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DAYSPUG - Funnel your info down a new path
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DAYSPUG - Funnel your info down a new path


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  • Create a contacts list, modify the form in InfoPath, change the look & feel – add a dropdown to States list replacing textbox (RGB 5,172,195)
  • Create a new InfoPath WS Form talking to the Sites web service to show it, then open the existing oneTalk through the form, then show the workflowRun through the approval process
  • Transcript

    • 1. Funnel your Info down a new PathRYAN DENNIS
    • 2. About The SpeakerRyan Dennis, MCTS, MCPD, MCITPSenior SharePoint Engineer @ ICCMicrosoft Virtual Technology Specialist (vTSP) @SharePointRyan
    • 3. What is a VTS?The Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist Program(VTSP) is… a select group chosen from the elite in Microsoft’s partner community their primary role is to communicate the value of Microsoft Solutions to customers and to provide architectural guidance for Enterprise Integration solutionsVTSPs also: have guest access to information on the Microsoft corporate network such as knowledge bases, technical articles, training materials, and other resources guest access to Microsoft facilities priority for participating in Microsoft marketing events
    • 4. What is InfoPath? …a forms-creation and data-gathering tool to streamline business processes… …a tool for advanced business users to design sophisticated electronic forms with no code… …a point-and-click way to connect to LOB systems using data connections…
    • 5. Ok Ryan, so what is it really? An awesome way for you to make data entry fun, engaging and powerful… A brilliant front-end to SharePoint list and library data… …an Office program…
    • 6. And it works with SharePoint? InfoPath forms can be used in SharePoint in multiple ways, including…  List Forms  Customize existing SP Lists  Browser-based Library Forms  Publish form templates for viewing in the browser  Client-based Library Forms  Publish advanced form templates for viewing in the InfoPath client  Workflow Forms  Modify SharePoint workflow forms using InfoPath for a richer experience  Web Service Forms  Automatically create forms based on Web Service
    • 7. What licensing do I need? Client (InfoPath Designer)  Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Server (Forms Services)  SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise*Without SP Enterprise, you can publish yourforms to SharePoint and launch them in the client– but the InfoPath client is then required on everymachine
    • 8. 4 Main Types of Forms in SharePoint… List form  Modify an existing list form using InfoPath Browser-based form template  Publish a form template for browser use Client-based form template  Publish a form template for client use Workflow form  Modify Workflow forms
    • 9. Working with SharePoint List Forms
    • 10. Creating aSharePoint List Form
    • 11.  Created a standard Contacts List in SharePoint 2010 Customized the List Form using InfoPath 2010 Modified a few fields for better user experience Added some AdventureWorks branding elements Had fun doing it…
    • 12. Working with SharePointLibrary-based Forms
    • 13.  Utilize a form template (XSN file)… Are stored in a SharePoint Form Library… Can leverage data connections and external content types… Provide more functionality than list-based forms… Can be launched within the browser, in an InfoPath Form Web Part or in the InfoPath Form Client**Some features which are supported in client-based forms are not supported in browserbased forms. More info later…
    • 14. Business User IT Administrator I don’t want I want to to give you create permission sites!!! to create sites…
    • 15. Using a WebService form to create Sites
    • 16.  Created a browser-based form template based on a web service schema… Connected it to the Sites.asmx Web Service… Used the form to create a site request for a new subsite under our Site Collection… Used an Approval workflow to manage the site request… Had a lot of fun doing it…
    • 17. Working with SharePointRecords Center FUNNELING YOUR INFO DOWN A NEW PATH… Sites
    • 18.  InfoPath Forms can be sent to a Records Center, but there are some issues…  The Form Template exists in the source site collection, thus the form won’t open…  By definition, a Records Center is a locked down site – shouldn’t have dynamic files such as forms with workflow There are some cool opportunities here…
    • 19. Convert forms to PDF There is no out-of-the-box way to do this, but…  There are 3rd party tools  You can write your own… Why don’t I just show you!
    • 20.  AdventureWorks has made a business decision to start leveraging InfoPath for different types of data gathering and process management… They would like to archive completed forms in a SharePoint 2010 Records Center Site as a searchable, read-only PDF…
    • 21. Sending InfoPath Forms to a SharePoint Records Center
    • 22.  Sent a generic InfoPath XML form to a Records Center, not so pretty… Added some workflow and used Muhimbi PDF converter to convert submitted InfoPath Forms to PDF Leveraged SharePoint Designer Workflow and Muhimbi Workflow Actions to send converted PDFs to a Records Center(For more information on Muhimbi, go to
    • 23.  Some controls not supported on List forms… External item picker Template Parts Managed metadata not supported at all… Writing to a People Picker column not supported… Sending completed forms to Records Center…
    • 24. Tips & Tricks Use Template Parts to create reusable templates to include branding, help, standard fields, rules, etc. Use External Content Types to populate InfoPath Forms with LOB data… Gather requirements and understand them, InfoPath is great, but it’s not the right tool for everything… Don’t recreate the wheel!
    • 25. Questions? Comments?Ryan Dennis, MCTS, MCPD, MCITPSenior SharePoint Engineer @ ICCMicrosoft Virtual Technology Specialist (vTSP) @SharePointRyan