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SEM Architects Brochure


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  • 1. SEM ARCHITECTS An innovative design practice
  • 2. Ta b l e o f C o n t e n t s Firm History 1 An Innovative Design Practice Design Approach 2 Alignment of Values creating Organization The People Make the Difference 3 Roles and Responsibilities 4 Teaming for Unprecedented Experience designing Project Experience Our Work Speaks 5 Our People 6 developing Serving Our Clients Needs Market Sectors 7 Experience Through Varied Project Types References 8 We Value What Our Clients Say Contact Info SEM Architects 677 South Colorado Boulevard Suite 200 Denver, Colorado 80246 303.220.8900 SEM ARCHITECTS
  • 3. Firm History Founded in 1978, SEM Architects has one of the largest portfolios in the commercial, industrial and retail sectors in the Rocky Mountain West region. Building on early commissions in the development industry, the firm has evolved from a business-focused enterprise to a full-service, design-oriented architectural practice. In its first decade, SEM advanced from serving local clients to playing roles in regional and national projects. By the mid-1990s, as the firm went national, its services grew to encompass comprehensive architectural, master planning, entitlements, and interior design services for our clients in retail, industrial, office and build-to-suit markets. Recent years have seen an expansion of our portfolio to include local neighborhood retail and restaurants, regional mixed-use town centers, and office parks and corporate headquarters, as well as roll-out programs for national retailers. The hallmark of SEM’s work is its unparalleled customer service. Principals, directors and designers are an integral component of every project team at every stage, from initial vision, ideas and design concepts, to planning and construction phase services. Staff members are available for consultation at all junctures of every project. The firm’s achievements and its extensive referral network are testaments to the success of this approach, and to the grateful appreciation for its clients. “To be Creative and Passionate ” OUR MISSION & WHY WE E XIST “The success of our practice is based on the integrity of our ongoing relationships.” - Bruce McLennan 2
  • 4. Design Approach DESIGN Ar chitecture is the art of . . . “ composing spaces that responds to environmental conditions and addresses a clients needs. Whatever a project size or budget, we strive to create places that enrich how people live, work and play. We direct our energy towards an architecture born of human needs that responds to physical, social, and economic circumstances. We are not vendors of fashionable trends, but believe that good design defines our environment because truly innovative design is a source of inspiration to those who encounter it every day. DESIGN PHILOSOPHY ” SEM Architects combines improvisation with that the design solution will resolve. On this basis, the lateral thinking, a creative process for generating architects create a real-world design aimed at achieving ideas, in order to break through accepted thinking the client’s objectives. while still operating within real-world constraints, resources, and support. Case studies of similar projects serve as resources that inform the design process, enlighten the client Lateral thinking develops solutions through an on current design trends and suggest a platform indirect approach that moves from a known idea to for unique alternatives. Existing ideas become the a new idea. With a strong foundation of technical basis for challenges to conventional thinking, with expertise and carefully honed intuition, SEM the ultimate goal of establishing the big idea — a designers improvise on the challenges and resources defining concept and guiding influence, which will unique to each opportunity, inventing new thought keep the design true to its origins and consistent with patterns, practices, structures, or new ways that its objectives. people could interact with spaces. The successful outcome is helping clients find the distinctive Through the Design Development and Contract solutions relevant to their situation. Document phases of the project, SEM concentrates on documenting the project with best practices, The design process begins with an open dialog stringent quality-control procedures, and among clients, consultants, and the design team coordination of all work. Detailed task lists, milestones in a workshop setting, to develop the program; and performance-based criteria verify the work to analyze relevant case studies, and to create a of all project members as complete and accurate. framework that will bring the project to full fruition. The budget is vetted through cost/benefit systems analysis and milestone estimates. Finally, the design The full team establishes goals; collects, organizes, intent established during the genesis of the project and analyzes data; formulates relationships, and drives a consistently high quality of work through establishes priorities, in order to define the challenge “Successful architecture is authentic to a project’s personality. The key is to identify that personality, and construction and project close-out. design for it specifically.” - Todd Decker 3
  • 5. Organization People make the difference . . . “ At SEM Architects, every project gets the oversight of our managing principals. Our entire staff has a strong commitment to excellence and has a vested interest in our clients and the success of their projects. While each member of our team offers a unique range of talents, we focus on blending those talents to create a successful collaboration that is responsive to the client’s program, budget, and schedule. We consistently optimize the value and quality of the designs that we produce. WHY CHOOSE US DESIGN ” SEM Architects has earned a reputation in the In SEM’s hands, a building is architecture before it’s architectural industry for consistently great a project. We’ve built a team that knows the value of design and consummate customer service. We are design and works to balance the artistic with real- relationship-based and our success rests on our world considerations. We understand that the commitment to collaboration. Our practice is a design process, establishes character, personality and business but it is also a family. brand, highly influences and often determines public perception, and significantly impacts project value SEM offers an unparalleled combination of the and success. pragmatic and the creative, with a practice that exists at the interface of business and design. It is our We are careful to craft a design solution that understanding of both development and design that interprets the client’s objectives in terms of the drives our success. visual quality, character and presence of a project. STRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT SEM Architects’ expertise and experience Projects begin as individual design studios are assembled for a commission, bringing together an array of seasoned encompasses a solid and insightful system to professionals, creative designers and developing talent. These tight-knit, diverse groups collaborate directly with clients Our early reputation was earned as a down-to-earth support our clients’ success. We look forward to to establish an in-depth understanding of the project goals that will fulfill the program. business practice that worked on both sides of the the chance to help you achieve your goals. Studios are led by a Principal, who take an active role in every aspect, working in creative collaboration with the client deal-making ledger. Over the course of a decade, over the life of the project. Principals routinely fill the Project Architect role on a design team. Complemented by SEM has transformed to become a design-based but still market-savvy architectural firm that, relies experienced Project Managers, they lead the design team and are in constant communication with the client. on extensive experience in project development, and The Principals’ experience is enhanced by a dedicated group of Associates and the invaluable resources of continually deepens understanding of the market. Directors, who are responsible for creating and maintaining quality and consistency in specific aspects of SEM’s Bottom line, we bring a keen eye to the potential of practice. This personal attention and teamwork ensures the successful design, documentation and quality control of each project. the client’s program. “The success of SEM Architects over the past 31 years can largely be attributed to the quality of service we provide each and every one of our clients. Our goal with every client is to become their “go to” architect and develop long-term ongoing relationships.” - Terry Rucker 5 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 6
