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The Glorious Church The Powerful Church Part Two Prophet Ronald
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The Glorious Church The Powerful Church Part Two Prophet Ronald


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This is an audio message that was translated into text for Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries, Live Voice Conference. Prophet Ronald Flowers shares Part Two of the "The Glorious Church, the Powerful …

This is an audio message that was translated into text for Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries, Live Voice Conference. Prophet Ronald Flowers shares Part Two of the "The Glorious Church, the Powerful Church" we pray it is a blessing to you today!

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. The Glorious Church: Part Two “The Powerful Church” “What I tell you in secret say to the light and that which is whispered in your ears proclaim upon the roof tops.” Matthew 10:27 (KJV) Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Prophet Ronald H Flowers Volume Sixteen 1
  • 2. Provided by Creative Commons You have selected the Attribution-Noncommercial- No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. This license is permanently located at 2
  • 3. About These pages are written in text from our Live Voice meetings located on the Pal Talk server. These pages have not been edited as the writings were written the way the sermon from the Word of God was ministered. The name of our voice conference is called Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries. Join us for relevant kingdom messages that have birthed from the Secret Place, along with relevant prophetic worship for greater intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Time Our scheduled times of meetings are Saturday evenings 10pm EST. For those of you that are overseas, we are from the United States of America so set your clocks! 3
  • 4. Book Mark to Join Join us!! You will be glad you did! ClipArt All clipart in these pages are from open domain 4
  • 5. Face Book If these pages are a blessing to you, and you would like to connect more with Sister Lara we are now on Face Book! After many years on dial up we have finally graduated to high speed Internet, which allows us to be connected with more of the Family of God. Simply add us to your wall by using my personal email address located below. Power Talk If you are visually impaired and have downloaded this PDF into your Microsoft PowerPoint viewer, you can use a free tool called Power Talk, which is a free text to speech program. 5
  • 6. The Glorious Church: Part One Is now available for our listeners and online communities. English Flowers Spanish Audio is available as you read and share these free books. The link is there for you to follow along and listen as you read. Our sister site to these booklets can be found at: ronald-flowers 6
  • 7. 7
  • 8. The Glorious Church: Part Two “The Powerful Church” “What I tell you in secret say to the light and that which is whispered in your ears proclaim upon the roof tops.” Matthew 10:27 (KJV) Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Prophet Ronald H Flowers Volume Sixteen 8
  • 9. Contact Information Prophet Ronald H Flowers Listen as you read along: RonaldFlowers Learn more about Prophet Ronald H Flowers New Blog: Author and Publisher Prophetic Insight Magazine Electronic Mail 9
  • 10. Table of Contents Chapter One: The Glorious Church, The Powerful Church………………..11 Chapter Two: Who is This?…………18 Chapter Three: Questions & Answers…….21 Thank You….30 10
  • 11. Chapter One The Glorious Church: Part Two Mark 16:15-20 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with [them], and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” I want you to know today’s church is a church that will follow with signs and wonders!! God’s power!! God’s power!! Is being manifested to the church. Not only is it a glorious church!! It is a powerful church!! It is a church that is manifesting, and causing 11
  • 12. you to see the power of God! This is what we should be doing today; and demonstration—not just talking about the power. See? Too long we have been talking about what the church should be doing, and what the church ‘was doing’ but we need to begin to talk about the church, and the power being manifested, and being shown this power as never before. So…we, you know, as you look into the Book of Acts. See, we are talking about signs following. If you are ministering the Word and you are doing your part God is going His part!! God is going to show up!! God is going to manifest His power!! You know. Uh…this starts in the third chapter of Acts. 12
