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Vidizmo presentation brief
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Vidizmo presentation brief


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  • Campaign is lACMEnched= Campaign report is generatedPresentations s are watched in campaign= Presentations view reports are generatedUsers react towards the Presentations s= Users reports are generatedThey respond to Quiz / Survey while watching/ after watching the Presentations s= Quiz/ Survey reports are generatedAdvanced Analytics is the solution which gives complete, updated and accurate picture to trainer, administrator, teacher, OD practitioner or HR Manager from step 1 of their program to step 4
  • Transcript

    • 1. Nadeem KhanVP Sales & MarketingEmail / Lync: 22nd Oct, 2012
    • 2. VIDIZMO - Private Video Channels for Your Business Public/Private Access, Mobile Support, Viewing Analytics, Viewing Completion Certificates Corporate Channel Marketing Training PR Content Channel Channel Channel Marketplace Customers Employee (Authenticated)
    • 3. VIDIMZODistributes live & on-demand rich mediacontent such as… • Interactive Video • Audio • PowerPoint • DocumentsTo … • Employees • Partner • Customers • Learner • More… 1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 2 Microsoft Confidential
    • 4. ACME Roadmap with VIDIZMO And to know ( and to prove ) ! • Who viewed it • When was it viewed • How much of it was viewed • Was it fully understood • Issue certificates 1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 3 Microsoft Confidential
    • 5. VIDIZMO Functional Overview Enterprise Video Lifecycle Upload & On-Demand VideoPublish Video Playback Analytics Video Market Channel PlaceSchedule Live Broadcast Testing & Events Live Certification
    • 6. VIDIZMO - Typical uses for Live & On-Demand Video Sales & Corporate Training & EducationMarketing Communication Learning Marketing Employee On-Demand Executive Video Communication Orientation (pre-recorded) Presentations Videos Videos Video Lectures Product Training, Learning Demonstration Town Hall Live & Compliance Lecture Captures and training Videos Videos Videos Video Investor & Public Commercials & How-To Vidoes Live Classroom Relation Videos Infomercials YouTube for YouTube for YouTube for YouTube for Prospects & Corporate Training & Training & Customers Communication Learning Learning 1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 5 Microsoft Confidential
    • 7. ACME - A VIDIZMO Channel Basic & Premium Branding Options Premium Branding meets 100% Branding needs of any business Domain name aliasing allows hosting using your own domain name Integrates with LOB Applications Content & User Management Single Sign-On using LDAP and Active Directory 1/11/2013 6
    • 8. SharePoint Video Channel 1/11/2013 7
    • 9. Video + PowerPoint Playback1/11/2013 8
    • 10. Video Only Playback 1/11/2013 9
    • 11. VIDIZMO Social MediaShare on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other business social media such as jive, Student FeaturesSitecore & SharePoint 1/11/2013 10
    • 12. Downloadable Attachments1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 11 Microsoft Confidential
    • 13. Branch-able Questions & Polls within Video 1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 12 Microsoft Confidential
    • 14. Viewing Completion Certificates 1/11/2013 US Managed Independent Software Vendors 13 Microsoft Confidential
    • 15. VIDIZMO Player – Search in VideoA VIDIZMO Presentation is searchable – Close Caption and PowerPoint are searched, search result presented to the viewer, allowing viewer to directly jump to results andwatch relevant part of video thus saving time 1/11/2013 14
    • 16. VIDIZMO Ecosystem DAM Raw Files EncoderSingle SignOn CMS CRM LMS 3rd Party Social Media API Website Enterprise / 3rd Party System Students & Authorized Public Users Internal Staff Customers Trainees Users
    • 17. VIDIZMO Publisher• Easy to use tool to upload and publish videos in a Channel from your desktop or using any browser• Automatically detect new recordings from Lync, GotoMeetings, WebEx automatically publish in your Channel for on-demand viewing• Setup “watch folders” for automatic or bulk upload and publishing operations• Upload video in any format, Cloud Encoding will ensure its smooth playback on all devices 1/11/2013 16
    • 18. VIDIZMO Authoring Studio  Create rich interactive video presentations using PowerPoint, branch-able quizzes , polls & surveys etc Import Video, Sound, Images, Documents Drag and drop digital assets on timeline Create DVD Style branching Menu with suspend markers Create Chapters Add Quizzes, Polls Attach downloadable files Publish for Private, Public Viewers 1/11/2013 17
    • 19. Channel A Channel B Channel N ACME VIDIZMO ACME Studio AuthorsEmployees
    • 20. Advanced Analytics Users Presentations Campaigns Quiz/Surveys WHO LEARNED WHAT WHEN HOW MUCHUser Views vs. Campaign UserBehavior Completions Effectiveness ScoresRegistration Compare Invitations vs. QuizTrend version stats Registrations AttemptsCompare user Rating & Campaign SurveyGroups Feedback Statistics Responses
    • 21. VIDIZMO ProductsContent Licensing, Kaanza E-Commerce,Marketplace Content 3rdParty Shopping Cart CommerceStudio, Campaigns,Testing & Certification, Video Training CMS, CRM, LMS,Quiz Reports Web Conferencing, Video Capture,Portal, Publishing, 3rd party CDNs,Encoding, Single Sign on,Mobile Playback, Enterprise / Education Enterprise LOBLive & On-DemandAnalytics VideoFeatures Products Integrations
    • 22. VIDIZMO Flexible Offerings Grow as Needed Enterprise Tube Training Integrate w/ Single Sign On Learning with Enterprise Communication (Hybrid)• Employee Generated • Campaigns Content • Structured• Video Sharing Training, Learning &• Dashboard Communication • Interactive Content • Testing & Certifications • Personalized Viewing Plans • Two Pane Experience • Advanced Video Analytics More…….
    • 23. VIDIZMO Staged DeliverySeparate Channel for each department, Public/Private Access, Mobile Support Corporate Channel Marketing Training PR Content Channel Channel Channel Marketplace Customers Employee (Authenticated)
    • 24. VIDIZMO Availability 100% Cloud • 10-100,000+ Users, Canned Packages • Windows Azure, Azure Media Services • Instant Setup 100% On-Premises • 1000-100,000+ Users • Windows Server, Tailored Solution • Managed Implementation, Professional Services Hybrid • 250 – 100,000+ users • VIDIZMO on Azure, Integrates with On-Premise Enterprise Applications • Managed Implementation, Professional Services Customers can use their existing Azure and other software licenses under Enterprise Licensing Agreements 1/11/2013 23
    • 25. ResourcesImportant Links….www.vidizmo.comSample VIDIZMO ChannelSample Video PresentationTry VIDIZMO StudioVIDIZMO DownloadsVIDIZMO Product ComparisonVIDIZMO SolutionsVIDIZMO for SharePoint 2010Contact:Nadeem Khan, Akhlaq KhanVP Sales & Marketing VP – Product Delivery & Ph: 703 474 5522Phone: +1 703 731 2925