  • 6. The Streets at SouthGlenn SOUTHGLENN MALL REDEVELOPMENT CENTENNIAL, COLORADO Urban Revitalization The Streets at SouthGlenn is the redevelopment of the existing SouthGlenn Mall into a mixed-use Community Center for the City of Centennial. The redevelopment plan develops a 2,500,000 square foot Town Center between the existing Macy’s and Sears stores, and expands the on-site development to the perimeter of the property to include additional retail shops, restaurants, banks and services. The center is vertically mixed with below-grade parking, street level retail shops and either residential units or office space, the overall project budget is more than $300,000,000. SEM Architects is the Master Architect for the overall project and is responsible for entitlements, site planning, architectural design, tenant coordination, contract administration and design oversight and coordination. The Streets at SouthGlenn blends premier local and national retailers with bold new brands to provide an exceptional, exclusive shopping experience and convenient access to the amenities shoppers seek in one place. Adjacent to south Denver’s premier neighborhoods, the Denver Tech Center and other prosperous and growing residential and professional communities. A Lasting Impression References From an expansive park stretching one city Don Provost | Bryan McFarland block, to inviting sidewalk cafés and a new Alberta Development Partners library, The Streets at SouthGlenn is destined 8480 E Orchard Road, Suite 2400 to become Centennial’s town center, inspiring Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 neighborhood gatherings for years to come. 303.771.4004 7 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 8
  • 7. Urban Community Located on 80 acres in Denver, Lowry Vista urban planning, Lowry Vista will offer a Air Force Base. By completing the Highline re-envisions a former Air Force property pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use community Canal and Westerly Creek trails, Lowry Vista as a thriving community. But this is not an adhering to Denver’s acclaimed Main Street will provide surrounding neighborhoods average community. Nestled next to 100 development principles, which promote with greater mobility. Throughout the acres of open space and a newly remodeled sustainable, multi-use development. development, there will be many parks and golf course. Lowry Vista will be a true gathering areas. Integral to the town center urban mixed-use development, including The project has four major goals: design will be event space, plazas for markets, residential, retail, and entertainment venues. sustainability, modern urban design, infill and cozy niches for meeting friends. There will SEM Architects is the master planner, and instead of sprawl, and multiple connections be an “emerald necklace” of parks throughout architect for the project in conjunction with to the surrounding native environment. the sight, using attractive, drought-tolerant Davis Partnership. SEM is the Architect of landscaping, which is a responsible, sustainable Record for the 1 million plus square feet of At Lowry Vista, not only will the open choice for Colorado. commercial development, while the overall space be preserved, but it can be used as budget of the project will top $250,000,000. an “outdoor classroom.” A special signage system will be developed to help educate Lowry Vista The concept for Lowry Vista is to create a close-knit neighborhood designed to match modern expectations of responsible citizens and nearby school children about native Colorado plants and ecosystems. Around the open space, Lowry Vista will LOWRY AIR FORCE BASE REDEVELOPMENT growth and quality-of-life. Using modern connect trails that currently dead-end at the DENVER, COLORADO References Bill Tippman | Peter Goffstein Urban Life at Nature’s Door Step Bear Creek Capital Lowry Vista will be environmentally responsible 9549 Montgomery Road, Third Floor and aesthetically stunning. Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 513.793.1500 9 SEM ARCHITECTS
  • 8. Twenty Ninth Street Mall CROSSROADS MALL REDEVELOPMENT BOULDER, COLORADO New Urbanism Twenty Ninth Street Mall brings urban shopping sophistication to Boulder’s growing residential and professional communities. The genesis of the Twenty Ninth Street Mall was to redevelop an existing four-city block suburban mall into a thriving outdoor retail environment. The program for the entire project incorporates more than 800,000 square feet of office, retail, entertainment, and restaurant space. The overall project budget totaled more than $75,000,000. SEM Architects was the Architect of Record and was responsible for Site Planning, Architectural Design, Tenant Coordination, and Contract Administration. The resulting design created three distinct shopping and entertainment districts, enlivened by weaving the Boulder street grid throughout the development. The project’s challenges were met by designing the primary retail and plaza over an 800 car parking deck, and providing a variety of leasing opportunities. The design includes distinct building vocabularies utilizing dramatic massing and geometry, as well as a lively color palette, that responds to the context of the existing city and natural features of Boulder, Colorado. New Urbanism References Twenty Ninth Street Mall unlike the mall that Ron Lorch | Ron Kuhn prefaced it, consists of a collection of smaller Westcor Partners mulit-tenant retail buildings and big box stores 11411 North Tatum Boulevard clustered along a central spine. Phoenix, Arizona 85208 602.953.6252 11 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 12
  • 9. Exempla SW EXEMPLA LUTHERAN MEDICAL CENTER JEFFERSON COUNTY, COLORADO Modern Medical Designed as the first of two buildings in this Medical Campus, this project incorporates programming for medical users; including Urgent Care, Imaging, as well as Primary Care and Specialists. Phase 1 of the project set at the base of the “hogback” along C-470 in Jefferson County Colorado. The building houses more than 63,000 square foot of state of the art medical space. The overall budget for the project was $5,500,000. SEM Architects was the design architect as well as the Architect of Record for the project. SEM was responsible for all of the entitlements, site planning, building design, interior space planning, and contract administration. The project’s budget and program was fulfilled using tilt-up concrete construction. By utilizing a unique approach to panel design, window patterning and fenestration; the multi colored wall panels create variation and rhythm that tie the building together to create a clean contemporary image. The main entry feature is the focal point of the building as it dynamically extends from the building to create a covered drop off area for patients. References Austin Lehr | Mike Jones Articulation and Fenestration Lauth Property Group While the overall mass of the building remains 7887 E Bellview Avenue, Suite 900 quite simple in form, the building’s facades Englewood, Colorado 80111 use a variety of articulation, fenestration and 303.216.2031 colored patterns to create visual interest that is complimentary to the surrounding context. 13 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 14
