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  • provides these people in these various roles with data and technology to support their work on behalf of our communities. helps encourage data-driven planning and inform policy within sectors such as Education, Public Safety, Health, Public Health, Government, etc.
  • The next two slides show two major ‘types’ of data – point & thematic.
  • Point data –What we call “point data” is information that we have for particular locations or resources. This is a map of food banks & food pantries in San Francisco. We have detailed service information for social service resources such as this, as well as schools and hospitals. Later we’ll be creating asset maps, so we’ll be drawing from this point data.
  • New point data…Over the last year we’ve reached out to 2-1-1 agencies across the state to display their data. As of September, 2010, we have 211 data for 16 counties.We’ve also added Hospitals, Head Start agencies, and data from The California Department of Education. Other points that have often been requested, such as Alcohol Outlets, EPA sites, etc., are available only in the Map room, and not the Service room.
  • Thematic data – This is a map showing where there is a concentration of families in poverty in California. Thematic maps display intensity of information (such as demographic, health, or socioeconomic characteristics) about a region by drawing from the many data sources we house.
  • Elements to Highlight :About Healthy City & Regional partners (optional – add in your regional partner page)Features & NewsRooms & Tabs (Services, Maps, Data, Connect)Quick Search – example: “senior”
  • Click through the agency names on the left to view service details.
  • We receive data on schools from the California Department of Education on an annual basis.
  • The next two slides show two major ‘types’ of data – point & thematic.
  • The Data & Charts room provides QUICK STATS for the area you select. Select from the data categories on the left to begin charting data.
  • The next two slides show two major ‘types’ of data – point & thematic.
  • The darker areas show a higher concentration of families in poverty
  • Click on the i-tool, then click anywhere on the map.
  • The i-tool shows you the value for the Block Group, Census Tract and ZIP code that you click on
  • It also provides contact information for elected officials, with the hope of encouraging action and collaboration
  • The next two slides show two major ‘types’ of data – point & thematic.
  • Using the Customize tab, you can alter the data level, year, number of classes, ranges, etc.


  • 1. Information + action for social change
    A Resource for all of California
  • 2. Healthy City is a project of…
    A National civil rights POLICY/ ACTION TANK
  • 3. Who is Healthy City?
    Healthy City is
    an information + action resource
    that unites
    rigorous research, community voices
    and innovative technologies
    to solve the root causes of social inequity
  • 4. What Does HC Do?
    Data & Technology: Data, maps, and service referral through our easy to use online platform
    Technical Assistance: Work ON-THE-GROUND to develop targeted research/policy strategies and web tools
    Community Research Lab: engages, trains, and provides tools for CBO’s to lead and sustain research.
  • 5. Partners
    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
    Advancement Project
    USC School of Social Work
    2-1-1 LA County
    United Ways of California
    Children Now
    California Pan-Ethnic Health Network
    Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
    Prevention Institute
    The California Endowment
    Legal Services of No. Cal.
    California Rural Legal Assistance
    Sacramento Housing Alliance
    UC Davis – Center for Regional Change
    Community Services Planning Council
    United Way Bay Area
    Santa Clara Comm. Benefits Coalition
    Urban Strategies Council
    San Mateo Healthy Communities Collaborative
    Oakland Progressive Empowerment Network
    Contra Costa Crisis Center
    United Way of Fresno/2-1-1
    2-1-1 San Diego
    2-1-1 Monterey County
    2-1-1 San Bernardino
    Volunteer Center of Riverside County
    United Way Bay Area/Helplink
    Community Service Planning Council – 2-1-1 Sacramento
    UW Silicon Valley/Santa Clara
    Eden I & R – 211 Alameda
    Interface Children Family Services – 2-1-1 Ventura
    Volunteer Center of Sonoma County
  • 6. Use to:
    Find services
    Conduct Research
    Share your community’s story
    Anywhere in California!
  • 7. Case Manager
    Service Provider
    Community Organizer
    Policy Advocate
    …to fuel social change and improve our communities
    Who Uses
    Grant Writer
  • 8. What’s on
    Data, data, data
  • 9. “Point” Data
    Point data = information about a location
  • 10. Services & Points
    Social Service data from 2-1-1
    Over 30,000
    Service sites across California
    (Includes: Basic Needs, Legal Services, Education, Health Care, Employment, and many other Community Services)
  • 11. “Thematic” Data
    Census Boundaries
    ZIP codes
    Political Jurisdictions
  • 12. Community Data
    Population Characteristics –
    Age, Ethnicity, Educational Attainment, etc.
    Civic Participation
    Child Welfare
    Child Care & Early Education
    Income & Poverty
    Nonprofit Infrastructure
    Environment & Land Use
    Health – Birth, Prenatal & Child
    Health - Conditions, Disease & Injury
    Health – Deaths
    Health - Insurance & access
    Health – Physical Activity & Nutrition
    Neighborhood & Community
    Crime & Public Safety
    • Over 2500 variables
    • 13. Multiple years of data
    • 14. More datasets coming soon
  • 15. You can save and share anything you create while logged in
  • 16. You can
    browse service categories
    search by keyword
    A case manager in Fresno is looking for food and shelter options for a client.
    They live in ZIP code 93710
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19. List the services ONLY within the area you’ve selected
  • 20.
  • 21. SAVE this list for future reference
    PRINT list of services
    EMAIL a link to this list of services
  • 22.
  • 23. View services on a map
  • 24. Extensive School Data
  • 25. View Student Body Demographics, API scores, Fitness Results and more
  • 26. Go Live!
    Try it on
  • 27. Resource Guides Available:
    Click on
    • Service Categories
  • 28.
  • 29. Grab a quick stat, or compare your area of interest to other geographies
  • 30. Infant Birth Weight, 2008
  • 31.
  • 32. Removals by Age, 2008
  • 33. Out of Home Placement by Type , 2008
  • 34. Rank indicators by Geography:
    Where are the areas that have the highest percentage of people without health insurance?
  • 35. Go Live!
    Try it on
  • 36.
  • 37. Click on Change to
    select your area of interest
    Where are there WIC agencies & vendors in my neighborhood? (ZIP 90302)
  • 38.
  • 39.
  • 40.
  • 41. Where are there families of poverty in Oakland?
    Are there resources in these high need areas?
  • 42. Click the +- buttons
    to add
    Data to your map
  • 43.
  • 44. Find local support services
  • 45. Create a list of services to add to your map
  • 46. Identify gaps in services
    Find out more information about this area
  • 47.
  • 48. Work with elected officials to advocate for services
  • 49. Go Live!
    Try it on
  • 50. Other Map Room Features
    Compare two geographies
    Add boundary labels
    like ZIP or city
    CUSTOMIZE your map:
    Change the display of data
    You can also print, save & email your map AND view the data on a chart
  • 51. Learn about our data sources
  • 52.
  • 53. You can save and share anything you create while logged in
  • 54.
  • 55. Thank You!