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Provide a online business opportunity to you share for more and boost your business campaign for free!!

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  • Let us show you a list of the top 20+ this is a trend. 1 time Andrew Carneige’s, RockaFellas Industrialisation age taught people how to even eat… 3 square meals, how to be good workers, there no supervisors, accountants, lawyers, they changed. Corporatisation then came along. Governtments owned most of the utilities, everything was corporatised to make things more efficient. It made key families around the world controllers of industries. Next what we are seeing, is Socialisation and the internet. People belief more from what they hear from social networks and asking opinions. 1 POST that started the revolution in the middle east that changed governments there…. TRUE FREEDOM is about the power of the community.
  • ShareInfinity Business Opportunity

    1. 1. Share for more than you think.
    2. 2. 1995 1999 2006 2013 500,000,000 New Internet users in the last 12 months This is more than 1,300,000 per day Global Internet Users Statistics
    3. 3. Social Site Unique Visitor Statistics  Facebook: 750+m  Twitter: 250+m  LinkedIn: 110+m  Pinterest: 85+m  MySpace: 70+m  GooglePlus: 65+m  DeviantArt: 25+m  LiveJournal: 20+m  Tagged: 19+m  Orkut: 17+m  CafeMon: 12+m  Ning: 12+m  MeetUp: 7+m  myLife: 5+m  4+m Online Trend : Social Media Gets Smarter - Facebook has more than 1 billion users, and Twitter has more than 500 million. Social media is an opportunity for your business.
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Social Networks built on Ad Revenue
    6. 6. Spending on Social Networks! Average Breakdown of the Billions spent on Social Media Advertising on US Based Social Networks!
    7. 7. Do You Know? How much you spent for advertising on Facebook? Every time you shared a post with your friends on Facebook do you get PAID?
    8. 8. Millions are looking for a KEY! Would you like to EARN from sharing things that interest you? 15 million+ marketer spent thousand on social media advertising every month “ This what you doing everyday but just not getting PAID! ”
    9. 9. ShareInfinity provide a KEY! Social Marketer + Social Publisher = Social Entrepreneur “To empower people with the skills and tools they need to earn extra income beside promote their business from social networking.”
    10. 10. HOW GET STARTED? Join for FREE Share Campaign Earned for Shopping
    11. 11. EASY USE EASY EARN Platform
    12. 12.  Create campaign for FREE  Boost campaign for FREE  Increased exposure  Increased traffic  Gain market intelligence  Build your brand  Develop loyal fans  Generate leads  Gain extra income What else Social Entrepreneur can GET?
    13. 13.  SEO Design Layout  Boost Campaign  Social Button  Follow Link Back  QR Code  Social Comment  Shorter Link  Full Statistic Report Social Marketing + SEO ready feature
    14. 14. •Maximum 5 credits earned from share campaign per day. •FREE create campaign (max 5 active campaign allowed) Social Member FREE •Maximum 5 credits earned from share campaign per day. •FREE create campaign (max 10 active campaign allowed) •FREE personal website •200 ADs credits •Earn extra income from bonus program Social Entrepreneur Pack $60 •Maximum 10 credits earned from share campaign per day. •FREE create campaign (max 15 active campaign allowed) •FREE personal website •1000 ADs credits •Enjoy special price for Premium ADs Credit Pack •Earn extra income from bonus program Premium Social Entrepreneur Pack $300 •Maximum 20 credits earned from sharing campaign per day. •FREE create campaign (max 25 active campaign allowed) •FREE personal website •2000 ADs credits •Enjoy special price for VIP ADs Credit Pack •Earn extra income from bonus program VIP Social Entrepreneur Pack $600 Membership Packages
    15. 15. Only 3 step to EARN MORE from Bonus Program
    16. 16. Type Percentage Social Entrepreneur 10% Premium Social Entrepreneur 15% VIP Social Entrepreneur 20% Get refer friends with a referral link. Earn up to 20% of all BV product which purchased by people you refer. Program 1: Referral Program
    17. 17. Enjoy shopping on ShareInfinity. Earn up to 15% return of all purchased BV product. Type Achieve Bonus Value Percentage Social Entrepreneur 5000BV 5% Premium Social Entrepreneur 10000BV 10% VIP Social Entrepreneur 20000BV 15% Program 2: Achievement Program
    18. 18. Get refer Social Member with a referral link. Earn up to 30% of all product BV purchased by people you refer. Type Achieve Direct Referral Percentage Social Entrepreneur 200 10% Premium Social Entrepreneur 500 20% VIP Social Entrepreneur 1000 30% Program 3: Ultimate Team Program
    19. 19. Let’s start build the opportunity together!