  • 10. Montecito Point MONTECITO TOWN CENTER LAS VEGAS, NEVADA Town Center Office Montecito Point is a six story, 185,000 sf, high rise, office building located in Las Vegas Nevada. The $24,000,000 project includes structured / covered parking for 25 percent of the parking needs. The L-shaped footprint and core layout were designed to accommodate half-floor users as well as smaller tenant arrangements. The project is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, using a sustainability strategy that is balanced across all categories. SEM Architects was the architect of record on the project and was responsible for the overall site planning, as well as the architectectural design of the core and shell. The overall design reflects upon traditional design principals using a base, middle and top. These traditional principles are contrasted by a modern more contemporary aesthetic. The base is accented with large two story windows, and stone pilasters, while the middle portions of the building uses an EIFS wall system with a variety of horizontal window patterns. The upper portion of the building incorporates intricately detailed metal panels along with integral sun shade devices at the entry feature to create an iconic image on the skyline. Neutral Contrast References While the overall mass of the building uses Austin Lehr, Mike Jones a contextually neutral color palette, it is Lauth Property Group contrasted by the dark window patterns, and 7887 E Bellview Avenue, Suite 900 heavily articulated curtain walls. Englewood, Colorado 80111 303.216.2031 15 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 16
  • 11. Village at CornerStar CORNERSTAR AURORA, COLORADO Contemporary Retail CornerStar is a regional power center located on 158 acres at one of the busiest intersections in the Denver metropolitan area. The overall project contemplates more than 615,000 square feet of retail space with two distinctly different experiences. The power center portion of the project provides opportunities for large format users, while the village creates a unique urban environment that encompasses small retail shop space and restaurant users. SEM Architects the Architect of Record for the apx. $36,000,000 project and were responsible for all aspects of the project. The design of CornerStar is that of a uniquely contemporary blend of materials, forms and interstitial spaces. The buildings use a varied palette of materials in a variety of colors and patterns to create a high level of interest and design aesthetic, while the masses provide individual tenants with a strong sense of identity for their individual spaces. The organization of the buildings creates great opportunity for usable outdoor spaces that are either utilized as patio spaces for restaurants or lavish landscape areas to soften the overall project. Vibrant Colors References The Village at CornerStar uses vibrant colors Don Provost | Bryan McFarland not only on the awning structures but on the Alberta Development Partners buildings as well to create a warm and inviting 8480 E Orchard Road, Suite 2400 experience. Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303.771.4004 17 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 18
  • 12. Westmoor 10 WESTMOOR TECHNOLOGY PARK WESTMINSTER, COLORADO Timeless Corporate The Westmoor 10 phase of the Westmoor Technology Park in Westminster, Colorado is a 200,000 sq. ft. office building. The overall project budget was approximately $17,000,000. SEM Architects was the Architect of Record for the project and was responsible for the site planning, design of the buildings, contract administration, as well as any tenant coordination that occurred as part of the leasing efforts. The design concept for Westmoor 10 incorporates traditional forms, and a variety of balanced materials and fenestration patterns. The focal point of the building is the main entry feature, which reveals itself as a sliver of glass, that is compressed between two stone masses. The relationship of the glass and stone create a unique tension that commands attention, and draws the pedestrian to the entry. The buildings simplicity plays out as the base of the building is articulated with a course stone pattern, while the upper levels are composed of horizontally articulated pre-cast panels. References Don Slack | Anne Hayes Long Lasting Materials Westf eld Development Westmoor Technology Park utilizes precast 717 Seventeenth Street, Suite 2000 concrete panels and Arriscraft stone products Denver, Colorado 80202 to create a high level of permanence, one that 303.298.1111 will stand the test of time. 19 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 20
  • 13. 1655 Lafayette DENVER, COLORADO Invite Only - Design Competition The design concept for the new medical office building at 1655 Lafayette takes advantage of a prominent site in what will be a large redevelopment project. On a site that is under utilized in terms of density this new facility takes advantage of internal parking schemes to increase its densities while providing the opportunity for both clinical and medical office space. The design concept for 1655 Lafayette is based around the concept of integration. The buildings program while not atypical for the surrounding area, is larger than portions of its context. 1655 utilizes and is focused on breaking down the scale of the building into smaller components that assist in its relationship and presence within the neighborhood. The structure works to maximize the potential building footprint, while the facade of the building is compartmentalized into unique features that add variety and scale to the building. The concept of overlapping is prominent throughout the building to create depth and visual interest from all perspectives, while providing it’s users with accessible common amenities. Modern Simplicity References The exterior skin of the building creates a Michelle Brokaw | Glen Sibley dynamic juxtaposition of the surrounding Fleisher Smyth Brokaw environment and provides the users with a 425 South Cherry, Suite 250 strong iconic identity. Denver, Colorado 80246 303.308.9660 21 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 22
  • 14. Authentic Irish Dining Katie Mullen’s is a unique Irish Bar and Mall and welcome patrons into a warm, Restaurant encompassing four bars comfortable and familiar experience. The and four themed experiences. The space is designed to replicate the owners restaurant / bar anchors both the 16th existing pubs in Ireland. Each of the Street Mall and the historic Sheraton four separate but connected spaces are Hotel in Downtown Denver, Colorado. defined by unique architectural details The restaurant totals more than 11,500 and amenities, and are supplemented square feet of high end restaurant with handmade furniture, imported space. As the overall project architect fixtures, hand applied finishes and custom for the restaurant, SEM Architects was designed millwork. responsible for all of the architecture as well as the project coordination with the kitchen designers, interior designer, owners, and the contractor. The project budget was approximately $3,000,000. Katie Mullen’s Irish Pub While occupying a prominent corner, the entry and exterior patio enliven the HISTORIC SHERATON HOTEL DENVER, COLORADO References Tom Cronin | Paul Maye Authentic Irish Details Northwest Bars Ltd Katie Mullen’s relied on a large majority of Hartley Business Park, Unit 1 it’s design elements coming straight out of Carrick-on-Shannon,Co.Leitrim Ireland. These authentic materials provide a + 353(0)86 8032085 unique experience, and one that is true to Irish atmosphere. 23 SEM ARCHITECTS