  • 13. Acts 3:1,2 “Now Peter and John went up together into the temple at the hour of prayer, [being] the ninth [hour]. And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful.” Now, I wish you could understand and get this scene. Everyday they brought this man to the gate of Beautiful, and he sat there and he begged for alms. Now, uh, uh, as the story goes Peter and John was going up to the temple to pray. This man, um, asked for alms and begging for finances. He was thinking, “I can’t make a living. I can’t go out and work. I am sitting here asking you to have Mercy. I am sitting here with everyone that is passing me to give me something. Let me to be able to buy something for myself.” But, Peter said unto him—in verse four, “And Peter fastened his eyes upon him with John and looked on us.” Now, that is what we as the church need to start saying to the world!! “Look on us!! We have the answer!! We have the solution!! You need to look on us!!!” Because, the power of God in us is ready to manifest itself!! The power of God in us is ready to 13
  • 14. reveal itself. We are not on the glorious church!! We are the powerful church!! We want to show forth the power, and show forth who Jesus is! I am tired of the historical church!! I am tired of the church that is filled with doctrine! I am tired of the church that is dead and nothing is happening! It is time for the powerful church to begin to manifest itself! So, when the powerful church begins to manifest people are going to come and see what is going on. People are going to come to see what is happening. Here, Peter says, “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I unto thee.” My question is, “What is it that the church has?? What is it that is being manifested in the church?” Such as I have give I unto thee!! “What did Peter have??” He had the power of God!! He had the manifestation of God in his ministry. We as the church, we need to begin to demonstrate! That is why we are going out and laying hands on the people. That is why we are praying for people. That is why we are ministering to people even in this room. Because we know the power of God is going to show up and is going to show off!! God is going to manifest Himself to the church!! It is time, that we become the church! Stop just coming together and saying the Apostles Creed and nothing is happening. We are talking about a doctrine, we are arguing with one another, and nothing is happening. It is time that the power of God begins to show up!! That the sick begin to get healed! The crippled begin to get 14
  • 15. delivered. Those with diseases begin to get set free. “Why?” Because this is the powerful church! “Silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I unto thee.” In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk!! It is time to do something! It is time to be manifested! It is time to show forth the power of God! Oh!! The situations around you!! The situations that you are facing! I want you to know that the power of God in you is able to speak into the situation!! And you can have a terrible situation! I know it looks dead!! I know it looks like nothing is going to happen, but I speak Life!! I speak Life to my situation! Ha!! I speak Life to my finances!! I speak Life to my body!! Rise up and walk!! You got to do something here!! Oh! My God!! You might be on your sickbed! The devil might tell you there is no hope, and there is no way out. But! I want you to know!! As you begin to speak the power the God, and as you begin to speak the Word of God saying, “ I am going to rise up from here! I am going to get up!! Jesus!! My God!! Oh!! My God!!! God is going to manifest your word. Now, now, now, let me slow down for a moment. If you don’t say nothing, you want have nothing. I…I…hope you caught that. That might have been a small revelation but it is a powerful one. If you don’t say nothing, nothing is going to happen. If you say 15
  • 16. nothing, you have nothing. But, if you begin to speak the Word of God just as Peter did! Peter said, “Silver and gold have I none!” I don’t have any money to give you. I don’t know what happened! Peter said, “Silver and gold have I none.” But, I have what you need!! I have more then silver and gold!! I have the power of God! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk! He spoke the Word, and as he spoke the Word the scripture says, “His ankle bones and his leg bones get strength!” He didn’t just walk, as he began to leap!! It is when you begin to speak the Word of God your situation begins to take strength. Speak to your finances, say, “God! I know this is a hard economic time but I am going to speak Life to my finances. I am going speak Life to my body! I am going to speak Life to my sons and daughters! God is going to bring forth His power! And He is going to manifest Himself! He is going to show us who we are!” My, my, my, God! It is time that the church becomes the powerful church!! Manifest the power of God! Oh!! I want you to know!! When the power of God begins to be manifested in your life and the power of God begins to manifest in your ministry— people are coming from the north!! People are coming from the south!! People are coming from the east and the west! They are going to want to know what is it that you 16
