Ayurveda as a career choice


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Today globally Ayurveda is making a come back due to several reasons and when a parent or student wants to chose a career -they would like to know facts and figures so here is some guidance.

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Ayurveda as a career choice

  1. 1. Dr.shantala Priyadarshini.M.A(Sans)M.S(Ay)H.O.D Dept of shalakyaGovernment Ayurveda medical college.Mysore
  2. 2. Career -what to choose ? Why ? How ?Scope –future –talent – friend’s choice……
  3. 3. Are you artistic ? Have melodious voice ? Want to be a poet ?More interested in sport ? Can you have a career in sports ?Do you have flair for writing ? Journalism ?Mathematical genius ? Physics is interesting ?Star gazing ? Metallurgy ? Languages ? Painting ?Medical field ? Can you tolerate pain-suffering-sight of blood ?Research oriented ? Choose cautiously….Orator ? Politics ? Leadership ? Political ambition ?Law ? Accountancy ? Auditing ? Teaching ?
  4. 4. •Your talent –creativity,flair –is it stimulating ?•Scope of the career –does it interest you really ?•Cultural or religious sanction –is it needed ?•Long and short term promises of a career.•Financial burden to parents –bank loans.•Family responsibility –problems of commutation,residence.•Physical and mental abilities –are you fit for the challenge ?
  5. 5. •Work is worship•Sick,disabled,suffering –need help to heal•India needs many dedicated doctors in rural areas.•Doctor –patient ratio-1:1700 in Mumbai•Lady doctors are best to serve•Mitigation of suffering is ultimate goal•No other profession is so unique and important•Doctors cannot be replaced•Highly demanding and in high demand always
  6. 6. 1. Indian system of medicine -stagnant2. Herbal medicine -only3. No side effects –even now4. Slow -always5. Not for emergencies –are these conditions new ?6. A lot of dietary restrictions –eat right –think straight7. For only chronic conditions -8. Only for jaundice,joints pain etc9. Only for poor people –young-old & U10. Is only for Indians
  7. 7. 1. Herbs,minerals,animal products2. For all and forever3. Globally accepted4. Not slow in all conditions5. Diet enhances recovery rate6. Applicable for all health conditions7. If not as per Ayurveda can result in problems8. Multiple choices to cater all categories9. Time tested and holistic.10. Medical Science about art of living
  8. 8. Learned men from China, Tibet, the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians,Afghans, Persians,& more traveled to learn the complete wisdom.Ayurvedic texts were translated in Arabic physicians Avicenna &Razi Sempion, both of whom quoted Indian Ayurvedic texts,established Islamic medicine. .
  9. 9. •The term Ayus means duration or span of life, veda meansunimpeachable knowledge•Holistic management of life.•Ayurveda –traditional Indian medicine•Personalized medicine –genetic individuality and more•Prevention,Preservation, Promotion.•Evidence based since centuries.•Time tested,simple,safe ,effective measures•User’s manual for machine called –human being.•Ayurveda recommends plans to save the planet•Macro cosm-micro cosm –it’s related.
  10. 10. Military medicine in AyurvedaTheranostics, 121 surgical instruments,300 type surgeries
  11. 11. Knowledge was passed on for eternity.A close nit family atmosphereProximity to nature Theoretical & practical lessons Following the guru ‘s footstep. Awareness of “ Universalbrotherhood.,” Lessons in life – lead by example Royal / public patronage.
  12. 12. Maharishi Ayurveda –1950….globallyDavid Frawley;American institute of VedicstudiesDr.Marc Halpern:California college of AyurvedaThe Ayurvedic institute in New MexicoAyurveda holistic center,long island.New YorkRobert Svoboda Ayurveda faculty at-Bastyr uniMaharishi Ayurveda -IowaCharaka club of New Yorkcompleted a century in 2000.
  13. 13. •European institute of Vedic studies - Atreya smith.•Ayurvedic company of Great Britain –Thames Valley university.•The Ayurvedic university of Europe.•Reidmann International college for Complimentary Medicine,Tel.Aviv, Israel.•Mahindra Institute of Ayurveda, Germany•European Institute for Scientific Research on Ayurveda, TheNetherlands.•Nippon school of Ayurveda, Institute of Traditional OrientalMedicine in Japan.•Sri lanakana system of Ayurveda.•Many Ayurveda centers in Australia,Russia,Africa,Ireland,Italy areworthy of mention.well being centers,spas,Traditional or integratedhealth units have mushroomed all-round globally
