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PRCA 3711/4711 Practicum Spring2010
Assignment: Trade book Review on Qualman's Socialnomics

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  • Qualman was born April 23, 1972. He was raised outside of Detroit, Michigan in Rochester Hills. He received his BA in Marketing at Michigan State University. Today Qualman speaks at many different programs and has been spotlighted in BusinessWeek, The New York Times, USA Today and CBS Nightly News, just to name a few. He is also a columnist for Search Engine Watch and ClickZ Magazine.
  • Although I know Facebook and Twitter are popular, I didn’t realize social media as a whole was so dominant and addictive this day in age.
  • Personal Opinion
    It’s slightly disturbing how addicted our world is to these social media sites. I worry that this form of media could dumb us down and make us lazy, because having everything controlled by a click of a button is too simple. Also social media focuses a lot of things around being social, which is good, but it’s not everything. I feel that those who are not mature enough will see it strictly as a means of being well-known and well-liked. A lost focus on what is important is what I am concerned about.
  • Minus the slight worry I have about social media, I do see it’s benefits.
    Great way to Advertise
    Great way to strengthen business and create awareness.
    Great way to network and keep in communication with clients, customers and start new business ventures.
    Great way to receive feedback.
  • That we are headed in a direction where soon we will no longer have to look for news, products, and services.
    With social media being so highly welcomed and used, and newspapers, news outlets and companies taking notice of it; latest news, products and services offered will be looking for us. Constant reminders of deals, savings, and up to date news will be thrown at us whether we were looking for it or not.
    I am very interested to see how this change will be accepted.
  • The in-depth and various ways/opportunities there are to promote, advertise, and better your business with social media.
    I could almost say that after reading this book, my ideas for what all you could do with social media were very surface.
  • I guess what I am interested in learning more about is the main concept for social media. The individuals who created it, are they proud of the direction it’s going in? Is this the direction they wanted it to go in?
    Interested in hearing more from the creators of some of these social media sites.
  • I think students should definitely read this book. They should read it because social media plays a huge role in our lives (whether you like it or not). Business’s rely heavily on social media. So upcoming graduates and people in general need to at least read this book, and know and understand a little bit about social media. Knowledge on the subject could help one get a job or even start or advance their business.
  • I give Qualman’s book two thumbs way, way up!
  • Trade Book Review

    1. 1. Socialnomics: how social media transforms the way we live and do business by Erik Qualman By Danielle Barrett
    2. 2. Biography
    3. 3. What I Learned
    4. 4. What I Learned
    5. 5. What I Learned
    6. 6. One Big Happy Family
    7. 7. What Surprised Me
    8. 8. What Surprised Me
    9. 9. What Piqued My Interest
    10. 10. Would I Recommend Other Students To Read This Book?
    11. 11. My Rating Of The Book
    12. 12. Contact Information  Email Address:
    13. 13. Sources                