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  • Ignition 5 04.03.13

    1. 1. 04.03.12
    2. 2. This Week... Billboard generating water, Game of Thrones, Best Bus Stop Ever, Tastable Print, A Date to RememberBillboard generating waterUTECGame of Thrones (Dragon Shadow)HBOBest Bus Stop EverQuelcommTastable PrintFantaA Date To RememberNivea
    3. 3. Billboard generating waterUTECLima, Peru is situated in a desert, it gets only about halfan inch of rainfall per year. Yet the atmospheric humidityis around 98 percent. That’s why UTEC, one of Peru’sbest Universities of engineering and technology, createda unique billboard that generates portable drinking waterby getting moisture out of the humid air.
    4. 4. Game of Thrones (Dragon Shadow)HBO A Dragon looms in the shadows for HBO. HBO continued its promotional activity for the return of hit TV show Game of Thrones firstly in the New York Times; with an advert featuring a large dragon shadow lurking ominously over a double page spread. Though the news ‘shadowed’ was false, the stories themselves are variations of on-going and future storylines related to the series; and are covered in-depth here: Dragon Shadow Stories Continuing the dragon theme, the New York Times advert was followed up with similar shadows covering the HBO office in LA, across the Hollywood Reporter and IMDB.com websites, and numerous other media outlets. The shadow adverts follow the release of the Season 3 trailer, which has already garnered over 17 million YouTube views since its release on February 22nd, and can be viewed here
    5. 5. Game of Thrones (Dragon Shadow)HBO
    6. 6. Best Bus Stop EverQualcommBus stops are one of those boring places that peoplelook for anything to do and look at because nothingexciting ever happens at a bus stop.Until Qualcomm came up with this brilliant execution tobrighten up the day of those involved and also work as agreat marketing campaign.
    7. 7. Tastable PrintFantaNow this surely brings a new meaning to Making You EatYour Own Words.Billed as the world’s first tastable ad, Fanta havereleased an edible advert, offering the public theopportunity to taste the fizzy drink in question whiledigesting their publication of choice.It’s a simple scenario; readers are offered an alternativeto the ‘standard’ full page advert - they can eat theadvert to experience the full taste of the productadvertised.While it can be debated as to whether the advert is ingood taste or not, what can’t be denied is theuniqueness of the advert and its offering to advertisers.Now....orange you glad you read this piece....
    8. 8. A Date To RememberNiveaFollowing on from the airport incidents, in another stressrelated situation, Nivea brings us a date to remember(or forget).In this, Nivea allows us to shape the date and see howthe girl reacts in the most stressful situations, no thanksto us.