Basic Formation of Biblical Arts Syllabus


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Understanding the Scriptures is an online course to teach and empower students with the understanding and knowledge of the dominion of the new man in Christ. Faculty Instructor Pastor David Odunaiya with Sister Lara.

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Basic Formation of Biblical Arts Syllabus

  1. 1. Kingdom Dwellers Online SchoolUnderstanding theScripturesInstructor: Pastor David OdunaiyaCategory: Basic Formation of Biblical Arts & LeadershipKDI 102 • June 2013Pastor David • +44 7878 484162Course descriptionUnderstanding the Scriptures is an online course toteach and empower students with the understandingand knowledge of the dominion of the new man inChrist.Course objectivesThe purpose of this course is to impart the student withthe knowledge on how to understand the Word of God,and how to make their study life bear fruits in theirdaily lives of the activation of the new man in Christ.Pre RequirementsStudent enrollment: enrollment: NeededBibleNotebookInternet AccessWindows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows8Grading Scale94-100 A90-93 A-87-89 B+84-86 B80-83 B-77-79 C+74-76 C70-73 C-<70 RVoice Text Chat AuditoriumSKYPE-Dominion2510Week 1OpenEnrollment● Introduction to the Scriptures● Class materials review● Brief History of the Bible● The Old Testament● Jesus comments on the Scriptures● Assignment/Quiz/TestExtra Notes: We will be meeting in Voice Chat Auditorium forour first class, on SKYPE.Week 2OpenEnrollment● What are the Scriptures?● Topic: Define● Topic: Diversities● The Scripture as the Word of God● The Written Word● The Word Became Flesh● Other names of the Scriptures● Assignment/Quiz/TestWeek 3OpenEnrollment● The Divine Author● The Inspirations of the Holy Spirit● The Person of the Holy Spirit● Assignment/Quiz/Test● Text Chat AuditoriumExtra Notes: Volunteer Requirement is 1 hour this week.Week 4OpenEnrollment● The Benefits of Searching theScriptures● The Reward of Obedience● Benefits of Studying the Word ofGod● Assignment/Quiz/Test
  2. 2. Text Chat Auditorium courses are free. However, there will be times thatinstructors will request purchase of their booksthrough Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account oryou are financially challenged request to do volunteerwork with the Instructor of each class. Volunteer workconsists of 1-2 hours a week in your own time, andflexible to your business work day schedules.CovenantThis is a Covenant between you and the Instructor ofeach course that you are dedicated to these lessons inthe Spirit of Excellence. Upon completion of this FiveWeek Course you will receive a certificate ofcompletion. If you desire to be ordained throughBeyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries all courses arerequired.OrdainedBeing ordained upon completion of all the coursesmeans that you have been called by God to go forth inministry and the laying on of hands by the presbytery isa confirmation to the believer in what God has alreadyassigned you to do for His kingdom. Fees forordainment have been waived, and is totally free.Week 5OpenEnrollment● How to Search the Scriptures● The Allegory of the Gospels● The Parable of the Lost Coin● The Hidden Treasure Parable● Topic: Seeing Jesus in Scripture