Finding New Business - A Strategic Perspective


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Small businesses must constantly strive for growth. But growth for growth sake can often lead to disaster. This presentation describes a better way to achieve top line growth without eroding margins.

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Finding New Business - A Strategic Perspective

  1. 1. Finding New Sources of BusinessPresented by Mike Reddy CA
  2. 2. © All rights reservedWhat We’ll Covero Analysing your businesso Growing your top line withoutcompromising your bottom lineo Setting growth targetso Finding new businesso Measuring your progress
  3. 3. © All rights reservedThe Importance Of Growtho Businesses need to growo A focus on growthprotects your marketshareo Businesses that can’t findnew sources of businesswill fail
  4. 4. © All rights reservedThe Cost of Getting It Wrong
  5. 5. © All rights reservedThe Benefit of Getting It Right
  6. 6. © All rights reservedValid and Sustainable Competitive PositionsPriceLeadershipDifferentiationUnsustainableUnsustainable(High)QualityPrice
  7. 7. © All rights reservedCase Study – VehiclesQualityPriceValue Add Value Add(Low) (High)(Low)(High)PricePriceHyundaiLexusMercedesMazdaToyotaWhere are you?
  8. 8. © All rights reservedThe Revenue Model of BusinessThe number of customers you start with-The number who defect+The number you acquirexThe frequency of transactionsxThe average value of each transactionTotalRevenue=
  9. 9. © All rights reservedGrowth Strategies
  10. 10. © All rights reservedGrowth Strategies
  11. 11. © All rights reservedGrowth Strategies
  12. 12. © All rights reservedGrowth Strategies
  13. 13. © All rights reservedDiversify Your Offeringo Sell your existing products to new customerso Sell new products to your existing customerso Sell new products to new customers
  14. 14. © All rights reservedAre You Set For Growth?o Increase customer spendo Increase share of marketo Diversify your offeringo Enter a new marketo Sell to governmento Form an alliance or partnershipo Establish a joint ventureo Merge with or acquire another business
  15. 15. © All rights reservedWiFi – Stay Longer, Pay Longero If customers stay longer youearn moreo Business people need internetaccesso 86% use smartphones on thegoo People stay longer – businessup 40%
  16. 16. © All rights reservedIncrease Your Share Of Market1. Competitors’ strengths?2. Competitors’ weaknesses?3. Why do customers buy from yourcompetitors?4. How can you communicate a bettervalue proposition?5. What is your UCD?
  17. 17. © All rights reservedEnter A New Market1. Who are your potential customers?2. What do they want to buy?3. Who are your competitors?4. How will you market your products?
  18. 18. © All rights reservedAlliances Suit Small Businesso Create opportunities for small businesseso Save time and moneyo Cooperative arrangements benefit SMBso Share expertise, assets, expenses and risks
  19. 19. © All rights reservedDare To Be Different!o Growth from day oneo Be uniqueo Create differences
  20. 20. © All rights reservedDrive The Business With NewProductso Every product has a life cycleo Monitor your products and your marketo Is demand rising, static or declining?o Have new products ready
  21. 21. © All rights reservedSummaryo Many ways to achievegrowtho Develop growth strategiesbased on strengthso Set growth targets andmeasure progresso Either grow or go out ofbusinesso Be patient for growth BUTimpatient for profitability
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