  • 15. 1000 South Colorado GLENDALE, COLORADO References Jim Adelstein Bold Architectural Lighting NWE Engineering Company 1000 South Colorado uses unique architectural 100 N. Laurel Avenue features in combination with state of the art Los Angeles, CA 90048 lighting that creates the opportunity to enliven (323) 930-9700 the center with varying colors keeping the center fresh and relevant in the retail market. Iconic Retail Imagery 1000 South Colorado consists of two speculative retail buildings that creates a billboard effect perpendicular to the main on an urban in-fill site in Glendale, Colorado. The overall thoroughfare. project incorporates 16,000 square feet of traditional retail uses on approximately one city block. The overall project budget Building A features a large internally illuminated glass structure was approximately $3,000,000. SEM Architects was the Design that soars out to the street with large over scaled address numbers, Architect and the Architect of Record for the overall project and while Building B uses a vertical glass tower to bring a presence was responsible for the entitlements, site planning, architectural to the back of the site. Each of the building’s glass features are design, as well as all of the tenant coordination on behalf of the complimented with contemporary masonry anchored corners owner. that create a strong mass which balances the transparent elements and ladder frame canopies that create a unique play of light and The site, located along Colorado Boulevard, has limited frontage, shadow to the facade. and posed a variety of challenges in creating viable visibility for retailers. This challenge was met by creating an iconic architecture
  • 16. Riverview Point RIVERVIEW POINT BUSINESS PARK MESA, ARIZONA Desert Simplicity Riverview Point is a master-planned office park, designed for six buildings in a campus setting in Mesa, Arizona. Phase 1 of the project is a $15,000,000 project with the first two buildings as two story, 84,000 SF each. The project is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, using a sustainability strategy that is balanced across all categories. SEM Architects was the Architect of Record on the project and was responsible for the overall site planning, as well as the architectural design of the core and shells. The Riverview Office Buildings use heavily articulated concrete tilt wall panels that incorporate a rich desert color scheme. The varied patterns and color, along with the changing building mass work to break the large floor plates into a compartmentalized building aesthetic. The projecting steel canopies add life to the facade by creating dynamic shadows that change dramatically throughout the day. The buildings relationship to the ground plane, landscape, and the sidewalks provide the pedestrian with a strong sense of connectivity. Clean and Simple References With simplicity being the overall driving factor Austin Lehr, Mike Jones on these understated buildings, the color and Lauth Property Group patterns, create a strong contextual response 7887 E Bellview Avenue, Suite 900 to the sparse environment, while the interior Englewood, Colorado 80111 spaces focus on a simple contemporary 303.216.2031 aesthetic. 27 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 28
  • 17. Park Meadows Station RTD PARK AND RIDE ARAPAHOE COUNTY, COLORADO Live . .Work . . Play Park Meadows Station is a new transit oriented development along Interstate 25, adjacent to Inverness Business Park, and Park Meadows Mall. This large scale development features almost a million square feet of office, over 600,000 square feet of residential, approximately 70,000 or retail, and a large 2500 car RTD park and ride parking structure. The campus is anchored on the north end by 3 signature office buildings that offer unobstructed mountain views to the west, and work together to create a gateway to the Denver metropolitan area. The development features gracious open spaces, grand park settings, and sinuous walking paths that tie the entire development together. Park Meadows Station will be a comfortable, urban environment that offers a unique set of amenities, and opportunities for all to enjoy. SEM Architects is the design architect for the project and will be responsible for all aspects of the project. The project budget is estimated to be over $275,000,000 and totals more than 2,250,000 square feet. References Transportation Hub Brian Robinson Park Meadows Station offers a unique Robinson Development combination of Class A office space, 5400 Inverness Parkway, Suite 270 retail, and restaurant uses amidst a major Englewood, Colorado 80112 transportation hub that includes a light rail 303.799.8301 stop, and major bus connections for park and ride users. 29 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 30
  • 18. Southlands High Visibility Retail SOUTHLANDS TOWN CENTER AURORA, COLORADO New Town Center The high visibility retail shops are located at the entrance to the Southlands Town Center project located along E-470 in Aurora, Colorado. The total project consists of five separate buildings that front the overall town center development. The buildings account for approximately 32,000 square feet of new retail shops space and at a project budget of more than $5,000,000 the project has an immense amount of character and detail. SEM Architects was the Architect of Record on the project and were responsible for the overall site planning, as well as the architectectural design of the building shells. The design concept was for each building to be broken down into smaller components that enhance the village feel of the spaces and create enticing interstitial spaces. Each component of the facade is uniquely detailed and its identity is distinctively different than that of its counterpart. The warm tones of the brick and the lush landscaping work to create a relaxing and inviting environment that the end user will feel comfortable in for extended periods of time. Town Center Entry References As the gateway to the new Town Center, the Don Provost | Bryan McFarland high visibility retail buildings set the overall Alberta Development Partners tone and character for the project. 5460 South Quebec Street, Suite 100 Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303.771.4004 31 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 32
  • 19. Bruce McLennan Bruce’s career includes a diverse cross section of commercial projects including; retail development and redevelopment, Bruce Mclennan AIA, NCARB office and value office, corporate headquarters, automotive dealerships and service facilities, financial institutions, Principal in Charge restaurants, entertainment uses, warehousing, medical, and corporate interiors. He has performed projects for commercial developers, end users, retail tenants, brokers, contractors, program managers, and municipalities, and is active With over 20-years at SEM, Bruce has in a consistent network of referral based clients. provided leadership in the architectural and business components of the practice. His combined experience in firm management and commercial architecture brings a strong balance of business aspects, technical applications and design aesthetics to projects. His Studio’s projects include developments of all types, uses and scales, including retail, corporate office, interiors and automotive. Bruce leads an effective, experienced team that delivers quality projects, and all share the Stevinson Lexus of Frederick Westerra Operations Center The Streets at SouthGlenn same commitment to client service and attention to detail. Mixed Use Retail Office Gates Redevelopment Arapahoe Crossing IHS Corporate Headquarters Denver, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Lowry Vista Gart Sports National Program Parkridge 9 & 10 Education Denver, Colorado Various Locations Lone Tree, Colorado Bachelor of Architecture The Streets at SouthGlenn King Soopers Sevo Miller Headquarters University of Arizona Centennial, Colorado Various Locations Denver, Colorado Twenty Ninth Street Mall North Creek Shops The Quad at Lowry Campus Industry affiliations Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado International Council of Restaurant Paradise Pen Company Westerra Corporate Headquarters Shopping Centers Various Locations Denver, Colorado Brueggers Bagel Bakery Certified Development, Design & Construction Westerra Operations Center Various Locations Automotive National Council of Architectural Denver, Colorado Jason’s Deli Stevinson Toyota West Registration Boards Westmoor Technology Park Various Locations Lakewood, Colorado Construction Specifications Institute Westminster, Colorado Ling and Louie’s Restaurant Stevinson Lexus of Frederick Certified Construction Specifier Denver, Colorado Frederick, Colorado Financial Mad Greens Stevinson Imports Bank One LICENSE Various Locations Littleton, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Colorado: B-2053 Medical Stapp Toyota Red Rocks Credit Union Frederick, Colorado Highlands Ranch, Colorado Denver Arthritis Clinic Denver, Colorado Medved South Campus Safeway Credit Union PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE Castle Rock, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Dry Creek Chiropractic Murata Outland Associates: 1984 - 1989 Medved Hummer Westerra Credit Union Denver, Colorado Cronenwett Associates: 1983 - 1984 Castle Rock, Colorado Various Locations KTM Associates: 1981 - 1983 Hand Specialty Lakewood, Colorado 33 SEM ARCHITECTS * Project completed prior to joining SEM SEM ARCHITECTS 34
