Are You a Samuel or Samson with Prophet Ronald H Flowers

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You cannot fulfill your assignment or finish your destiny with the full measure of God's grace in the wrong place. Prophet Ronald speaks about insightful revelations to fullfilling your destiny in God …

You cannot fulfill your assignment or finish your destiny with the full measure of God's grace in the wrong place. Prophet Ronald speaks about insightful revelations to fullfilling your destiny in God through the Life of Samuel and Samson. Great read! Simple! Crisp! Clean !

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  • 1. Are You Samuel or Samson? “You cannot fulfill your assignment orfinish your destiny with the full measure of Gods grace in the wrong place.” Prophet Ronald H. Flowers1|Page
  • 2. All Rights Reserved @ Copyright Ronald H. Flowers Prophetic Insight Ministries International2|Page
  • 3. Are You Samuel or Samson? “You cannot fulfill your assignment orfinish your destiny with the full measure of Gods grace in the wrong place.” Prophet Ronald H. Flowers3|Page
  • 4. Contact Information Face Book Ronald H. Flowers Electronic Email Ustream ronald-h-flowers-prophetic-insight- ministries-international4|Page
  • 5. Table of Contents Completing Your Assignment..6 Your Success or Failure…10Understanding Your Place of Your Assignment…14 Integrity of Ministry…29 The Spirit of Excellence…345|Page
  • 6. Completing Your AssignmentI intend to help you take a closerlook at what spirit is operating inyou through these writings.Samson operated in the spirit ofrebellion and Samuel in the spiritof obedience.You would be surprised at thenumber of Samson’s we have in theChurch today.6|Page
  • 7. Samuel and Samson were bothjudges in Israel. Samson begins todo the work of God and nevercompletes his assignment.Samuel, on other hand,understands his assignment, andfulfills it all the days of his life.One was a man who fulfills thedesires of his flesh; the othersomeone who fulfills the desires ofGod.7|Page
  • 8. Samson and Samuel both have thefavor of God right from their birth.An angel who gives the necessarydetails concerning his birth andfuture visits Samson’s parents.Samuel’s birth happens because ofa woman’s desire for a child.Therefore, God performs the wordsof the high priest, and the womangives birth to a child as afulfillment of God promise.8|Page
  • 9. Each of them gets married, onewithin the will of God, and theother outside His will. The personyou choose to marry can determineif the will of God will be carriedout in your life.Let me explain: Samuel hears thevoice of God even from his youth.Therefore, he was willing to notonly hear, but also follow thedirections of God. Samson startsby being disobedient to the word ofGod concerning his marriage.9|Page
  • 10. Your Success or FailureThe requirement was to marrysomeone from the tribe of Israeland hence marries someone whoonly satisfies the desires of hiseyes. “Get her for me, for she isall right in my eyes” (Judges 14:3AB). She may look great, have allthe things, but is she the personwho will help you follow the graceof God that is placed upon yourlife.10 | P a g e
  • 11. He may have a six-pack stomach,tall, dark and handsome (orwhatever you prefer), but is he theone God has chosen for you or theone you have chosen for yourself.Is the person you are marryinghelping you carry out theassignment that has been given toyou?Right from the very beginning, wesee Samson following the desires ofhis flesh.11 | P a g e
  • 12. On his wedding day, his bridemanipulates him to tell her thesecret of the riddle and hebecomes angry and leaves her.Your personality can determineyour success or failure. Do youhave control over your temper; doyou become angry every timesomething does not go your way?Samson, after he calms down, getsback to get his wife, only to findthat she has been given to his12 | P a g e
  • 13. companion -- because he marriessomeone outside the covenant ofGod. Now he tears up his unlawfulmarriage with his bad temper andselfish attitude.Finding that his wife had beengiven to another man, he becomesangry and revengeful and burnsdown the Philistines’ crops. Hereis a man who can kill a lion with hisbare hands, but has no control overhis desires or temperament.13 | P a g e
  • 14. Understanding Your Place of YourAssignmentThe grace that God has placedupon you has a lot to do with yourassignment. You may be preachingand teaching powerful revelationfrom God to the wrong people.You cannot fulfill your assignmentor finish your destiny with the fullmeasure of Gods grace in thewrong place. Remember whenJesus went to his hometown He14 | P a g e
  • 15. could not perform any greatmiracles there. He was able toheal a few sick people, but couldnot to do ministry there becausefor the people there, Jesus wasjust another hometown boy andnot the Son of God. This was notJesus’ place to fulfill Hisassignment.I remember a minister fromMinneapolis who considered thecity as his place of training anddevelopment.15 | P a g e
  • 16. He then moves to Chicago and hisministry explodes. You may havethe right ministry, but are you inthe right place? Samson goes downto Gaza, the Spirit of the Lordcomes upon him, and he carriesaway the doors of the city, thegates, and the posts. This placebecomes his entrapment becauseonce again he fulfills the desire ofhis flesh. You cannot fulfill yourassignment walking in the desiresof your own will and being in a16 | P a g e
  • 17. place where God has not assignedyou.Delilah is more than just abeautiful woman; it is the spirit ofthe enemy to destroy yourpurpose, wreck your destiny, andstop the flow of your anointing.Delilah comes in many differentforms; it could be a male orfemale. Pride or selfishness,desire or vanity, Delilah can onlyshow up when you are out of the17 | P a g e
  • 18. place of your God-givenassignment. Delilah is interestedin just one thing -- where yourstrength lies.I am going to equate Samson’sstrength with his anointing. Satanis only after one thing -- to destroyyour God-given potential.18 | P a g e