  • 17. have. What is it that you got?? I don’t have that! I want the power of God!! I want to see God!! I want to see God manifest Himself. Ohhhh!! To many of us is laying on the roadside and we are dying! We are telling the world, “I don’t know if I can make it! I don’t if anything is going to happen! But, it is when we begin to speak Life, ha! and we say we refuse to die!! This is not what God promised! This is not the promise of God!! I dare you to begin to speak LIFE!! LIFE to your body!! LIFE to your grandchildren! Ha!! LIFE to your children!! Ha!! LIFE to you husband!!! Ha! LIFE to your wife!! Speak LIFE to the situation!! I know everyone in the city is laid off, but God can supernaturally begin to supply what you need! God can supernaturally, ha, begin to meet your needs as you begin to speak the Word! There is a miracle…oh! My God! Don’t let me go there!! There is a miracle in your mouth. There is a miracle in your mouth. You have to begin to speak the Word of God, declare, and prophesy the things that you desire! 17
  • 18. Chapter Two Who is This? Oh! I am reminded! I am trying to be short tonight. But, I am reminded of David. David’s father said, “Take some food up to your brothers and to the Captain of the Host.” When he got there he found Goliath. Goliath was cursing the army of God. David starting asking, “Who is this?? That has defiled and spoke against the army of God?” He said, “David be quiet! You are not capable!! You are not ready to fight!!” But David said, “Let me tell you a story!! Let me tell you what happened. The lion came. The bear came. I smote the lion and the bear!” Goliath will be just like one of them. Ah! But David, when he begin to go up against Goliath we know the story. He begin to speak Goliath. Goliath, I don’t have a sword in my hand but I am going to cut off your head. Ha! Goliath! I know you might be a great warrior! But, I come not in my name, but in the name of the Lord. Ha! We know the story! That David took a slingshot. Here is this great warrior Goliath who is covered from head to toe. He won many battles, but here is this little boy coming out against him with a slingshot. But, see it wasn’t the slingshot that done it. It was the words that David was speaking. He said, “I shall win! I shall cut you down! I shall beat you! Ha! In the name of the Lord! Ha!” 18
  • 19. When you begin to speak to your situation! Ha! When you begin to speak as the glorious church to your circumstances! Ha! “I am the church of God!! In me lays the power of God! When I need a situation God is going to bring its power! When I come against the devil! Ha! He is going to have to flee!” Greater is He that is in me, then He that is in the world. Ha!! Ah!! God’s power is in me! Ready to be manifested to the world!! That is why when I lay hands on the sick, they shall recover!! When I cast out devils they are going to leave! Ah! Ha! The devil should know! Ha! When you show up at church that somebody is going to get healed. When you come to church somebody is going to get delivered! Ha!! Why?? Because the power of God in YOU is being manifested. It is time that we become the powerful church!! We are already the glorious church. We need to be the powerful church. We need to manifest the power of God. In the name of Jesus Christ we thank You for all that You are doing. God, I speak to the church. The whole church world. Not just one country, but to the entire world. I speak that the power of God begins to be manifested in the church. God we show forth Your power! We show forth Your signs, wonders, and miracles and we call people in as we demonstrate the power people will begin to be saved. People will be 19
  • 20. delivered, healed, and brought closer to You because Your power is being demonstrated. We give You Glory and we give You praise and honor. Thank God! Amen! Sister Lara, I yield the microphone to you. 20
  • 21. Chapter Three Questions and Answers Live Conference Continues: Sister Lara: “Amen. Wow! Amen! Good to hear Prophet Ronald in the house. You know we, are the Glorious church! But, we are the Powerful Church! If you have not heard “The Glorious Church” we have that for you. Prophet Ronald has a book out called the “Glorious Church.” This book is available to our listeners for free. In one week I couldn’t believe the amount of people that read it on both mirror sites. Actually, in the first three or four days, you had almost three hundred people reading that book. It is a free book, and is made available to you by just simply clicking on the link in the top of the room. For all of those that are listening different sources, rather then the room, that we are in there is a little link that you can connect on called, “Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries.” 21
  • 22. When you click on that: This link will give you information how to contact us on Face Book. There we have information for you, along with fifteen-books. Three of them are being translated into Spanish. Prophet Ronald, your book the “Glorious Church” was translated into Spanish as well. It is reaching the whole Spanish community, what a blessing. So, we are looking forward to seeing “The Powerful Church” as part two of that message. But, what a powerful word! “We are the Powerful Church because of Christ in us the Hope of Glory.” In these Last Days, the Holy Spirit will present the Bride to be a carrier of God’s Glory to the earth. What a wonderful place to be in. What a wonderful time that we live in. Thank you brother Prophet, for your message. Father, I lift up Prophet Ronald to You tonight. I pray that there will be no backlash from the Word that was ministered tonight. Father, I pray that every work of the enemy that tries to steal and come take that Word, Father, I pray that it will be warded off through the Cross!! Through the resurrected power of Jesus! Through the Blood of 22
