done tostand. We have to learn to useour weapons, are not play toys.When you have done all you canyou stand on God’s Word, takehold of God’s Word, and let itbecome alive, and let it becomethat Rhema. It is no longer timeto play with swords. It is nolonger time to play with theweapons of our warfare, whichare not carnal but Mighty in Godto the pulling down of22
  • 23. strongholds. (1 Corinthians10:4)One time I was looking at a BibleI had and it had a picture of asword on it Sharing; the Spiritspoke to me and He said,“Wanda for the time being youhave been playing with theWord. He said I Am going toteach you how to skillfully usethe Word.” What He wasteaching me was that I was goingto learn how to yield to the Spirit 23
  • 24. to where He can speak HisWords through me; that it wouldnot be my words or something Icould figure up, work up, orconjure up. It would besomething that would come outof my inner most being. He hassomething inside of you, theHoly Ghost got a platform to goon, and it is going to make adifference. I can’t emphasis thatthere is going to come a time thatwe are going to have listen toeverything He says and24
  • 25. obedience is going to be a key. Islipped and fell today because Idisobeyed God in something. Icould have let it stop me; believeyou me if the enemy would havehad his way, I would have beenstopped. ―Do you hear me what Iam saying?‖ We do not give anyplace to give the enemy. It is nottime to give place. You do notgive ground to the enemy andyou do not give the enemy achance. 25
  • 26. Joshua told us that when weconquer an enemy we put ourfeet our feet on the neck of ourenemies and you do not evengive them any lead way. This ishow you stand in God. If you somuch even open, you have heardthe old cliché, “Give the enemyan inch he will take a mile.”You have got to be alert this dayand hour because you’re enemyis working too. That is why it isso important to be about theFather’s business. The Lord is26
  • 27. not telling you these words to bewasted, “Watch and pray.” 27
  • 28. Rise and ShineJesus says, “Rise and shine andbe alert. The Spirit is indeedwilling but the body is weak.”He knows what He is talkingabout; He knows that your fleshis no match for the devil. Heknows that your spirit wants toobey Him and we can’t giveground to our flesh and allow itto have its way.I had to pray a prayer ofsubmission, in another room, and28
  • 29. release some things to God.There is always going to besomething God is going to showyou. The more you get closer tothe Lord the more He is going toshow you things. He is going toreveal things in your heart andyour life, holiness, as God is theGod of holiness. I do not meanjust a dress code; I am talkingabout holiness from the insideand out. Holiness of heart is thatHoly Fire which is going to causeyou to know that the closer you 29
  • 30. get to the altar and that incenseand your prayers becomesincense in Psalm 146, “Let myevening prayer be offered untoYou” as the evening prayer isincense. When you offer up yourprayers to God He sees theprayers and He sees the cries ofthe heart; He sees the hands liftedup that offering unto Him. Thoseprayers are not wasted. Thoseprayers are heard and the Fathersees them and He takes thoseprayers.30
  • 31. The enemy is going to try to tellyou that your prayers do notmean anything, “He is lying.”God is very much involved inyour prayers, I don’t know He ishaving me share this Sharing; Heknows the prayers and the heartof your cries. The enemy of yoursouls going to try to tell you,―God never heard. I don’t care.‖God cares very, very much, veryvery much. More then you caneven realize, and my cat isagreeing with me. 31
  • 32. God has brought me a long way,sis, since I have seen you. I havebeen through some fiery fires,but you know what, I welcome itbecomes He is doing a work inme. I wanted to continue….theflesh cries, trust me. The flesh ishaving a fit. Who says that fleshis important? You can neverplease God in the flesh; only byfaith can you please God.I love this teaching aboutworship, and I had to get out of32
  • 33. my comfort zone. I had to get topast me to let God be God. I amencouraged tonight; I have threefingers back in me. Thismessage has blessed me, and I donot know if it has blessed you allbut it has blessed me. We haveto rise above the thoughts, ―Imay have failed and stumbledbut the Lord picked me up.” Ibegan to tell God what is goingon with me; I begin to apologizeand make it right, and you knowquickly repent when you realize 33
  • 34. you do not lay in the self pity anddon’t lay there and wallow in themire. Get right up and know thatwe are in a race. We get weary,we get tired, and we stumble. Ifyou have someone to help youalong the way, Praise God.Stand right up! That is right!Bounce right back. If you don’tthe enemy of your soul is goingto pounce in because he islooking for an advantage.34
  • 35. You have to be wiser then theenemy in this day and hour, thatis what God says, “Watch andpray.” We have to be alert.You got to be alert! You have tohave eagle eyes in this day andhour. You have to see ahead oftime. Yes He does. You see Icould have wallowed in this self-pity, and I could have felt sorryfor myself. I have to admit I feltsorry for myself several hourstoday and the Lord said to me, 35
  • 36. ―Be honest and be transparentbefore My people.‖ I was givingmyself a real good pity party. Iwas not hurting anyone but me.Of course, I could hear theenemy in the backgroundlaughing and I know he wasenjoying it. God gave me thegrace to get through it.36
  • 37. This is the day and the hour thatyou have to shake yourself.What are the chains and shacklesthat are holding you back? Whatis causing you to lay there, andwhat is holding you down? Yougot to shake it off. (Prays in theSpirit.) 37
  • 38. Be EncouragedWhat is holding you down?“Though a righteous man fallsyet the Lord will uphold them.”There is a scripture God gave mewhen I first came to Him. I donot know if God has ever givenyou a scripture when you are ababy scripture, but God gave meMicah the seventh chapter verseseven through nine, “Rejoice notagainst oh my enemy when I fallI shall arise.”38
  • 39. When I fall I shall arise. In otherwords the Lord is saying in ourmodern day language don’t yousit there and laugh at me devil forthe Lord is going to raise me.When I fall I shall arise, as I donot remember all the scripturebut I shall arise. That is faithspeaking. We are getting back tofaith again, sis. That is faithspeaking. I shall arise!! Thewidow woman told Elijah, ―All iswell.‖ You have got to bespeaking faith. Some one told 39
  • 40. me today that I was negative.Oh! I had a problem with it.When you are in your flesh youare negative, but when you are inthe Spirit you are positive. Youare positive because it is not youthat is speaking but the Holy Oneinside of you that is speaking. Itis no longer Wanda talking but itis Him. I want to live like that allthe time but I am weaksometimes and I stray, and Istumble but I am getting closerand closer to Him. I am getting40
  • 41. closer to the Throne, and youknow what the closer you comethe more undone I see myself. Isee His Holiness reveals things inmy heart not for condemnation.He does not show me things toput me under condemnation asHe shows me things to clean meup by His gentle Spirit. He goesin me and He does the work.Don’t be afraid for the Lord toshow you things in your life, anddon’t be afraid when He wants togets closer. This same Lord that 41
  • 42. shows you what has beenrevealed is the same Lord thatwill cleanse you and make itright in you.That is what we need. Here isthe microphone back, thank yousis.42
  • 43. NOTES: 43