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Audience research
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Audience research


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  • 1. Audience Research
  • 2. • To collect my audience research I did both a SurveyMonkey survey online and a hand out for people to do. • Less people were willing to do the online one so I got more people to do the hand out. • On the hand out I managed to get more qualitative data. So although I can’t easily analyse the data like you can with quantitative data, I can get more in depth answers. This will hopefully help me in the process of brainstorming and my target audience. • As the majority of my target audience are teens and young adults, that is who I gave my questionnaire to.
  • 3. What’s the first thing that came into your head when you heard this song?
  • 4. What’s the first thing that came into your head when you heard this song? • A large number of people have said that the song gives them positive feelings. “Happiness” and “fun” occurred the most. I want to be able to reflect this in my music video and give the audience a good feeling while watching it. • To do this I’ll have shots of my actors smiling and use mise en scene to emphasise positive feelings. I want people to enjoy watching this video and that they’re able to relate to it in some way.
  • 5. What’s the first thing that came into your head when you heard this song? • Nature words were common, with words like “bubbles”, “beach”, “hillside”, “rainbows” and “trees” occurring often. Nature is a big convention of indie music videos, so I’ll definitely include this in mine. • “Summer”, “sunny” and “sun” also occurred quite a bit. This will be featured in my video, especially as “sun” and “happiness” are often linked together. This may be difficult to do when it’s being filmed in the winter, but I can always green screen it.
  • 6. Locations/Settings:
  • 7. Locations/Settings: • The question “What’s the first thing that came into your head when you heard this song?” also helped answer this as there are similar responses. • People are linking the lyrics to visuals and are saying they think there should be a zoo. This is something I’d like to include but this and some of the suggested locations are not actually possible, so I can always green screen it. • Fields are mentioned the most often. This is a location that I feel would be appropriate to feature in my video.
  • 8. Locations/Settings: • Although there is a huge variety, outdoors and nature are a popular choice and seem to be a continuous theme. Due to the huge amount of locations I’d love to include a few of the suggested locations into my own video. • It’s clear that I’ll need to include nature locations and outdoors in my video. • The outdoors and locations fit in with the codes and the conventions of indie music videos. These locations appeal to my target audience.
  • 9. Techniques/Style/Lighting/Effects:
  • 10. Techniques/Style/Lighting/Effects:
  • 11. Techniques/Style/Lighting/Effects: • People have said that they think the video should be bright with natural lighting or have it sunny. I agree with this and I plan to film during the day. Bright colours are mentioned. This will hopefully emphasise the happy feeling I want to get across in my video. • Some have said they picture hazy and old-style photography. This is really keeping in key with the indie genre and appeals to the “hipster” target audience.
  • 12. Techniques/Style/Lighting/Effects: • Some have mentioned camera ideas: point of view, high angles • Techniques such as: green screen, split screen, slow motion and stop motion. I want to include as many of these as possible. •
  • 13. Characters
  • 14. Characters: • The one that stood out most to me was “friends”. I really want to highlight friendship in my video. • “Family” was mentioned a couple of times but I feel that a music video for this song doesn’t really suit family characters. • People are mentioning “teenagers” and “hipsters”. This is most likely going to be my target audience and so my lead rolls will fit into this category, too. This is so my audience can relate to the characters.
  • 15. Performance Ideas
  • 16. Narrative Ideas
  • 17. Performance, Narrative or Concept? • • • • Performance: 5 Narrative: 7 Concept: 7 A lot of people I asked said that they would like to see a mixture of all three or just two, in particular performance and concept. • People didn’t seem to be too bothered.