  • 23. Jesus. Father, I thank You that You are strengthening his body from ministering the Word. I thank You Father that You are giving strength into his body, and as he goes to preach that message tomorrow night at his church, Father, the hearers will be blessed to hear and they will receive in Jesus name. Thank You Father for meeting every word and every need that has been spoken here tonight. We give You thanks and we give You praise in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Prophet. Thank you for blessing us with that Word. Amen. I am going to get him back on the telephone here. God bless you Prophet. Thank you again in Jesus name.” Prophet Ronald: “Praise God. Praise God for what He is doing. I have one more thing I had forgotten about it. I forgot that I remembered. It is by faith. I seen the young lady that was missing for 200 something days.” (We had a previous prayer need from a listener who wanted prayer as her 17-year-old daughter had been missing for 212 days.) Sister Lara: “Did you? Tell us about that Prophet.” Prophet Ronald: “Yes, I seen her. She is in a place of bondage, but she is alive. Also, I seen God—somehow, um, the state police found out and understood what is happening 23
  • 24. and she became rescued. I am speaking that because I seen it and God spoke it to me. Amen. I said, Lord what is going to come to pass? What is happening? I know God is going to bring deliverance to this situation and she is going to be marvelously manifested with God.” Sister Lara: “Powerful ! What a blessing it is for God’s watchmen to be on the wall. We receive that in Jesus name. (Another member of our team posted the person’s name and prayer need back into the room during our Live Voice Conference, for those who just entered.) I think Shazray that was (Name not given for privacy reason) her daughter who had been missing for 212 days, and while we were praying Prophet Ronald was just now sharing that vision. What a blessing in Jesus name. We thank You Father. We thank You. We thank You in Jesus name for rescuing this girl. We give You praise and we give You glory in Jesus name. Yes, she was seventeen years old. Yes, Vera, that was right the name was correct. I believe she is a woman in Jesus name, Shazray. Hallelujah! Great Word tonight. What a blessing that Word is. You know Prophet the church really is a Glorious Church. The church really is a Powerful Church, if they would just get a hold of that revelation. I know as forerunners we are prophesying and declaring, and the Word of God shows that. “How can the church get to that place and really understand all that God has given to them? As we, 24
  • 25. prayer, as we prepare ourselves for this coming revival in this hour of Glory that God is going to reveal, how can we get prepared?” Prophet Ronald: “We ought to, we need to know who we are. We can’t be who we are until we know what you are. We need to begin to search the Bible and realize we are the Bride of Christ. God Himself is dwelling, ok; I don’t want to start preaching again. But, God Himself is dwelling in us. All that He is and ever will be will be manifested through us. We are too busy talking about how weak we are. We are too busy talking about I can’t make it. We are, I…I …can’t go through. Now, as long as I was talking about the sickness and how pain I was in, the devil was having a good time. But, when I begin to speak about God’s healing and God’s power. You all know that I was at the point of death. But, God changed it because I changed my words. When we as the church begin to talk like the church, it’s a marvelous thing that happens. The scriptures say, put on the whole Armour of God. Now, when we put on the whole Armour of God the Armour has been tried and tested by Jesus Christ. And the enemy don’t know who is in that army. All that the enemy knows is that he has seen that Armour before and it has defeated him. But, when we start talking like, ‘I don’t know if I can make. Oh! I am so broke, I can’t, I don’t know what to do.’ He is going to say, ‘Hold on! That isn’t Jesus in the Armour.’ But, see—we are Jesus manifested in the earth. And we need to begin to act like who we are. Ok! I got to let this good.” 25
  • 26. Sister Lara: “But, Prophet. Yes, we need to act like who we are and, and, we have to get this concept, this revelation it is Christ in us the HOPE of Glory. That is a powerful, powerful reality, um, that needs to be made to the Body of Christ. We are truly not defeated. We truly have overcome because of Christ in us the HOPE of Glory. But, you mentioned the Armour. You know, there are so many people that really do not understand what the Armour of God is. Um, maybe sometime you can share that, but,” Prophet Ronald: “The Armour, right quick. The Armour reveals the Secret Place. The problem is because we have not spent time with God, we really don’t know who we are. See, a son acts likes his father because he spends time with his father. Paul said, follow me…he said imitate me, act just like me. See, your children, I love my children when I was raising my children—they would act just like me. They would put on my shoes and my hat, my coat and say ‘I look like Daddy I am going to preach.’ See, when we spend time with our Father and we begin to imitate like Him we know who we are, and we begin to know how to act. My son would tell you that he is Ronald Flowers Jr. I am my Daddy’s son. ‘Does that make sense?’ We are the sons and daughters and children of God and we need to begin to act who we are.” 26