  • 20. Todd Decker Todd is an qualified, licensed architect with over 20-years of experience. He is skilled at project delivery and program Todd Decker AIA, NCARB implementation, starting at project kick-off and continuing through close-out. Todd’s career includes project types in; Principal in Charge aviation, banking, distribution and warehousing, light manufacturing, medical, municipal, professional office, parking structures, restaurants, retail, theater and performing arts, and technology. Project experiences include; full services from As Principal and Studio Leader, Todd land planning through design and construction phase services, design of core-and-shell through interiors, and includes is responsible for assuring that the best project budgets from $50,000 to $75,000,000. resources, practices and experience are available to enhance a client’s opportunities. Since 1991, Todd has been progressively building a knowledge of commercial design founded on solid business practices and understanding of the Client’s perspective. His studio’s projects range from large, campus, and mixed-use development to small single user facilities and neighborhood retail environments across the Western United Peakview Office Building Twenty Ninth Street Mall Exempla Lutheran Southwest States. Each project receives careful attention to the program, opportunities and budget resulting in long-term client Office Mixed-Use Medical relationships. Brannan Sand & Gravel 40th and Pena Boulevard Arbor Dental Group Adams County, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Lone Tree, Colorado Cherry Hills Village Center Park Meadows Station Exempla Lutheran Southwest Education Cherry Hills, Colorado Douglas County, Colorado Jefferson County, Colorado Bachelor of Architecture Coal Creek Business Park Twenty Mile Town Center Veterans Admin. - Poly Trauma University of Detroit Loiusville, Colorado Parker, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Colorado Farm Bureau Twenty Ninth Street Mall Veterans Admin. - Prosthetics Industry affiliations Englewood, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Aurora, Colorado National Association of Industrial and Montecito Office Building Retail Yale New Haven Hospital* Office Properties Las Vegas, Nevada New Haven, Connecticut 1000 S. Colorado National Council of Architectural Panorama Corporate Center Glendale, Colorado Industrial Registration Boards Centennial, Colorado Bowles Village Center Aurora Commerce Center Peakview Office Park Jefferson County, Colorado Aurora, Colorado International Council of Greenwood Village, Colorado Shopping Centers Bristol Village CPS Distributors Ridgegate Point Office Building Aurora, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Urban Land Institute Lone Tree, Colorado Chanson Plaza Goodyear Point Business Center Riverview Point Office Building Jefferson County, Colorado Goodyear, Arizona Mesa, Arizona License Flatirons Village Riverside Business Center TMA Benefits Services Building Broomfield, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona Colorado: C-4922 Aurora, Colorado Arizona: 45897 Mainstreet at Flatirons Stapleton Business Center Nevada: 6080 Washington Point Business Center Broomfield, Colorado Denver, Colorado Wyoming: C-2350 Phoenix, Arizona Northglenn Marketplace Waste Connections Restaurant Northglenn, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Previous experience Katie Mullen’s Irish Restaurant Parker Hilltop Washington Airport Center Wendler/Pizzo, Architects: 1988 - 1991 Denver, Colorado Parker, Colorado Goodyear, Arizona Russell Gibson VonDohlen: 1987 - 1988 Original Pancake House The Outlets at Silverthorne Multiple Locations Silverthorne, Colorado 35 SEM ARCHITECTS * Project completed prior to joining SEM SEM ARCHITECTS 36
  • 21. Terry Rucker Terry’s diverse experience includes municipal projects such as police and fire stations, to detention facilities and Terry Rucker AIA, NCARB national guard armories; educational projects including school administrative facilities, new elementary schools and Principal in Charge multiple renovations and remodels; office buildings and office complexes; large retail developments to individual tenant improvements and build-to-suit projects; mixed-use developments which include a mix of residential and retail users; Terry joined SEM Architects in 1996. medical office buildings, restaurants and financial institutions. His technical expertise and experience with client and staff relationships maintains a strong consistency in our office productivity. Terry’s dedication to serving our clients has resulted in multiple clients having been with SEM for over 20 years. Terry has extensive experience in project and resource management, focusing on commercial development, retail development and build-to-suit applications. His studio’s expertise in these project types brings a strong balance Westmoor Building 10 CornerStar Tiffany Plaza to the integration of tenants, and end users. Terry’s strengths are dealing with a specific tenant prototype requirements Mixed-Use Restaurant Municipal and client/landlord expectations. Silverthorne Town Center Gelazzi Fire Sub Station #1* Silverthorne, Colorado Houston, Texas Clovis, New Mexico Crystal River Marketplace Pan Asia Bistro Fire Sub Station #2* Education Carbondale, Colorado Douglas County, Colorado Clovis, New Mexico Bachelor of Architecture National Guard Armory* Texas Tech University Office Retail Clovis, New Mexico Dove Valley Business Park Arvada Ridge Centennial, Colorado Arvada, Colorado Clovis Police Headquarters* Industry affiliations Clovis, New Mexico Eldon W. Smith Architects Office* Biondi Jewelers National Council of Architectural Clovis, New Mexico Aurora, Colorado Clovis Public Library* Registration Boards Clovis, New Mexico The Shane Company Corporate Office CornerStar International Council of Aurora, Colorado Curry County Detention Center* Greenwood Village, Colorado Shopping Centers Clovis, New Mexico The Quad at Lowry 1-3 Harmony Marketplace Ft. Collins, Colorado Mesh Elementary School* Denver, Colorado Clovis, New Mexico License Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 1 & 2 Lakeside Mall Redevelopment Lakeside, Colorado New Mexico - American Water Co.* Colorado: 305272 Westminster, Colorado Clovis, New Mexico Texas: 20048 Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 3 & 4 Lakeside Retail Building Lakeside, Colorado Valencia Elementary School* Minnesota: 45559 Westminster, Colorado Nevada: 6000 Fortales, New Mexico Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 5 & 6 Sheridan Crossing Shopping Center Westminster, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Financial Previous experience The Shane Company Bellco Credit Union Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 7 Eldon W. Smith AIA: 1986 - 1996 Westminster, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Ritter & Associates: 1985 - 1986 Tiffany Plaza Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 8 & 9 Medical Richard O. Haness Architects: 1984 - 1985 Denver, Colorado Westminster, Colorado 20 Mile Orthodontics Westmoor Technology Park Bldg 10 Town Center North Parker, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Highlands Ranch, Colorado Urgent Care Trice Jewelers Clovis, New Mexico Aurora, Colorado 37 SEM ARCHITECTS * Project completed prior to joining SEM SEM ARCHITECTS 38
