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Using weeding as a tool to create a collection that signals relevance to users. In 2010, when this research was done, there was no other user-centered research on how weeding impacted users perceptions of libraries, only assumptions that users preferred weeded collections.

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  • WhoWhatwhy
  • Charles Francis Adams Jr 1898 Quincy PlanBig 542% save space30% relevant/avoid obsolescence14% user perception (attractiveness)9% increase circ5% avoid misinformationMoving to outcomeOutput/outcome
  • Whose perceptions matter?Dilevko and Gottlieb (2003)91.8% of surveyed librarians believed weeding increases book usage86.1% thought it increases patron satisfaction quote from pg. 90.74% of survey respondents mentioned their “desire to present the library as a vital, vibrant, and up-to-date community resource” (Dilveko & Gottlieb, 2003, 80 ) and weeding could be one method of increasing the “prestige of the public library”(91).
  • Pre-weed/Post WeedAge of collections
  • Research partners
  • INTERMISSION:What we did“what would Nancy do?”
  • Westerns (floor plan graphic) 45% circ increase, didn’t weed except for condition (less than a dozen books) – slat wall expenditureGraphic Novels – zero dollar(confirm) 34% increaseEasy Readers – approx. $70Juvenile Series-Paperbacks – zero dollarJuvenile CDs – zero dollar
  • Easy Readers: no weeding done; increased face out display and space for housing the collection with the addition of inexpensive blue display units; this collection traditionally circulates well; experienced a 19% increase in circulation after the addition of the new display units
  • Graphic Novels: consolidated YA and general graphic novel collections; moved to a prominent high-traffic location; weeded only for condition; 34% increase in circ
  • Juvenile Paperbacks: weeded approximately 1000 titles which were mainly pb/hard duplicates; divided collection into series and standalone pbs; repurposed shelving to house the Juvenile Series paperback collection; interfiled juvenile standalone paperbacks with juvenile hardcover fiction; no circ stats available yet post-change
  • Juvenile CDs: repurposed juvenile pb spinners increasing cover display and accessibility; no weeding done; no circ stats available yet post-change
  • Adult Paperbacks, general and genre: weeded for condition; changed floor layout of spinners; added signage  
  • Westerns: moved to a new, more visible area; weeded for condition only approx. a dozen deselected; was a dead collection being recommended for storage; resistance to this as a storage collection presumably wouldn’t circulate at all; 71% increase in circulation April 2011 from April 2010
  • Expenditures estimated at a couple of hundred dollars:·         Adult paperback signs from Demco·         Foamboard to reinforce Demco signs·         Some slatwall units for the Western paperbacks·         Blue easy reader display unitsBlue display units are available from High Smith for $11 for large size, $6 for small size 
  • Ebooks: “Libraries are screwed?”Slote method95% in fiction99% in nf
  • Modified Slote 95-99% of what is actually used (96% is Slote’s magic number)Constant weed--crew5 hours/year?Problems of going just by circ
  • Weed constantly
  • Talk about top of shelf display in teensEWorks best at point-of-need
  • Weeding is easy, cheap and affects users perceptions of how happening your library is.When you add display & creative reinvention of your available space you have Hjørring Library, Denmark
  • Enliven your collection

    1. 1. ENLIVEN YOURCOLLECTIONHow to use weeding & display to wow users
    2. 2. Canweedingbe a free &easy way toencouragepatrons tosee thelibrary innew ways?
    3. 3. 100 years of weeding
    4. 4. Collections Compared • The oldest item in the BD collection is from 1943. •The oldest item in Horicon collection is from 1985.
    5. 5. Weeding affects circulation?
    6. 6. Weeding affects perception!
    7. 7. “fresh-looking,healthy,andvital”Poller
    8. 8. WWND?
    9. 9. Weeding? Or Pruning?
    10. 10. Easy to useAttractiveSpace-savingInexpensive
    11. 11. Displays get stuff out the door.
    12. 12. Just move it
    13. 13. Useexistingresources
    14. 14. Makeiteasy
    15. 15. Horicon WHY
    16. 16. techniquesKeep your corecollection
    17. 17. “when a bookonce gets onthe shelves, itseems toacquire in theeyes of mostlibrarians apeculiar virtueand reverence,irrespective ofany service itmay render”Wynkoop, 1911
    18. 18. Point-of-need display works best
    19. 19. Weed. Display. Use space creatively.Ask your users what they think.