  • 27. Sister Lara: “Yeah, there is that word sonship again. Um, which we need more revelation on that. But, the bottom line is that we know that God is about to do something so wonderful, um, with His Bride in the earth. We are hearing it literally preached from the Nations of the world, about the coming revival and the glorious church. Um, the preparation of the Bride to be presented to the world. Um, the hour of Glory. But, Prophet like tonight, like the woman with the dream, and the dream I had earlier—even the dream that I had about Africa, and the White House I know there is betrayal in the midst. I know that the Body of Christ to really learn how to hear the Word of God, and how to get back into that secret place. Because, Prophet—you know, the Betrayer, he knows how to speak the Word. You know, as the church we know the Word but we can’t always discern if it is of God or not. We think that just because it is the Word being spoken that, you know, it is of God. What do you say to someone like that who is trying to prepare for this hour of Glory? How do you know that every word that is coming your way, even though it is coming from the Word of God sometimes it really isn’t God speaking to you? How do you discern God’s voice that way? Any, anything you can share?” 27
  • 28. Prophet Ronald: “My sheep knows My voice and no stranger they will not follow.” That is because, and..we..I know we choose standards over and over again and it seems like it is a copout to every question. But, it comes from being in the Secret Place. In the Secret Place you get to know the voice of Your Father. And, when someone begins to speak that is not from the voice of Your Father you will know right away. You know, they might be speaking great words. They might be quoting throughout the scriptures. You will know, and you will discern; you will understand what spirit they are speaking from. Now, often times when we say discern it actually is, the gift of discerning of spirits. We will understand what spirit they are and that spirit if it is not of God, we will be able to detect it. We will begin to say, like, um ‘Hold up! Just wait one moment!’ The Father is showing me that something is wrong. He might show you a dream. He may show you a vision. He may tell you through a spoken word. He is not going to let you be deceived because you are His sheep and you are going to know His voice. So, it is time, and I keep saying this over and over again—looks like every place I go lately, I am beginning to go and minister. My family does not want me to go out and minister yet because I don’t have my full strength, but it is the Secret Place. It’s getting to know God on a personal level. See, you can’t know God for me. I can’t know God for you. But, when you have that personal relationship, when God calls you by your name. Jesus. See, I, I was reading in the Book of Solomon, and um, we see, um, Solomon as a Book of Love—and it really is. It is both a physical and Spiritual side to it. But, the Beloved called her by her name. And, and, she was so in love because she wanted to hear the 28
  • 29. voice of her Lover. See, when we fall in Love with God all we want to do is hear His voice. No other voice can be satisfied because we will know that is not the voice of my Father. Ok. I have to stop.” Sister Lara: “Get’s back to intimacy with the Father. But, um, that is a great example, you that we can learn to know the voice of God. But, I am telling you there is, there is um, that is a powerful message because we are, um, empowered through Christ Jesus. We literally do have the keys; the Holy Spirit demonstrated that in prayer for almost three hours. He kept giving us keys to meet all the needs of three hours of solid prayer. We just took the keys to the kingdom: righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit and just continue to open those doors. We just continue to unlock those doors in prayer. That is important. The Secret Place. Not only praying for one another but giving back to the place, the place of intimacy with the Lord. But, Prophet, we are being prepared for the greatest end time harvest that we have ever seen literally on planet earth. I don’t speak that because someone has spoke that to me, but I know that the Holy Spirit has shown me in secret that there is a great harvest. He has shown me in secret about the coming hope that the church is about to walk into, and the favor and the crossing over. This is a powerful message that you shared. 29
  • 30. We pray this has been a blessing to you today! Pass them on! Get them all! 30
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