Ignition five 22.10.12


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  • Ignition five 22.10.12

    1. 1. 22.10.12
    2. 2. This Week...The Instagram Menu, Skyfall tickets, Take a look at Brussels, Red Bull Stratos, The TruthThe Instagram MenuComodoSkyfall ticketsCoke ZeroTake a look at BrusselsSNCFRed Bull StratosRed BullThe TruthBodyform
    3. 3. The Instagram MenuComodoFor anyone who loves taking photos of their food andposting them on Instagram, you‟re going to love this!A NYC restaurant has jumped on the insight, that peoplelove showing off what they‟re about to eat, and so theyturned Instagram into a service for customers.A normal looking menu ends with an invite to look at thedishes on Instagram (that have been posted by otherdiners) via the hashtag #comodomenuBy setting up a hastag, Comodo restaurant‟s idea isbrilliantly simple, low cost and provides an earned mediaplatform almost instantly.
    4. 4. Skyfall ticketsCoke ZeroCoke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers tounlock the 007 in them for their chance to win exclusivetickets for the new James Bond movie SKYFALL.However, the tickets werent free. People had to go theextra mile and unlock their inner 007 in less than 70seconds to win.
    5. 5. Take a look at BrusselsSNCFWith TGV, Lyon-Brussels is direct. To highlight the directlink between the capital of the Gauls and the capital ofEurope, SNCF and its agency TBWA/PARIS invitedpeople from Lyon to take a look at Brussels during aparticularly surprising experience.People of Lyon came across a 3 metres high cube in themain plaza one morning. On one side of the cube was ahole, big enough to fit a head, inviting people to „take alook at Brussels‟.Through a teleportation device, Lyon inhabitants werereceived in live from Brussels by the mayor, his officalband and the general public offering some Belgianhospitality. A clever way to promote a tourism message,and to get people on the move hopefully to Brussels!
    6. 6. Red Bull StratosRed BullOne small jump for Red Bull, one giant leap for businessmarketing: Red Bull Stratos may be the most successfulmarketing campaign of all time.More than 8 million people worldwide watchedYouTubes live stream on Sunday as Felix Baumgartnerbecame the first person to break the sound barrier,starting in a freefall 128,000 feet above the Earth thatreached a high speed of 833.9 miles per hour.Meanwhile, Red Bull broke the traditional barriers ofmarketing, sponsorship and social media, skyrocketingfrom an energy drink known for providing a quick buzzto a big-time generator of international buzz that makesthe endeavors of other marketing innovators like Applelook small by comparison.http://www.redbullstratos.com/
    7. 7. The TruthBodyformBodyform spotted a golden PR opportunity last week andran with it. One of their Facebook fans posted a hilariouscomment on the official Facebook page of Bodyform,where he registered his upset at their „lies‟ about awoman‟s time of the month. He said he was angry thatthe feminine hygiene brand had “lied to us for all theseyears”. The comment got over 80k likes, and Bodyformdecided to answer.Bodyform Responds: The Truth is a two minute clip incompany „boss‟ Caroline Williams (actress) sits down toexplain the truth about periods to Richards.
    8. 8. The TruthBodyformThe Facebook post