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Ignition 5 28.07.14 tim

  1. 1. 28.07.14
  2. 2. This Week... Summer hacks, taxi drama, clever outdoor advertising, The Blag, Dear George Summer hacks Hellman’s Taxi Drama Yugoslav Drama Theatre Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen The blag – get in the game Heineken #Dear George Dacia UK
  3. 3. Hellman’s summer hacks Hellman’s Ogilvy & Mather London has created a new social campaign for Hellmann’s Mayonnaise called ‘Hellmann’s Summer Hacks’. Playing off the rising consumer trend of ‘life hacks’ trend which sees people think up simple tricks, skills or shortcuts for everyday life, the campaign features bite-sized pieces of digital content designed for social media that demonstrate new and innovative ways to make summer outdoor eating even more pleasurable. Ian Busch, Global Brand Director at Unilever said: “Hellmann’s believes that eating outdoors, be it a BBQ or picnic in the park, is one of life’s great pleasures. There is something magical that happens when you combine friends, family, sunshine and great food. But it can also come with its own challenges -bad weather, uninspiring food and finding the perfect outdoor location to name but a few. The campaign aims to provide fun and innovative solutions to those little challenges. See also: The Solar Lantern Jar The Jar BBQ
  4. 4. Taxi Drama Yugoslav Drama Theatre The Yugoslav Drama Theatre brought their work to life with actors pretending to be taxi drivers and telling the story behind the plays that they were performing. The Taxi Drama included The Merchant of Venice, Crime and Punishment, and Othello.
  5. 5. Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen Volkswagen have used outdoor very cleverly recently for some of their campaigns. In ‘Impossible View’, they use 6 sheets to encourage safe driving, by making people aware that you can’t do two things at the same time. In ‘Endless list of options’, VW Polo Match advertises with an endless list of equipment, too large to fit billboards. Nice way of getting someone's attention. In ‘O to 100’, Volkswagen advertised the speed capabilities of the new Golf GTI which goes from 0 to 100km/h in 6.9 seconds on 2 billboards in close proximity to each other.. Perfectly illustrated with these two numbers.
  6. 6. Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen
  7. 7. Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen
  8. 8. Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen
  9. 9. Clever outdoor advertising Volkswagen
  10. 10. The Blag – Get in the Game Heineken The Blag, puts unsuspecting people to the test, with the help of popular rugby pundit Brent Pope. Set on a busy Dublin street, Brent Pope challenges people to blag their way through a 'live' television interview by pretending to be an international rugby expert ahead of the 2014 Heineken Cup final. Assured that all they have to do is 'stand there' while Brent Pope does the rest, the unsuspecting 'experts' are suddenly faced with a series of questions in front of what they think is a live global television audience. The video was created as part of Heineken's GET IN THE GAME campaign for the Heineken Cup.
  11. 11. Dear George Dacia UK In a cheeky bid to get the British parliament to not just ‘walk the walk’ but also ‘talk the talk’, Dacia UK came up with a really clever way of getting some coverage around budget day. Maker of the most affordable range of cars, Dacia UK challenged George Osborne MP, chancellor of the exchequer to ditch his luxury Jaguar car and drive home in a budget car - A Dacia!
  12. 12. Dear George Dacia UK
  13. 13. Dear George Dacia UK