Office365 features


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Office365 features

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Microsoft Online Services Identity platform On premises Trust Exchange Federation Gateway Online Active Directory Authentication Federation platform SharePoint® Server 2.0 Online Provisioning Microsoft platform Directory Online Store Lync AD Directory Sync Online Admin Portal2
  3. 3. SharePoint
  4. 4. SharePoint Online DevelopmentExtensibility ®* OOTB = Out of the box • • MSDN SharePoint Online Resource Center
  5. 5. SharePoint Online Limits and CapacitiesItem Limits (Beta)Basic Tenancy Storage Allocation 10 GBStorage per Standard USL 500 MB/UserMy Site quota per Standard USL* 500 MB/UserStorage per Kiosk Worker 0 MBStorage per External User 0 MBSite Collection Storage Quotas 100 GB**Total Maximum Storage per Tenant 5 TerabytesMaximum File Size Upload 250 MBTotal Site Collections per Tenant 300***
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Premium Anti-Spam and Antivirus Protection••••7
  8. 8. Rich Coexistence with Exchange Server••••8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Exchange Online Exchange Server (on premises) • Lync client presence integration • Lync client presence integration Lync Online • IM/Presence in Outlook Web App • Lync client presence integration • Lync client presence integration Lync Server (on • IM/Presence in Outlook Web App • IM/Presence in Outlook Web App premises) • Exchange voice mail integration • Exchange voice mail integration SharePoint Server (on SharePoint Online premises) • Lync client presence integration • Lync client presence integration Lync Online • Skill search in Lync client • Lync client presence integration • Lync client presence integration Lync Server (on • Skill search in Lync client premises)Presence integration includes embedded presence and click-to-communicate in SharePoint sites.
  11. 11. Flexible service offering with pay-as-you-go, per-user licensing Word Publisher The complete Microsoft® Office experience with services integration in Excel Access Office 365PowerPoint InfoPath OneNote SharePoint Simplified end-user setup to preconfigure services Workspace Outlook Lync Always the latest version of the Office apps, including Office Web Apps • Excel • PowerPoint • OneNote • Word Familiar Office user experience to access services
  12. 12. CLOUD Office Activation Subscription Service Service Office Professional PlusUSER PC
  13. 13. Office 365 Volume Licensing Office Professional Plus Office Professional PlusDownload location • Office 365 Portal • Volume Licensing Software CenterSoftware • Office Professional Plus and • Volume Licensing bits (Office Professional subscription agent Plus or Standard) • Single EXE • Extracted to use with deployment toolsProduct Key / • Subscription based activation • Volume License technologiesActivation • Term: 30 days (monthly) • Multiple Activation Key: perpetual • No keys to manage—only users activation; Key Management Server: 180 days • Manage Key Management Server and Multiple Activation Key keysWhen Reduced • In 60 days since last activation • Multiple Activation Key: N/AFunctionality Mode • “Hard” RFM • Key Management Server: within 180 days(RFM) starts • Notification modeDeployment options • Office 365 Portal • Unmanaged and managed options • Unmanaged and managed options • Microsoft Application Virtualization • Terminal ServicesNumber of copies • Five active installations per user on • Single device per license or activationallowed different devices • Downgrade rights • No downgrade rightsFulfillment • Electronic software download • $27/ DVD media
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