Managing Social Media for Business


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Managing Social Media for Business

  1. 1. January 14 & 15, 2013 Shannon Scanlan Business Services LibrarianArlington Heights Memorial Library
  2. 2. Why Social Media is Good for Business  Social media is a constant source of ideas, resources and recommendations.  Twitter is a tremendous tool for connecting and networking with users who share your interests, job skills, geographical area, business products etc...  Twitter and Facebook users can get instant results on what is being communicated about their business and products.  Customers can go to Twitter and Facebook for service and technical support.  Social media updates are short and concise showing that you value your customer’s time.
  3. 3. Why Use a Social Media Tool? Manage multiple accounts in 1 location No need to sign in to each of your accounts via separate websites Manage the social media sites that your customers are using URL shorteners, say more than 140 characters on Twitter Allows for scheduling of updates and tweets in advance Monitor what people are saying about your business, name or product online
  4. 4. Tools for making it easier Buffer  Manage multiple accounts, track analytics Google Alerts  Monitor your web mentions, news or business Hootsuite  Monitor social media accounts, schedule messages and more Topsy  Insight into what people are saying about you, your company or your brand online Tweetdeck  View and manage Twitter accounts as well as other social media sites such as Facebook and Linkedin
  5. 5. Twitter A social networking site for communicating and "micro blogging“. Over 500 million registered users. Users “tweet" short messages of 140 characters or less. Users "follow" other users, once followed their tweets will appear on your homepage. Direct messages can be sent between users who are following each other. A good choice if a user would like to send a private message to someone instead of sharing it with everyone. The use of hashtags (#) allows people to find similar topics and tweets such as #Chicago #WhiteSox #Jobs #Bears
  6. 6. Facebook Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 Over 1 billion users Users have “profiles” Businesses, groups, and organizations have “pages” Facebook users can post status updates, pictures, videos, links, send private messages and connect with other users
  7. 7. Linkedin Business related social networking site Launched in 2003 Over 200 million users Used for professional networking, job seekers, recruitment and job postings Users connect with direct connections, connections of connections and connections of a connection’s connection
  8. 8. Buffer Manage up to 12 social media accounts Allows 2 additional users to manage your Buffer account Track analytics on how many people are “liking”, “sharing” and “retweeting” your content App available for iPhone and Android Tool for easy sharing in your browser window Monthly cost $
  9. 9. Google Alerts Email alerts on Google search results  Search everything, news, blogs, video, discussions, books Monitor  News  Company  Name  Event, celebrity, sports team
  10. 10. Hootsuite A browser based tool that allows registered users to publish to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Foursquare and Wordpress Apps for iPhone and Android phones Includes a URL shortener In use since December 2008 You can access your Hootsuite account from any computer with an internet browser
  11. 11. Hootsuite app on iPhone
  12. 12. Tweetdeck A desktop application for use with Twitter, Facebook Users view updates in customizable columns iPhone and iPad versions In use since July 2008
  13. 13. Other Tools for Social Media Klout  Monitor your influence on social media Social Media Mention  Find out what others are saying about you on the internet NetVibes  Monitor your company, brand, news etc SpoutSocial  Social media management  $9 for individuals a month or $49 for businesses
  14. 14. Articles of Interest 3 Tools to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing  management-tools/ 26 Tips for Managing a Social Media Community  community-management/ 7 Tips for Better Social Media Time Management  tips-for-better-social-media-time-management-0344056