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By investing in a strategic approach based on the fundamental understanding that you need listen to your customers, your investment will be directed on solutions that focus on results. With a clear strategic solution in place, it is all about executing the plan. Our processes ensure that our creative design muscle and development talents are focused on implementing solutions that are intimately tied to clearly defined and measurable objectives. We believe the functional can be beautiful.

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123 brochure v17

  1. 1. thinkglobal.
  2. 2. Jesse Smith Photography It’s all about Strategy. Say hello to the ‘Smart Consumers. They don’t wait for business to catch up. They are savvy, technologically aware and spoilt with choice. They have high expectations and purchase on multiple platforms from anywhere in the World at anytime of the day or night. 123 Solutions have a simple answer – move with your customer’s expectations. Businesses need an online presence and a strategy that is cohesive. A beautifully designed strategy starts with understanding your customers, their relationship with your brand and how they want to communicate with you and experience your products. Success is not only measured in numbers for it to be sustainable, it depends on the efficiency of the strategy and it’s ability to stay relevant to your company’s marketing priorities. Truly successful and measurable results require a flexible, customer lead approach.123 Solutions 4-5
  3. 3. strat- 1. 4.EstablishAbility Assemble Team Allocate Resources Clarify Planning Task Clarify Roles Appraise Situation Evaluate Solution Estimate Planning Expenditures Assess Planning Ungency Assess Planning Synergies Derive Planning Priority 2. egyto work Alterna- tives 5.Analyze Set Gather Existing Information Assess Problem Solving Potential Structure Problem Area Derive Potential Efficiency Assess Problem Importance Assess Chronological Preference Assess Problem Impact on Society Estimate ExpendituresProblem Planning Assess Ploblem Solving Derive Cost Efficiency Derive Relative Problem Relevence for Space Assess Political Ccceptance Get Stakeholder Feedback Assess Financial Synergies Derive Adjusted EfficiencyAreas Priorities3. 6.Develop Deter- Check Team Staffing Check Completeness of Decision Draft Gather Existing Information Assess Recommendations Devine Tasks from Problems Make Decison Search for Possible SolutionsSolution mine Define and Describe SolutionsAltern- Nextative Steps123 Solutions 6-7
  4. 4. 1 [kree-ey-tiv] –adjective 1. having the quality or power of creating. 123 Solutions Creative Solutions Jesse Smith Photography 2. resulting from originality of thought, expression, etc.; imagina- tive: creative writing. 3. originative; productive (usually followed by of ).Creative Solutions Creative
  5. 5. Creative Strategy. Jesse Smith Photography Creativity thrives when given the right environment. Customer/business conversations are happening everywhere, on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers, Cinema, TV, Newspapers and Magazines – so now it’s even more important to communicate a clear and consistent brand message across multiple platforms. Whether it’s video, web design or an iPad app, design is an essential part of building awareness of your product and ensuring customers relate to your brand.  123’s ‘inclusive methodology’ works from the inside-out to create brand guidelines, which inspire creativity and ensure communication of your core brand ideas. 123 uses creativity to get results and we do this by bringing your product’s Point-of-Difference and true values into a creative framework that delivers. With internationally award-winning creative; high quality in-house production facilities and an understanding of how brand translates on screen, online and in a crowded media space... 123 are well equipped to communicate your message effectively and consistently.  Sam Scoufos Photography The Creative Team. Thirty Four. Thirtyfour is a state of the art studio located in the inner city of Brisbane 5 minutes from the CBD.  Thirtyfour has a very luxurious 750 square meters of space, with Brisbane’s biggest cyclorama measuring 350 square meters and itWith a stable of award- sits right in our very own offices.winning directors,photographers,graphic designers, Graphic Design.web developers, art Branding, logos, design and inspiration - our graphic design team specialisedirectors, writers and in differentiating your business from competitors and communicating yourcomposers as well asour very own state- brand values to the right demographic. 123 Solution’s design services areof-the-art Studio, 123 all-inclusive and draw inspiration from a carefully developed 123 strategy tohave every part of the ensure design is intrinsically connected to the brand idea.process covered. Creative Solutions 10-11
  6. 6. create: to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or anCreative Solutions invention. 12-13
