Creating Videos for Your Business


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Creating Videos for Your Business

  1. 1. February 13 & 14, 2012 Shannon ScanlanBusiness Services Librarian
  2. 2. Creating a Business Video The average Internet user watches 186 videos online a month *source Videos help get your message across  Location, products, services, skills, events Communicate face to face Know your audience  Your videos will be different if your target audience is kids or seniors Keep it short, 2-4 minutes is a good length
  3. 3. Things to Consider Make it personal  Stock photos won’t cut it Use real footage of staff, customers and clients Consider adding a greeting  President, CEO, Manager etc…  Welcome your watchers Make your video easy to find  Embed in your website  Upload to YouTube, Facebook or share on Twitter
  4. 4. Ideas Make a how-to-video of your products  People like to see how a product is used before they buy Customer testimonials Introduce your staff Tour your business location or facility Tell a story Make yourself unique Create a weekly or monthly video series to highlight products, specials, clients or staff
  5. 5. What You Need Camera with video feature Smartphone with video feature Small video camera  Flip  Sony Bloggie Tripod for camera stabilization Video editing software Write a script
  6. 6. iMovie Movie editing software for the Mac, iPad iPhone 4 and iPod Create videos using the Movie Trailers feature Audio editing Add special effects, graphics and transitions Use a theme such as News or Sports
  7. 7. Windows Live Movie Maker Video creation and editing software for Microsoft Windows Photo animation Audio editing Add visual effects Use of titles, captions and credits Storyboard Sharing of videos to Facebook, YouTube etc
  8. 8. Animoto Video slide share maker Videos are created from photos and music Animoto analyses the music selection and creates a video, no 2 videos are the same Free and paid subscriptions
  9. 9. The Studio The Library’s Digital Media Lab One-on-one assistance will be available beginning in March 2012 Users can create:  Videos  Music  Edit photographs  Make a movie  Podcasts  Graphic design  Website creation
  10. 10. What’s in the Studio? Hardware  Software 2 iMacs 27" 2.7 GHZ Intel Core i5 4GB  Mac OS X 10.7.2 Lion 1333 MHZ DDR3  Chrome Epson Perfection V600 scanner  Firefox Blue Yeti microphone (2)  Safari PlustekOptic Film 7600 (Intelliscan;  Flickr Uploadr Quickscan)  Facetime Klipsch speaker set (2)  Handbrake Sennheiser HD 250 pro headphones (2)  Screenflow M-audio Oxygen 61 keyboard  Image Capture M-audio Fast Track  Numbers (iWork 9) Trackpads (2) (Note: These are on order.)  Keynote (iWork 9) Tripp Lite USB hubs (2)  Pages (iWork 9 Zoom H1 mic  iMovie (iWork 9) Sony Bloggie Touch (2)  iTunes Canon PowerShot S95 digital cameras (2)  QuickTime Player 10.1 Large Pearstone tripod (1)  SilverFast 8 Small Pearstone tripod (1)  GarageBand Portable hard drive 1 Terrabyte (2)  Adobe CS5 Master Collection  Epson Perfection V600 scanning software