  • 22. Kristoffer Kenton Kristoffer is a senior designer with over 12 years of experience with an expansive range of project types both internationally Kristoffer Kenton LEED® AP and domestically. Kristoffer’s ability to intuitively absorb the needs and challenges of a project while conceptually Associate - Director of Design visualizing the end-result create the foundation needed to move a project forward. Kristoffer’s career includes project types in; aviation, civic, professional office, campus planning, master planning, mixed-use, retail, parking structures, automotive, Kristoffer has been leading SEM’s design and industrial projects with budgets of $50,000 to $350,000,000. This broad base of experience brings a well balanced efforts since 2001, and brings a wide diversity of design solutions to our practice. variety of past project exposure. Through this experience he brings a high level of attention, enthusiasm, and expertise to our projects. As the Director of Design, Kristoffer oversees the firms design activities, from master planning and building design to project construction. His experience, design talent, and knowledge establishes SEM as a leader in commercial development. Kristoffer is highly regarded for his ability to work with Arapahoe Lima Center The Streets at SouthGlenn 1655 Lafayette clients and teams to move past challenges to provide the highest quality design solution that is differentiated from its Mixed-Use Civic Office competitors with a unique solution. 40th and Pena Boulevard Colorado Convention Center* Al-Safeer Tower* Aurora, Colorado Denver, Colorado Dubai, United Arab Emirates Crystal River Marketplace Colorado Freedom Memorial* Brannan Sand & Gravel Education Carbondale, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Bachelor of Architecture Gates Redevelopment Larimer County Courthouse* Kuwait Finance House Tower* Kansas State University Denver, Colorado Ft. Collins, Colorado Kuwait City, Kuwait Lowry Vista Sacramento City Admin. Bldg.* Montecito Office Building Industry affiliations Denver, Colorado Sacramento, California Las Vegas, Nevada United States Green Building Council Park Meadows Station United States Embassy* Riverview Point Office Building Douglas County, Colorado Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Mesa, Arizona International Council of Silverthorne Town Center Sevo Miller Office Building Shopping Centers Retail Silverthorne, Colorado Denver, Colorado 1000 S. Colorado National Association of Industrial and The Streets at SouthGlenn The Streets at Southglenn - Block 3N Glendale, Colorado Office Properties Centennial, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Arapahoe Lima Center Twenty Mile Town Center Arapahoe County, Colorado Washington Point Business Center Awards Parker, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona CornerStar 1999 International Design Competition Medical Aurora, Colorado Av i at i o n Vienna International Airport 1655 Lafayette Flatirons Village Doha International Airport* Denver, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado Doha, Qatar Previous experience 20 Mile Orthodontics Shops at Crown Point Madrid International Airport* Parker, Colorado Parker, Colorado Madrid, Spain Kristoffer Kenton Design: 2001 Fentress Bradburn Architects: 1998 - 2001 Exempla Lutheran Southwest Southlands Tenerife Sur Airport* Jefferson County, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Tenerife, Spain Restaurant Tiffany Plaza Vienna International Airport* Denver, Colorado Vienna, Austria Pan Asia Bistro Douglas County, Colorado Town Center North Highlands Ranch, Colorado 39 SEM ARCHITECTS * Project completed prior to joining SEM SEM ARCHITECTS 40
  • 23. Retail Environments Retail Environments SEM Architects roots are in the retail sector. We have been creating successful retail environments for more than 30 years, and have done more than 16,000,000 square feet of space. Retail environments express themselves in a variety of product Power Center Neighborhood Retail Strip types ranging from new town centers with a mix of uses to traditional malls, power centers, neighborhood center, and retail Arvada Marketplace Arapahoe Crossing Alameda Chambers Connection Arvada, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Colorado strip centers. These environments continue to change and evolve, and SEM Architects is on the forefront of the retail Arvada Ridge Arapahoe Marketplace Arapahoe Lima Center development sector, developing new concepts while continually finding ways to reinvent existing ones. Arvada, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Bear Valley Shopping Center Boulevard Center Broomfield Retail Building Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado Bellview Shores Bowles Village Center Buffalo Run Village Retail Westminster, Colorado Littleton, Colorado Commerce City, Colorado Bowles Crossing Chanson Plaza Bristol Village Littleton, Colorado Littleton, Colorado Aurora, Colorado CornerStar Cherry Hills Marketplace Criterion Shopping Center Aurora, Colorado Greenwood Village, Colorado Denver, Colorado Flatacres Marketplace City Center Marketplace County Line Retail Parker, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Interplaza West East Quincy Highlands Hoffman Heights Golden, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Arvada Ridge CornerStar Silverthorne Factory Outlets Lakeside Mall Harmony Marketplace Lakeside Retail Lakeside, Colorado Ft. Collins, Colorado Lakeside, Colorado Mixed Use Urban Infill Malls Lincoln Meadows Leetsdale Marketplace Mainstreet and Jordan Parker, Colorado Denver, Colorado Parker, Colorado 40th and Pena Boulevard 1000 South Colorado Bear Valley Mall Aurora, Colorado Glendale, Colorado Denver, Colorado Mainstreet at Flatiron Parker Hilltop Parker Crossing Broomfield, Colorado Parker, Colorado Parker, Colorado Cherry Hills Village Center 2000 South University Bowles Crossing Cherry Hills, Colorado Denver, Colorado Littleton, Colorado Northglenn Marketplace Parker Marketplace Parker and Hess Northglenn, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Parker, Colorado Crown Point 239 Detroit Cherry Creek Shopping Center Parker, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Parker Marketplace Plaza at Aurora Mall Plaza Colorado Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Greenwood Village, Colorado Crystal River Marketplace 700 Kalamath Durango Mall Carbondale, Colorado Denver, Colorado Durango, Colorado Rocky Mountain Marketplace Quincy Marketplace Quail Creek Loveland, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Gates Redevelopment 801 Broadway Flatiron Crossing Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado Silverthorne Factory Outlets Seven Hills Shopping Center Quincy Marketplace Silverthorne, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Hampden Town Center Denver Design District Glenwood Springs Mall Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Glenwood Springs, Colorado Town Center North Sheridan Crossings Shops at Crown Point Highlands Ranch, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Parker, Colorado Lowry Vista North Creek Shops Lakeside Mall Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Lakeside, Colorado Westfield Shopping Center Tiffany Plaza Southlands High Visibility Retail Westminster, Colorado Denver, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Mainstreet & Pine Retail Southglenn Mall Parker, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Village on the Park The Village Aurora, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Silverthorne Town Center Tamarac Square Mall Silverthorne, Colorado Denver, Colorado Westbrook Shopping Center Villa Monaco Westminster, Colorado Denver, Colorado The Streets at SouthGlenn Centennial, Colorado Yale and Monaco Marketplace Denver, Colorado Twenty Mile Town Center Parker, Colorado Twenty Ninth Street Mall Boulder, Colorado 41 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 42
