S holliday psp gp4 unit 4 aruba powerpoint revised


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  • Tourism accounts for Aruba’s major source of revenue with oil being second, employment third and population last. Most of the people in Aruba and its surrounding Islands are tourist.. Aruba is a small island located in the Caribbean's. (Aruba, 2010) The technology needed for this presentation are pictures, and graphs of the island of Aruba. The ideal audience for this presentation are family vacationers, honeymooners, couples or celebrating their anniversaries.
  • Aruba is located on a small island close to Kingston, Jamaica, and Dominica. Because the island is not very large it is easy to get around.
  • Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba. It is also the center of Aruba’s nightlife. Here is where tourist schedule sails, kite surfing, or enjoy underwater submarine tours.
  • Dos playa is a small area of the island that is located in a remote location. At this location you can gorge on sea grapes and enjoy one of the most serene picnics you have ever experienced. San Nichols is a town within Aruba also within 5 miles of Dos Playas. In San Nichols hotels, and resort style living is upheld along with nightlife of parties, night sailing, and endless food and music.
  • Another area located on the Winward side of Aruba is Eagle beach. This part of the beach has patios, mist fans for children, rentals for the water sports, picnic areas, and natural blue water with crystal white sands.
  • This tour, which is called the Atlantis tour, is Aruba’s main attraction. It is an underwater submarine that dives just below the water’s surface and breezes through the marine life. During the tour beautiful exotic fish, sea urchins, turtles, and sting ray, can be viewed through the submarines peek-a-boo- windows.
  • This bridge was not man made. Throughout the years of eco system changes this layer of rock was formed. The mere fact that is formed the shape of a bridge crossing gave this unique and beautiful structure in Aruba its name.
  • This part of the beach is located on a more relaxed and serene area of Aruba. It is located on the reef and here is where children and adults can enjoy snorkeling, and touching small sea life that come to shore.
  • The islands surrounding Aruba make for a more appealing vacation. Aruba is within 400 miles of neighboring islands such as St. Vincent, St Lucia, and Barbados. What a wonderful extra to an already fabulous time.
  • The Winward side of Aruba is home to water skiers, Kite surfers, jet ski’s, and snorkeling. The passionate waves hit the shores and bring with it a contagious breeze. The crystal blue water and steady temperature of 81 degrees makes Aruba a getaway of a lifetime.
  • Honeymooners, lovebirds, or vacationers can enjoy a secret and exciting ride through the tunnel of love. This tunnel is deep under the waters and rocks of Aruba. Individuals wishing to ride a small paddle boat through the tunnel of love are in for an exciting treat of small birds, exotic fish, and island creatures while floating in lovers midst.
  • When the day ends and you are sure there is nothing more you could possibly enjoy, set sail at sunset on the calm powder blue waters. What a perfect ending, or for some, new beginning.
  • S holliday psp gp4 unit 4 aruba powerpoint revised

    1. 1. Aruba Shanna A. Holliday PSP-111-102B
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