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Making it


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A presentation for the 2012 Rhode Island Library Association conference on creative spaces in public libraries.

A presentation for the 2012 Rhode Island Library Association conference on creative spaces in public libraries.

Published in: Education

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  • A hackerspace or hackspace (also referred to as a hacklab, makerspace or creative space) is a location where people with common interests, often in computers, technology,  science,digital or electronic art (but also in many other realms) can meet, socialize and/or collaborate.-wikipedia
  • I propose we call it a:
  • Skokie, Barrington, Arlington Heights, YouMedia, ImaginOn
  • Makerbots, personal cnc mills, arduino workbenches…
  • Easiestmakerspace
  • “ But make no mistake; /usr/lib is not your father’s library. There’s no one there to shush you. There is no prim and proper librarian seated behind a desk ensuring that proper library etiquette is observed. In fact, in this library chatting with and collaborating with others is encouraged. At /usr/lib, the books are only the beginning of the story.”
  • May not be the best idea in rural areas libraries
  • You’re already doing this
  • Who will you serve?
  • Who is in the library now
  • Older people may not be jazzed about certain aspects of tech, but they will enjoy the digital conversion tools
  • Library director Jeff Krull of the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Ind, would concur. His library has been hosting a mobile hackerspace in its lot , Npr interview
  • What purpose do you want to fulfill?LiteracyCommunityEconomic boostCreativityAccess—narrow digital or other divideLibrarian’s job/responsibilityContinued existence of the library as an institution
  • Beals(2010) supports teen cognitive/emotional developmentHarris (2010) African American teens use cell phones largely for photo content creationIto et al (2010) describes and organizes behaviors related to teen information behavior, especially regarding ICTYoo & Gretzel (2011) using mobile content creation to teach languageCox & Hawkins (2006) case study 2 academic lib, largely descriptive 35-40% of staff time spent on one-on-one teachingBose (2010) elementary-school-aged children in India used 2.0 tools to “collaborate” on school projects, largely divided work, collected information instead of created newCorrea & Jeong: minority students create more content online than white students for “connecting, enacting the self, and struggling”Crawford Barniskis (2011) developed grounded theory on art programs in public libraries, how they affect civic engagementBritz and Lor talk about received content, not library-created. For instance, US males tend to outnumber females in CGM content activity among adult demographics, while females tend to dominate when samples are limited to preteens, teens and college students (Verna, 2009). According to a recent demographic profile report (eMarketer, 2009), US CGM users are more likely college educated, full-time employed and dominantly white (Yoo & Gretzel, 2011)
  • Britz and Lor
  • A compelling reason
  • Any space can be a content creation space, here’s ours
  • From top left: Allen Co, YouMedia Chicago, Regina PL Dunlap Gallery, Canada, Fayetteville Free Library, NY
  • Basic safetyHow to priceHow to allow people in the doorMost of all—start where you are.
  • Make sure your mission is up to date, then look for key phrases that tell you what you need to do
  • Programs you already have can be leveraged
  • now
  • Stickers, posters, letters to ed, presentations to boards, open houses…
  • Questions?
  • Transcript

    • 1. MAKING ITmedialabs, makerspaces, studios, and other creative spaces in libraries Shannon Crawford Barniskis
    • 2. WHAT? A hackerspace or hackspace (also referred to as a hacklab, makerspace or creative space) is a location where people with common interests, often in computers, technology, science, digital or electronic art (but also in many other realms) can meet, socialize and/or collaborate. -wikipedia
    • 3. Medialab MAKERSPACE Hackerspace Learning Lab tech labSTUDIOCoworkingfablab spaces LIBRARY
    • 7. The next library is a place, still. A placewhere people come together to do co-working and coordinate and invent projectsworth working on together. Aided by alibrarian who … can bring domainknowledge and people knowledge andaccess to information to bear.-- Seth Godin
    • 9. PROGRAMS
    • 10. WHO?
    • 12. WHY?We see the library as not being in the book business, but being in theLEARNING BUSINESS and the exploration business and theEXPAND-YOUR-MIND business --Jeff Krull, Allen County Public Library
    • 13. What are libraries for?
    • 14. Does content creation in libraries build community? it IS COMMUNITY -Mik Jacobsen, Skokie MediaLab
    • 15. I believe it is our responsibility to provide the pathways and vehicles; the‘access’ to transformational experiences. When we do that, COMMUNITIES AND INDIVIDUALS TRANSFORM THEMSELVESby coming together, thinking, developing, creating and making. --Sue Considine, Fayetteville fablab A MORAL OBLIGATION?
    • 16. Get on board or get out of the way.
    • 17. WHERE?
    • 18. HOW?
    • 19. MISSION: MEET YOUR MAKERThe South Kingstown Public Libraryprovides free, convenient and equalaccess to print and non-printmaterials, services and technologiesthat support our community’sinformational, educational, culturaland recreational needs.
    • 20. START SMALL
    • 21. WHEN?
    • 22. ADVOCACY
    • 23. MAKING ITmedialabs, makerspaces, studios, and other creative spaces in libraries Shannon Crawford Barniskis, ©2012
    • 24. IMAGESTitle:,_a_Hackerspace.jpgWhat2: Media: personal imagesProductionrevolution: personal images,, By bre pettisWHO2: imaged crabbed from all over webDigital natives:,, on board: images from LQCL flickr,,,,How: small: images from my personal files, Horicon Public Library, Horicon Public Library image,