  • 24. Office Environments Office Environments SEM Architects has an extensive portfolio of office projects totaling more than 11,000,000 square feet. Our office environments are one of the more critical types of spaces that we design as people spend more than 90% of their time Medical Office S p e c u l at i v e S p e c u l a t i v e ( c o n t. ) indoors and a large portion of their day in these spaces. Our office buildings range from large office park projects 20 Mile Orthodontics 76 Inverness Drive Riverview Point Business Park 6 Parker, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Mesa, Arizona incorporating multiple buildings and parking structures to small individual build to suits for single users. We utilize our Arbor Dental Building Centertech Place The Streets at Southglenn - Block 3N experience to create office environments that are not only pleasing to the end user, but ones that maximize the financial Lone Tree, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Centennial, Colorado benefits for our clients. Dr. Fedorowicz Church Ranch Corporate Center The Quad Building 1 Denver, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Denver, Colorado Dr. Linkow Coal Creek Corporate Center 1 The Quad Building 2 Denver, Colorado Louisville, Colorado Denver, Colorado Dr. Shebowick Coal Creek Corporate Center 2 The Quad Building 3 Aurora, Colorado Louisville, Colorado Denver, Colorado Dr. Troeger Coal Creek Corporate Center Sig. Washington Point Business Center Denver, Colorado Louisville, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona Exempla Lutheran Southwest Exempla Lutheran Southwest Waterpark at Briarwood 1 Jefferson County, Colorado Jefferson County, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Lake Pleasant Medical Office I-225 Business Park 1 Waterpark at Briarwood 2 Lake Pleasant, Arizona Aurora, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center Westmoor Technology Park Sevo Miller Headquarters Meadows Medical I-225 Business Park 2 Waterpark at Briarwood 3 Lone Tree, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Of f ic e Pa r k s Build to Suit B u i l d t o S u i t ( c o n t. ) Parker Urgent Care I-225 Business Park 4 Waterpark at Briarwood 4 Parker, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Church Ranch Office Park Allstate Claims Center Macrologic Headquarters Westminster, Colorado Northglenn, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Veteran’s Administration Meadows Corporate Center 4 Westerra Operations Center Aurora, Colorado Lone Tree, Colorado Denver, Colorado Coal Creek Corporate Center Autotrek Corporate Office Minolta Office Systems Louisville, Colorado Littleton, Colorado Arvada, Colorado Meadows Corporate Center 5 Westmoor Buildings 1 & 2 Lone Tree, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Dove Valley Business Park Brannan Sand and Gavel National Business Media Adaptive Reuse Centennial, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Broomfield, Colorado Montecito Office Building Westmoor Buildings 3 & 4 677 South Colorado Boulevard Las Vegas, Nevada Westminster, Colorado I-225 Business Park Cahners Publishing Co. Sevo Miller Headquarters Denver, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Douglas County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 1 Westmoor Buildings 5 & 6 700 Kalamath Centennial, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Information Handling Services Colorado Farm Bureau The Shane Company Corporate Office Denver, Colorado Douglas County, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Greenwood Village, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 2 Westmoor Building 7 Association of Operating Room Nurses Centennial, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center CPS Distributors Headquarters TMA Benefits Services Denver, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 3 Westmoor Buildings 8 & 9 Burlington Air Express Centennial, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Peakview Office Plaza Fidelity Investments United Health Care Lakewood, Colorado Greenwood Village, Colorado Lone Tree, Colorado Denver, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 4 Westmoor Building 10 Campus at Cherry Creek Centennial, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Riverview Point Business Park Gannett Outdoors Westerra Credit Union Denver, Colorado Mesa, Arizona Arvada, Colorado Denver, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 5 Intelcom Group (ICG) Centennial, Colorado The Quad at Lowry Campus IBIS Computer Facility Westerra Corporate Headquarters Englewood, Colorado Denver, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 8 Jeffco Action Center Centennial, Colorado Waterpark at Briarwood IHS Corporate Headquarters 1 Youth for Christ Lakewood, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Greenwood Village, Colorado Panorama Corporate Center 10 MCI Call Center Centennial, Colorado Westmoor Technology Park IHS Corporate Headquarters 2 Highlands Ranch, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Peakview Office Plaza 1 Medical Group Management Assoc. Greenwood Village, Colorado IHS Corporate Headquarters 3 Englewood, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Riverview Point Business Park 1 Sports Authority Headquarters Mesa, Arizona Englewood, Colorado 43 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 44
  • 25. Retail Users / Tenant Coordination Retail Users / Tenant Coordination SEM Architects has and continues to work with the nations top retailers in all of our retail projects. We are unmatched in our experience for coordinating tenants demands into our overall project concepts. Whether it is doing a build to suit for R e t a i l ( c o n t. ) R e t a i l ( c o n t. ) Tenants a tenant, designing the tenant interiors, coordinating the landlords work, or working to modify the users prototype to fit Buy Buy Baby Paradise Pens City Market Littleton, Colorado Various Locations Carbondale, Colorado into the project, we pride ourselves on our ability to balance out each users individual needs so that the overall project is Burlington Coat Factory Party America Dick’s Sporting Goods successful. Littleton, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Various Locations Celestial Seasonings Pearle Vision DSW Denver, Colorado Lone Tree, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Christy Sports Pep Boys Auto Parts Fire Bowl Cafe Littleton, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Colorado Baggage REI First Bank Boulder, Colorado Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Dixon Paper Rite Aid Pharmacy Garbonzo Arvada, Colorado Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Edge Fitness Ross Hollywood Theaters Centennial, Colorado Various Locations Centennial, Colorado Famous Footwear Sears Home Depot Parker, Colorado Centennial, Colorado Various Locations Jason’s Deli Sports Authority Arvada Ridge Furniture Row Shane Company Home Goods Various Locations Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Financial Restaurant Retail Golfsmith Sports Authority Kohl’s Golden, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Bank One Brueggers Bagel Bakery 24 Hour Fitness Boulder, Colorado Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Hobby Lobby Staples Lowes Longmont, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Capital Federal Bank Chili’s Advance Auto Parts Parker, Colorado Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Home Base TJ Maxx Mervyn’s Various Locations Greenwood Village, Colorado Littleton, Colorado DPS Credit Union Gelazzi Arizona Baggage Denver, Colorado Various Locations Phoenix, Arizona Justice Trice Jewelers Red Robin Various Locations Denver, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Fidelity Investments Jason’s