An introduction to Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack), Citrix CloudPortal and Citrix CloudBridge


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During this session, Giles Sirett Managing Consultant of ShapeBlue will look at the USE-CASE’s for CloudPlatform, the different versions of the technology available and the benefits it brings to service providers and enterprises alike.
Using his real world project experience, Giles will openly discuss competing technologies and where Citrix CloudPlatform sits in the currently Cloud eco-system. He will also look at the benefits to be gained from Citrix CloudPortal and Citrix CloudBridge.

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An introduction to Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack), Citrix CloudPortal and Citrix CloudBridge

  1. 1. An introduction to Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack), Citrix CloudPortal and Citrix CloudBridge Giles Sirett Managing Consultant ShapeBlue Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. Webinar SeriesAn introduction to Citrix CloudPlatform (powered by ApacheCloudStack), Citrix CloudPortal and Citrix CloudBridge Tuesday 27 Nov 14:00 GMTCitrix CloudPlatform networking, technical deep dive Wed 5 December 14:00 GMTUsing Citrix CloudPortal Business Manager to commercialise your cloudoffering Tue 11 Dec 14:00 GMTBuilding enterprise private clouds with Citrix CloudPlatform – the Use Case’s Tue 18 Dec 14:00 GMT
  3. 3. AgendaThe history of CloudStack & CloudplatformHow to build an IaaS cloudCitrix CloudPlatformCitrix CloudPortal Business ManagerCitrix CloudBridge 2Next steps / resourcesQ&A
  4. 4. Any Questions ? Please use the GTM question feature. Don’t wait until the end !
  5. 5. About ShapeBlue“ShapeBlue are expert builders of public & private clouds. They are the leading global CloudStack / CloudPlatform integrator & consultancy”
  6. 6. About ShapeBlue
  7. 7. The history of purchased by Citrix July 2011, $200MFull donation to Apache foundation April 2012 Vibrant / growing communityCitrix remain largest contributorSunGard & Cisco now contributorsCitrix CloudPlatform (powered by Apache CloudStack)
  8. 8. How Amazon built it’s cloud eCommerce Platform orchestration API CMP - Orchestration layer Hypervisor Commodity Networking Storage compute
  9. 9. How to build an “AWS style” cloud Billing/ LOB CloudPortal Business Manager eCommerce Platform Management systems orchestration API CloudStack API CloudStackOrchestration layer CMP - Orchestration Software CloudBridge 2 CloudBridge 2 (CMP) Corporate centre Data Choice of Hypervisor Hypervisor (VMWare, Xen, KVM, OVM)Others Commodity Networking Storage Storage Servers compute
  10. 10. What is CloudStack? Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Automates IaaS / NaaS components: Virtual machines networking components (firewall, LB, etc) Storage Multi-tenant architecture Multiple hypervisor support Vmware, Xen , KVM, OVM & bare metal Web GUI and strong API
  11. 11. What is CloudStack ? Use Cases: service provider public cloud, enterprise private cloud Other OSS players: OpenStack, Eucalyptus Other vendor players: VMware, Microsoft, Cisco Other propriety players : Abiquo, Hexagrid, OnApp
  12. 12. Why CloudStack?Established: already driving some of the worlds biggest cloudsRemove hypervisor tie-in. Workload choiceMassively scalable (25k + host clouds in production)Open standards Hypervisors, storage, API’s (AWS) , integration pointsOpen source with strong governance from Apache Citrix CloudPlatform gives vendor assuranceRich ecosystem from Citrix and other vendors……
  13. 13. The CloudStack ecosystem
  14. 14. CloudStack DemoCloudStack UICreating & managing VMinstancesNetworking as a service
  15. 15. Citrix CloudPortal Business ManagerBusiness & commercial Billing/ LOB systems CloudPortal Business Manager Managementoperations for IaaS clouds CloudStack APIRich User portal including self CloudStack Orchestration Software (CMP)registration Choice of Hypervisor (VMWare, Xen) Commodicustomer management Networki ng ty Storage ServersUsage, billing & card paymentsAnti – fraudSupport integration
  16. 16. Why CloudPortal Business Manager?Time to marketAutomationMulti language / currencyRich IaaS pricing model(fixed, utility, multi-channel)
  17. 17. Why CloudPortal Business Manager?Can easily be rebrandedService provider Use CaseOnly with Citrix CloudPlatform cloudsDo not confuse with CloudPortal *Services Manager*
  18. 18. CloudPortal BM DemoThe user experiencePurchasing IaaS computeBilling & payment
  19. 19. Citrix CloudBridge 2The challenge: the elasticity of Billing/ LOB systems CloudPortal Business Manager Managementcloud compute but data needs to CloudStack APIremain in corporate DC CloudStack Orchestration SoftwareThe need to burst/elasticity (CMP) CloudBridge 2 CloudBridge 2 Corporate centre DataSecurity O th Choice of Hypervisor (VMWare, Xen, KVM, OVM) erTransparency s Networki ng Commod ity Storage Servers Don’t want to reengineer apps.Performance
  20. 20. Citrix CloudBridge 2Creates a seamlessextension of enterprisenetwork into the cloudSecure, transparent, highperformanceSupport for AWS (Nov)and Azure (Dec) out ofthe box……others tocomeDelivered on NetScalerplatform
  21. 21. The challengesDesign from end to endYou need to design for cloud Network Storage Compute Integration pointsDesign for different workload typesDesign for horizontal scale
  22. 22. Resources & next stepsNext webinars for more detailUser communities:, linkedin: EuropeanCloudStack user group, CloudStack communityReach out to ShapeBlue IaaS design & build Design consultancy Product demos Design guidelines Best practice Proof of concept Citrix Cloud Advisor partner for licensing
  23. 23. Any Questions ? Giles Sirett Twitter: @ShapeBlue