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Digital Marketing 101


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  • Post quality will INCREASE: No more scrambling to throw a post together to avoid the dreaded blogging dry spell. By knowing what post will go live on which day, you’re able to spend time creating evergreen content. Posts will feel more polished, less scatterbrained and may actually make sense. W00t! You’ll also be able to create a more cohesive blog strategy because you’ll be looking at your blog from a few months out instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day rush.Post quantity will INCREASE: It’s a proven fact that when you put deadlines on things or assign accountability, they’re more likely to get done.Advertising opportunities will INCREASE: Yes, believe it or not, creating an editorial calendar can even help you earn more money through your advertisers. And the reason is quite simple. When you know which kind of post will go live on what day, you can reach out to specific advertisers and match the subject matter. Subscribers will INCREASE: It’s simple mathematics. Better Posts + More Frequently = Subscriber WIN!Urge to bang your head against the wall will DECREASE: There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank screen and watching as the day escapes you.
  • Smartphones, iPads, netbooks, oh my! There’s a dizzying amount of mobile products available to the consumer in 2011. This means your web design must be responsive to multiple viewports.This means that instead of navigating your mouse to remotely connect, your destination is literally at your fingertips. Tablets, most smartphones and some desktops use touchscreens. Does your design accommodate fingertip navigation?
  • The supreme designer is able to create an environment which charms and captivates the user to the point where he does not want to find the ‘Back’ button. Several elements come together to forge such a wonderland: harmonious color scheme, intuitive design, easily accessible information and fast response
  • Websites that “wow” visitors will be shared more often, so small businesses should consider shareability in their design. Visitors who stop by your website should be able to use their browser plug-ins or widgets like
  • Google recently released the “Google Freshness Update”. This is about the freshness of content — the kind of content that we have come to expect in today’s fast-paced mobile digital world. We want it fresh out of the oven. A Tweet from an eyewitness to a train crash that just occurred – that’s Fresh. A Tweet from a Laker’s fan watching the opening game this Christmas Sunday — that’s Fresh. After about 2 minutes, it’s already losing that fresh taste. The game has continued and we no longer care about what happened in the last play. That’s how quickly life is moving today. News gets stale immediately — sometimes in days, sometimes in hours and sometimes in minutes.Strategy – Understanding key products, services, messages and markets .develop an SEO plan that suits your objectives and budget.Analysis – Evaluating your website’s existing architecture, coding, content and links—and conducting an in-depth keyword analysis.optimization recommendations and identification of key link partners.Measurement – Monitoring, analyzing and reporting on website ranking results by search engine, keyword and inbound link.Optimization.
  • Transcript

    • 1. @shari_pw
    • 2. @shari_pw
    • 3. @shari_pw My name is Shari
    • 4. @shari_pw Who am I? I am a mom, partner, helper, I dislike doing dishes and I am forever looking for the perfect bag… I am the owner of – Digital Marketing Consultant
    • 5. @shari_pw This is the best part of my life
    • 6. @shari_pw I am passionate about coffee
    • 7. @shari_pw You can find me here:  Twitter: shari_pw Facebook/shariwrightpilo  Facebook/socialmediashari LinkedIn: Email: Skype: shari.wright.pilo
    • 8. @shari_pw What is Internet Marketing
    • 9. @shari_pw Let’s start…..Do you have a website?  Where to host your site? If it is for international use – try hosting companies in the US or Europe If it is for the Israeli market it will be faster hosted in Israel.
    • 10. @shari_pw What we have to think about Consistency Typography Portability Speed Content Accessibility Technology Interaction
    • 11. @shari_pw Start with a paper and pencil
    • 12. @shari_pw Basics Logo top left – tagline linked to home page Home – first in main navigation or logo I like breadcrumbs – just below navigation shows where you are coming from Navigation top horizontal – sub on left Footer: privacy statement, sitemap contact (use your footer for lots of extras)
    • 13. @shari_pw Speed Load fast (technical speed) To the point (speed of content) Scannable (structural speed)
    • 14. @shari_pw Content Publish – regularly Editorial calendar Value – relevant content News
    • 15. @shari_pw Accessibility Cross browser cross platform Google – seo friendly Mobile
    • 16. @shari_pw Bold ! Grab their attention Colors Typography Photos Video
    • 17. @shari_pw Website trends 2012 Big – type headers footers images call to action everything Less is more – minimalistic Clean Not only about beauty it is about function
    • 18. @shari_pw Interaction Let them contribute content Social networks are a fantastic way to share content.  Addthis, Sharethis, Facebook Like , Tweet button for Twitter or Linkedin Share Let them easily share a good summary of your content with their networks.
    • 19. @shari_pw SEO
    • 20. @shari_pw SEO Google Power! SEO strategies help you get found on search engines and boost your rankings for target keywords while delivering targeted, highly convertible traffic. Keyword SEO Strategy Link Building Word press – (using plugins - Yoast ) Note: Don’t forget the other search engines!
    • 21. @shari_pw Real-Time and SEO integration Streamline your real-time activities into your online assets. Twitter, blogs, websites, Facebook, Linkedin, F oursquare and the newbie Pinterest. Check out the newest addition to Google tools: ls/real-time-insights/
    • 22. @shari_pw
    • 23. @shari_pw What to do? Get Universal! Video (with Sitemaps) Images (with Sitemaps) News (with Sitemaps) Products (with Feed) Update Your Content Again: Google loves fresh content
    • 24. @shari_pw What hurts SEO Paid links Scraping – taking from other people Link farming Titles SEO’d bad – capitals
    • 25. @shari_pw Social Media
    • 26. @shari_pw What is Social Media Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspec tives, and media themselves. Social media uses web-based technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogues
    • 27. @shari_pw So … What is it? I would say forget about everything anyone has told you about social media – including the description that I just showed you and think: Social media is just basic conversation like what you do everyday. Conversation .
    • 28. @shari_pw Goals
    • 29. @shari_pw Social Media Funnel – Goals Bring users into your website Contest Sales Credibility - Visibility Build brand awareness on the web Stay connected to your audience Customer service Engage with your target as a friend
    • 30. @shari_pw Why Social Media Higher customer lifetime value Happy customer is happy will recommend Builds Goodness Bottom line: Increase your company sales
    • 31. @shari_pw How ? Listen + Learn + Listen + Engage + Give = Sales Listening. It should be at the top of your small business’ list if you’re developing a social media strategy. It’s not a coincidence two respected social media advisers both ranked “listening” as the focus area for small businesses. Chris Brogan, social media adviser, author, Trust Agents, offers this advice, “Listen. And Listen Deeply.” Scott Monty, head of social media, Ford Motor Company, “Determine where your audience is and begin by listening.”
    • 32. @shari_pw Really – How?  Research – which social media platforms will work for you (Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter –Pinterest- Blog)  Research, Listen and understand (listen to what your target is saying about your business, understand whos talking about you and who is not  Follow people of common interests – start discussion in groups – share content that your target audience will find useful (it takes time  Define communication objectives  Plan your action!  Once you understood what your audience is saying next step is to respond  Engage  Measure (according to your objectives)
    • 33. @shari_pw
    • 34. @shari_pw Which Platform? Where is your target? Facebook Personal Profile Business Fan Page LinkedIn  Personal Profile  Company Profile Twitter Pinterest Blog YouTube Other
    • 35. @shari_pw Just Do It!  Just do it—Set this into your daily work plan and schedule it, like a meeting, with a beginning and end time.  Responsibility—Build this into your action plan (communications, take action) and plan to ‘rotate’ responsibility.  Expertise—Set some time aside for research and learning. Begin with the basics; commit to building on this base.