Deli Avanza! Lonetree, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations King Soopers Petco Spicy Pickle Various Locations Various Locations Arapahoe County, Colorado First Bank of Grand Junction Katie Mullen’s Irish Pub Barnes and Noble Grand Junction, Colorado Denver, Colorado Various Locations Larry’s Shoes Petsmart Sunflower Market Denver, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Greeley National Bank La Salsa Babies “R” Us Greeley, Colorado Lonetree, Colorado Various Locations Macy’s Village Tavern Target Various Locations Broomfield, Colorado Various Locations Public Service Credit Union Ling and Louie’s Restaurant Bed Bath and Beyond Various Locations Denver, Colorado Various Locations Macy’s Home Store Vitamin Cottage Tokyo Joes Centennial, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Red Rocks Credit Union Lonestar Steak House Best Buy Highlands Ranch, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Marshall’s Whole Foods Verizon Northglenn, Colorado Various Locations Various Locations Safeway Credit Union Mad Greens Big 5 Sports Centennial, Colorado Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Media Play Wild Oats Wal-Mart Littleton, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Various Locations TCF Banks Original Pancake House Billy Martins Various Locations Various Locations Denver, Colorado Mello Mushroom Wells Fargo Centennial, Colorado Various Locations US Banks Pan Asia Bistro Biondi Jewelers Boulder, Colorado Englewood, Colorado Parker, Colorado Music Go Round Littleton, Colorado Westerra Credit Union Red Robin Blazers Street Market Various Locations Various Locations Aurora, Colorado Office Depot Aurora, Colorado Salad Bowl Blockbuster Video Denver, Colorado Various Locations Pace Membership Warehouse Various Locations 45 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 46
  • 26. Industrial Facilities / Tenant Coordination Industrial Facilities / Tenant Coordination SEM Architects has extensive experience in both large and small scale projects for the Distribution, Warehousing and Light Industrial markets. As unique commercial developments these project types challenge the Design Team to develop solutions M u lt i - Te n a n t M u l t i - T e n a n t ( c o n t. ) Tenants into creative, memorable buildings that respond to strict programmatic and economic factors. User criteria is constantly 35th & Frasier Warehouse Goodyear Point Building A ACI Electronics Aurora, Colorado Goodyear, Arizona Denver, Colorado evolving with technology, delivery systems and productivity advancements. Our projects have been proven to remain flexible 72 / 74 Inverness Gunbarrel Office & Warehouse American Tire Distributors and usable, ultimately providing decades of highly efficient facilities for vital businesses. Englewood, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Las Vegas, Nevada Aurora Commerce Center Building C Hilltop Mesa At Last Distributors Aurora, Colorado Lakewood, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Boulder Trade Center Interstate Distribution Center 1 Auto-trol Technology Boulder, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Briarwood and Revere Phase 1 Interstate Distribution Center 2 Beverage Distributors Arapahoe County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Briarwood and Revere Phase 2 Lincoln Warehouse 1 Big O Tires Distribution Center Arapahoe County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Briarwood and Revere Phase 3 Lincoln Warehouse 2 DIA Materials Storage Arapahoe County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Cherry Creek Business Center North Pecos Distribution Fresh Point Foods Aurora, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Stapleton Business Center CPS Distributors Riverside Business Center Cheyenne Business Center Prologis Business Park 1 Furniture Row Clark County, Nevada Aurora, Colorado Denver, Colorado I nd u s t r i a l Pa r k s Build to Suit B u i l d t o S u i t ( c o n t. ) Colorado Tech Center Building A Prologis Business Park 3 GATX Louisville, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Denver, Colorado Aurora Commerce Center Baxa Medical Minolta Office Systems Aurora, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Arvada, Colorado Colorado Tech Center Building B Revere Business Park Hi Tech Electrical Louisville, Colorado Aurora, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Briarwood and Revere Phase Baxter Medical Distribution Monier Lifetile Arapahoe County, Colorado Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Adams County, Colorado Colorado Tech Center Building C Riverside Business Center International Truck & Engine Louisville, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona Las Vegas, Nevada Colorado Tech Center Brothers Coffee Mygrant Glass Company Louisville, Colorado Denver, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Colorado Trade Center Stapleton Business Center A1 KVA Supply Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Dove Valley Business Park Burlington Air Express Office Depot Distribution Arapahoe County, Colorado Lakewood, Colorado Denver, Colorado Denver Business Center Stapleton Business Center A2 Lockheed Martin Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Jefferson County, Colorado Goodyear Point Cahners Publishing Oneida Cold Storage Goodyear, Arizona Highlands Ranch, Colorado Denver, Colorado Gateway Industrial 4 & 6 Washington Airport Center Owens/Minor Aurora, Colorado Phoenix, Arizona Denver, Colorado Interstate Distribution Center CPS Distributors Samsonite Denver, Colorado Westminster, Colorado Denver, Colorado Picolight Louisville, Colorado Lincoln Warehouse Federal Express Air Cargo Snap On Tools Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Arvada, Colorado Stapleton Business Center Gannett Outdoor Sunstate Equipment Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado Arapahoe County, Colorado Prologis Business Park Great Western Park Lift Station Target Distribution Center Aurora, Colorado Jefferson County, Colorado Pueblo, Colorado IBIS Computer Facility Thoutt Brothers Boulder, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Information Handling Services Waste Connections Service Facility Douglas County, Colorado Adams County, Colorado Klode’s Auto Wholesale Center Weberg Furniture Distribution Douglas County, Colorado Denver, Colorado Magnum Materials Aurora, Colorado 47 SEM ARCHITECTS SEM ARCHITECTS 48
  • 27. W e va l u e w h at o u r c l i e n t s s ay “ Our clients are unmistakably SEM Architects most valuable asset. We challenge ourselves constantly to demonstrate our appreciation to our clients through efficient, competitive and professional service. We focus on developing quality relationships that last for many years by providing project solutions based on the client’s objectives. Our goal at SEM Architects is simply to ” provide great service to our clients. Shea Properties - Mr. John Kilrow 5750 DTC Parkway, Suite 200 Greenwood Village, Colorado 303.486.1364 “We have found SEM highly qualified, responsive, and resourceful.” John Kilrow Lauth Property Group - Mr. Austin Lehr 7887 E Bellview Avenue, Suite 900 Englewood, Colorado 80111 720.279.5400 “SEM has the ability to balance architecture with sound real estate objectives.” Austin Lehr Westcor - Mr. Ron Lorch 11411 North Tatum Boulevard Phoenix, Arizona 602.953.66252 “SEM understands how design interfaces with the business of retail.” Darrell Beach Alberta Development Partners - Mr. Donald Provost 5460 South Quebec Street, Suite 100 Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111 303.771.4004 “SEM delivers consistently great design and supreme efficiency.” Donald Provost Stevinson Automotive Group - Mr. Kent Stevisnon 1546 Cole Boulevard, Suite 100 Lakewood, CO 303.232.2006 “SEM listens to our needs and responds with fresh design solutions.” Kent Stevinson Chandelle Development - Mr. Chuck Woods 600 Grant Street, Suite 620 Denver, Colorado 80203 303.864.0444 “I would not attempt a retail project without SEM Architects.” Chuck Woods SEM ARCHITECTS 50