  • 19. Therefore, if you are out of yourplace, the enemy will do whateverit takes to kill your destiny, souryour assignment, and disconnectyou from the grace that God hadplaced upon your life.We now see Samson’s strip of hisGod-given strength (anointing).They literally bored out his eyes.Can you imagine someone with aprophetic anointing that cannotsee? All this happens in my opinion19 | P a g e
  • 20. because he was only interested insatisfying the desires of his flesh,having a spirit of anger. How manyblind prophetic ministries are inoperation today? This can apply toany of the five-fold ministry. Ihave to give Samson credit for onething; he did eventually find hisway back.Just look at what he lostunnecessarily because of the manyissues he did not deal with in his20 | P a g e
  • 21. life. Are you grinding at the wheelof the enemy? This is your time toturn it around, and ask God torestore all that you have lost. Youmust deal with every ungodly anduncontrolled habit in your life.God I pray you give them one morechance.Let us look at a very different paththat Samuel takes. He firstbecomes skillful in learning to hear21 | P a g e
  • 22. the voice of God. This requiredrelationship, finding that secretplace where God shares his wisdomand knowledge with you. Let uslook at what the Scripture saysabout Samuel. "Samuel grew; theLord was with him and let none ofhis words fall to the ground and allIsrael from Dan to Beersheba knewthat Samuel was established to bea prophet of the Lord.” 1 Samuel3: 19 -2022 | P a g e
  • 23. First, he grew or in other words, hematured physically, spiritually, andemotionally. I will not spend a lotof time here. This needs to betaught more often. In order to befully equipped for ministry, youneed to mature in all three ofthese areas. What good is it if youhave spiritual understanding but isemotionally immature? You maybe physically fit, but your spirit orthe Spirit of God that is within you23 | P a g e
  • 24. does not control your body. Youwill easily fall a prey to the enemy.Therefore, you need to grow anddevelop in all three areas.I think it is pretty well understoodthat whatever type of ministry youhave, it is important to developyour relationship with the Lord.How many times have I seen giftedpeople who lack relationship? Yourgifting can only take you so far,relationship will keep you in the24 | P a g e
  • 25. proper place that you need to be.There are many things that can bediscussed about the developmentof ministry, as well personaldevelopment. Advancement or theloss of progress can be just in theway a person conduct himself orherself. Do you have goodmanners; are you courteous toother people? I know that is old-fashioned, but because I knowsome of these principles, I havefound favor with other people,25 | P a g e
  • 26. which otherwise I would not have.“And the Lord continued to appearin Shiloh, for the Lord revealedHimself to Samuel in Shiloh throughthe word of the Lord.” (1 Samuel3: 21) Samuel’s life is differentbecause he was in the right placehe had to continue visitation ofGod’s presence. Notice, “For theLord revealed Himself”. When youare in the right place, doing theright things, at the right time, you26 | P a g e
  • 27. can expect God to reveal himselfto you.The establishing of the ministry ishow you walk it out before thepeople you serve. Some want tobe an overnight wonder and end upbeing a lifetime blunder. Do notworry about people addressing youby your title. They will be able tosee your calling by the way youminister and conduct your life. Ihave people who honor me because27 | P a g e
  • 28. of my lifestyle; they may notnecessarily understand my callingand ministry. They understandthat I am honorable man. Theestablishing of ministry does nothappen overnight, but someoneneeds to see the quality of God inyour everyday lifestyle.28 | P a g e
  • 29. Integrity of MinistryThe quality (integrity) of ministryis who you are outside the churchand in the church. Ministry isestablished first in your lifestyle,within your family, yourcommunity, and in your church.It is very important to understandyour assignment and the place thatGod has called you. BecauseSamuel understood this place, he29 | P a g e
  • 30. was always able to operate on theproper level of authority. Thatmay explain, how he could go frombeing a judge of Israel, to being anintercessor. He was able to gofrom one wave to the next andnever missed the will of God.When Israel desired to be ruled bya king, he understands that hisassignment and ministry to thepeople of Israel would be different.He was able to catch the nextwave of God concerning his life and30 | P a g e
  • 31. ministry. He was able to anointthe king, move out of his place as ajudge of Israel and became theintercessor and advisor to the king.Sometimes when Father Godchanges the order of things people,get lost in the change. Maybe theLord has called you to a particularcity to minister and you havefulfilled your assignment there.Now the Lord is directing you to adifferent ministry altogether.31 | P a g e
  • 32. Sometimes we are stuck in oneplace, doing one thing the sameway. We become unable to catchthe next wave of God. Thisgenerally happens when we do nothave a close relationship with theLord. I do not wish to keeprepeating myself, but it isimportant to know when Godchanges your assignment and to goon and do the next thing.32 | P a g e
  • 33. Are you seeing the differencebetween the spirit of Samuel andthe spirit of Samson? Which one ofthese men is being seen in yourlife? Can people say or can you sayof yourself that I see the spirit ofSamuel, or maybe the spirit ofSamson.33 | P a g e
  • 34. The Spirit of ExcellenceIt is time for the spirit ofexcellence to be manifested inyour life and through the talents,which God has given you. Behonest with yourself and knowwhat spirit is being manifested inyour life. So, are you Samson orSamuel -- the choice is yours.34 | P a g e
  • 35. Notes:35 | P a g e