A case study on the effectual factors for


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A case study on the effectual factors for

  1. 1. A Case study on the Effectual Factors to Magnetize Medical Tourism in India Ms.T.Jenifer I MBA Hallmark Business School
  2. 2. Medical tourism• Medical tourism or medical travel is the act of traveling to other countries to obtain medical, dental, and surgical care.
  3. 3. Purpose• To determine the effective factors for attracting medical tourism towards India and examine the actual potential based on costs, quality and recognize other aspect of marketing mix and investigate the role of the government and related organizations in this markets.
  4. 4. Research objectives• To Investigate the proper function and performance of corresponding organizations and institutes for attracting medical tourists in India.• To examine the effective factors of proper marketing mix for attracting medical tourists in India.• To recognize Indian situation and circumstances for attracting medical tourists.
  5. 5. Methodology• This study was conducted as an Empirical research method.• In this study quantitative techniques are used to obtain information for success of medical tourism in India . To observe and analyze them, qualitative approach is also selected.• Data was collected and gathered from a part of population by questionnaire. The software approach for data analysis in this research was SPSS.
  6. 6. Statement of Hypothesis• The proper functions of responsible state organizations relate with medical tourism• The proper functions of health centers relate with medical tourism• Cooperation of responsible organization relates with medical tourism.• The diversity and variance of medical services relates with attraction of medical tourism to India.• The quality of medical services relates with attractions of medical tourism to India.• Pricing the medical services relates with attraction of medical tourism to India• Advertising the medical services related with attraction of medical tourism to India• Attraction of medical tourism to India relates with the medical validity of India from the ancient time to now
  7. 7. Selection of Sample• Samples are the persons who are familiar to medical tourism.These persons included in 2 groups:• Specialist in medical tourism office in Ministry of health, treatment, and medical educations.• Active experts in the field of medical tourism industry in Chamber of commerce, industries and mines in India.
  8. 8. Analysis of data• 55questions was asked in part one and 4 questions were asked in part two of the research questionnaire about professional activity, organization, and city and the time duration of knowing about medical tourism discussion in India.
  9. 9. Results• It can be concluded that 43.3% of the respondents were medical doctor and 26.7% were tourism specialist and 30% were mangers in different organization who were the members of chamber of commerce industries and mines .
  10. 10. Descriptive Statistics for Professional activity level of respondents
  11. 11. ANOVA Test for the time duration of knowing medical tourism issuesIt can be expressed that all of the sig. level for 3 main fieldswere more than 0.05. So We accept H0, which means thatknowing the time duration of medical tourism discussion ofrespondents doesnt have effect on answers to questions.
  12. 12. T – Student Analysis Result
  13. 13. Suggestions• Suitable credentials for tourism and treatment organization by state intuitions can be a good solution for improving the awareness of medical centers and related organization .• Before entering the hospital and package in medical tourism industry, they have to identify with prior program regarding: * Whether the specialist in that area is available. *Whether the hospital has all investigations required within campus. *The credentials of the hospital and the are available.• Specify the role of different related organization for promoting medical tourism industry in India.• Building hotel, health centers, and health city near natural medical resources in India such as Spa, mud, sand, and desert locations are the important factor for promoting complementary .
  14. 14. Future research• Future research might take up issues that were not considered in the present study. The findings of the present study survey the effective factors of India which could be attracted medical tourists to India. Upcoming research might address the extend of following ways which are included: Designing to systematically planning of the proper function of related organizations for promoting medical tourism industry in India. Studying the requirement of international medical tourist’s trends and patterns relating to specific country for promoting medical tourism industry in India. Identifying the future demand of objective countries that could be expressed of future market development for promoting medical tourism industry in India. Future research might take up issues that analyzing the competitors and recognizing advantages and disadvantages of these countries and India.