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A codeless solution to send a set of documents around for approval. Includes CSS customizations, Document Set configurations, custom site columns and content types, SharePoint Designer Workflow, and a dashboard sample.

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SharePoint Document Sets - SharePoint Saturday Denver 2013

  1. 1. Document Sets - SPS Denver 2013 April Wolfe, SharePoint Consultant, MCITP, MCSA NOVEMBER 9, 2013 © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  2. 2. April Wolfe      Exclusively SharePoint-focused since late 2006 Member of Colorado SharePoint User Group Leadership Team MCITP, SharePoint 2010 MCSA, Windows Server 2012 Specialties –  Codeless solutions using InfoPath, SharePoint Designer, advanced SharePoint configurations, user-centric solution design, communication strategies and documentation Proud to work for Planet Technologies! – – – – – – Microsoft Partner with five gold and six silver competencies CPLS Microsoft certified training partner Six Time Microsoft Federal Partner of the Year Three Time Microsoft State and Local Partner of the Year We have MCSMs, MVP, MCT, CRM Rangers, and 130+ consultants across the country Large team of highly skilled consultants in the Denver metro area © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Configuring SharePoint to yield business value by facilitating processes and enabling user adoption
  3. 3. Process Flow Goal: Create a process for submitting new Park Proposals, sending for review, and tracking approvals © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  4. 4. Process Flow – Submit New Form © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  5. 5. Process Flow – Upload Documents Document Set Welcome Page: © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  6. 6. Process Flow – Send For Review © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  7. 7. Process Flow – Review Documents © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  8. 8. Process Flow - Approve © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  9. 9. Process Flow – Approved © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  10. 10. Content Type Setup Site Columns Site Level Make content type changes at the site level: Site Actions > Site Settings > Gallery > Site Columns/ Content Types Create New In Review Approved Create New In Review Approved Library Level Apply content types to a library: Library Settings > Advanced Settings > Allow Management Of Content Types, then add content types © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  11. 11. Other Ingredients CSS ”Basic” sets border colors and strips out the default “Edit Properties” and “View Properties” links on the Document Set Welcome Page <style type="text/css"> Basic .ms-WPBorderBorderOnly {padding: 5px; background-color: #f2f3f3; border:3px #2E75B6; border-style:solid;} #EditPropsLink {font-size: 0pt;} #ViewPropsLink {display: none;} </style> New Proposal <style type="text/css"> #EditPropsLink:after {font-size: 14pt; content:"Click here to send for review";} </style> © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC. In Review <style type="text/css"> #EditPropsLink:after {font-size: 14pt; content:"Click here to approve";} </style>
  12. 12. Other Ingredients Default Documents and Image Files Document Sets can have default documents which are created when the document set is created The image files are for the Document Set Welcome Pages © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  13. 13. Other Ingredients Dashboard Plan Mayor Show document sets currently in the review stage where Required Reviews contains “Mayor” City Council Show document sets currently in the review stage where Required Reviews contains “City” Your Mom Show document sets currently in the review stage where Required Reviews contains “Mom” © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  14. 14. Other Ingredients Workflows Create • Switch to “New” content type to reveal additional checkbox field © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Processing • Switch to “InReview” content type if checked for review • Email reviewer
  15. 15. Other Ingredients Workflows Check Approvals • Record results in Approval Log • Compare Required Reviewers with Approval Log • If any are missing, stop the workflow • If none are missing, change content type to “Approved” and send email © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  16. 16. Implementation  Create Site Columns – Columns = fields that will appear in the data entry forms  Create Content Types – Content Type = specific form and specific Document Set Welcome Page for each stage  Customize Document Set Settings – Specify which content types can be added in the Document Sets – Add columns to properties area – Add default documents, such as “Safety Checklist” – Select which columns to share between Document Sets and all documents within them © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  Edit each Document Set Welcome Page – Set web parts to be “border only” – Move web parts around as desired – Add “Basic” CSS using Content Editor Web Part – Add “New Proposal” and “In Review” CSS using CEWP – Add images/instructions/etc. – whatever helps the end users understand what to do at each stage
  17. 17. Implementation – Workflow: Create  Executes when item is created  Immediately switches from “Create” content type to “New” content type. Why? The sole purpose of this is to expose additional fields by switching content types. In this example, there is a checkbox called “Send for Review” that we don’t want visible when someone creates it, but rather should only becomes visible once the submitter has a chance to upload documents. So by using a “Create” content type without the checkbox, we hide that field initially. Then when it is switched via this workflow, it becomes visible for the next step.  Sends an email © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  18. 18. Implementation – Workflow: Processing  Executes when item is updated  Checks if the Send for Review checkbox was checked and that it is a New proposal  Switches the content type to InReview to reveal different fields in the form for the next stage  Sends an email © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  19. 19. Implementation – Workflow: Approvals  Executes when an item is updated  Updates Approval Log  Resets fields © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  20. 20. Implementation – Workflow: Approvals  Compares Required Reviewers with actual reviewers – If a reviewer is required but not yet in the approval log, the workflow stops because at least one review is not complete – If a reviewer is required and is already in the approval log, it goes to the next condition – If all required reviewers match actual reviewers in the approval log, then it is approved; the content type is switched and email is sent © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  21. 21. Implementation – Dashboard  Add web parts for each audience  Optional: create SharePoint group for each audience and populate with people  Edit each web part and edit the current view: – Filter: show items where content type = InReview and Required Reviewers contains Mayor (repeat for all) – Choose columns and other settings, including audience targeting where you select the appropriate SharePoint group © 2011 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  22. 22. Questions? @SharePointWolfe © 2013 PLANET TECHNOLOGIES, INC.