  14. 14. •Ayurveda colleges in India are 221.Offer 5 ½ year degree course.•Post graduate centers in more than 60 colleges.3 year study.•12,k graduates per year in India .3 National Ayurveda universities•India exports Ayurveda products worth 2500 crore per year.•Ayurvedic products in India sold-6000 crore per year.•Ayurveda research units in many states•Pharmaceuticals developing at faster rate,nearly 7800 units in India.•Multi national pharmaceutical industry.•Herbal export increasing annually. Dabur,Himalaya,Charak …•Demand for Ayurveda doctors abroad multiplying.
  15. 15. •60 odd colleges ,3 run by government•400 odd Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry•Cosmetic industry ,raw plant extract industry•Proposed Ayurveda university•100 year old Ayurveda college.•Many people invited abroad.•International spa,Ayurveda doctors•JSS Ayurveda college.
  16. 16. Branches of Ayurveda•Kaya chikitsa –fever,tuberculosis,multiple sclerosis,AD,hepatitis,etc•Bala roga- child care,to build immunity,mental faculty..•Agadatantra-toxicology –bio weapons,vishakanya,snakes-scorpions,medical jurisprudence…•Grahachikitsa –psychology, microbiology…•Shalakaya- sense organs and brain,surgeries,re-construction•Shalya- surgery,more than 121 instruments,personalized,thera nostics•Rasayana –geriatrics,immortality gene,longevity gene,rejuvenation…•Vajeekarana- aphrodisiac,better planned progeny,
  17. 17. Specialization in Ayurveda…to name a few•Arbudhgna –oncologist•Vranagandhgna,vranakovida –pathologist, specialist in ulcers•Manvidhu-pharmacology•Vishavisharadha- toxicologist,forensic expert•Drstivishardha-retinal specialist,Nayanachinthaka-eye specialist•Rasayanapaara, Rasa visharada, Rasa Chintaka-genecist• Shastrakarmaghna-surgeon with super specialization•Krimikovida -microbiologists•Swabhava Vyadhi Nivarana Vishista Oushadhi Chintakaha,Rasaveerya Oushadhi Prabhaven Marana Nivaraka- specialist whochecks aging and death.
  18. 18. Why are people looking for better alternatives ?A recent study from Adelaide University showed 60% of women & 44% of men in Australia usealternative therapies, & the numbers are increasing.In 1997 Americans made 627 million visits topractitioners of alternative medicine, spent $27 billion oftheir own money to pay for alternative therapies. In contrast, Americans made only 386 millionvisits to their family doctor
  19. 19. The 1990 Harvard Medical Practice Study evidence - iatrogenicdiseases kill far more people in the US than guns, roadaccidents.Study indicates that up to 2 million Americans arehospitalized each year & as many as 180,000 die as a result ofadverse reactions to prescription drugs.Leape, L.L. (1994). Error inmedicine. Journal of the American Medical Association 272: 1851-1857. Brennan, T.A., Leape L.L., Laird, N.M., et al. (1991).Over one million people are seriously injured in American hospitalsevery year. Blood infections acquired in American hospitals cause62,000 fatalities every year and bypass surgery results in 25,000strokes a year.Lazarou, Jason, et al. Incidence of adverse drugreactions in hospitalized patients. Journal of the American MedicalAssociation, Vol. 279, April 15, 1998, pp. 1200-05 and pp. 1216-17
  20. 20. Ayurveda aims atGetting the right dose of the right drug to the right patient at the righttime.600 purgatives make 60,000 combinations or more
  21. 21. $ US60 billion –medicinal plant related trade growth 7% per year.India data bank has more than 7000 medicinal plants.China $ US 6 billion India $I billion70% of Allopathic drugs are plant based today.Dabur has units abroad.Himalaya is multinationalPlants,plant product –cultivation,export,pharma industryResearch in plant and animal productsPracticing as a doctor,teaching here and abroad.-Perfect health-sellerAyurveda café ,cosmetics,dietary products,neutraceuticals,IPR and patent,publications,manuscript research
  22. 22. •A Pre university pass with more than 85 % in PCB•A reputed private college seat is got between 3-5 lakh donation + fee•Ayurveda PG seat 6-9 lakh + fees•Knowledge of Sanskrit helps but is not a requirement•Both Ayurveda and Allopathy are taught as syllabus•Anatomy,physiology,basic principles,sanskrit…•5 ½ year degree course•3 year pg,3 year phd•A love for the profession- to be the best