  7. 7. Video Production. Jesse Smith Photography With internationally award-winning filmmakers and high quality in-house production facilities, 123 are equipped to communicate your message effectively and consistently across multiple platforms.  123 Video Production Services: Films and documentaries TV Commercials Online Video Production including viral Animation Motion Graphics Corporate Video Production Infomercials DVD Productions E-learning Material Interactive Video Content Photography. 123 Solutions is fully equipped to deliver beautiful photography that guarantees your company’s image is impressive and clearly branded across all marketing segments. We house some of Australia’s best photographers under the same roof; the latest photography grading suites and an experienced production office. Complete Printing Solutions. 123 ensures: We get you the best price for all your printing requirements by offering an Award winning standards. uncomplicated streamlined process. The procurement process is simplified by using established relationships to broker you the most competitive print quote. Professionally structured workflow for timely and accurate delivery. Signage is still one of the most successful ways to reinforce your brand image, Original styling based on informed briefing. inform customers about your products, generate leads and solidify your place in the Friendly, polite and punctual photographers market. 123Solution’s combination of creative thinking and marketing knowledge and crew. ensure the customer’s first connection with your business will resonate. 123 Solutions Services. Studio THIRTYFOUR Annual reports Corporate stationery 34 Wyandra Street Newstead Brisbane 4006 Banners Digital printing Billboards Flyers Booklets Hoarding Brochures Magazines Branding Manuals Business cards Newsletters Calendars Packaging Catalogues Posters Conference material Wall printsCreative Solutions 14-15
  8. 8. 2 [mahr-ki-ting] –noun 1. the act of buying or selling in a market. 123 Solutions Marketing Solutions Jesse Smith Photography 2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.Creative Solutions Marketing
  9. 9. Jesse Smith Photography Jesse Smith Photography Marketing that Pays Off. 123Solutions’ digital marketing packages move with your business’ shifting priorities and their flexibility is essential to ensure they are end result oriented and with a measurable ROI at the core. We begin with a comprehensive marketing Needs Analysis of your company and tailor-design a campaign that is specific to you. Our partnerships and in-house production teams allow us to create and deliver every aspect of the campaign and provide post analytics and statistics on sales lead generation and website traffic. All your needs are considered and targeted by our experienced marketing team. Keeping you focused. 123Solutions keeps an eye on the market place for you, tracking new services and products and feeding that information back into your strategic approach so the model keeps on moving and growing. We analyse relevant search statistics and drive customers towards your business. This maximises results and is essential in achieving the highest ROI.   Marketing Needs Analysis. 123Solutions experienced staff will take a close look at your company and tailor a marketing solution to best suit your business needs. Analytics. 123Solutions takes ownership of all the stages of campaign management from design to implementation, giving you total control of key analytical data essential to support the natural growth of your business. We can present detailed reports showing you exactly where your returns are coming from. Target audience, demographics, delivery areas, click counts, it’s all part of the 123Solutions.Marketing Solutions 18-19
  10. 10. Mobile & Tablet Apps. Mobile Phones and Tablets are becoming the primary way users access the Internet and this digital revolution is an opportunity not to be missed by any business wanting to be at the forefront. 123 Solutions has the expertise to guide you through the relevance, value and design of Apps and how they can fit in with your strategic approach. There are literally hundreds of thousands of Apps in the market and they go way beyond fun and games or social media. Apps are an effective digital marketing tool that users respond to like no other, and with the right idea and design your customers could be carrying a porthole to your business, right in their pockets. 123 Solutions digital marketing consultants specialise in creating easy to use Apps that are Content-driven and fit in with an overall strategy still aimed at maximizing ROI. We take you through every stage of the process from idea to delivery. Jesse Smith Photography Retouching Graphic Playground Graphic Playground PhotographyMarketing Solutions 20-21
  11. 11. 123 Solutions Services. Jesse Smith PhotographyDisplay Marketing. The 123 of Copywriting.123 Solutions can tailor make a Display Marketing Get the message across quickly and highlightStrategy that will enhance ROI gained for Pay-per- your Point-of-Difference.Click and Search Engine Optimisation campaigns. Sophisticated online users read web copy differently compared to traditional media – so grab their attention from the first moment.Paid Search Marketing. Find the all important balance between123 Solutions use specialist marketing response SEO strategy and creative writing withouttools that ensure every click works to deliver the best compromising style and flow.possible results. Web Analytics.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 123 Solutions use Web Analytics to measure successSearch Engines are complicated, they use complex and improve performance. By collating and analyzingalgorithms to decide website rankings and it’s a data we can improve traffic and increase returns fromcrowded arena. 123 Solutions combine specialist your digital marketing investment.knowledge and carefully developed strategies thatfocus on that all-important bottom line, Return onInvestment (ROI). Online Brand Management. Committing to repositioning your brand is aSearch Feed Management. big decision, so 123 Solutions Consultancy and Digital Marketing Services is focused on achieving123 Solutions use the latest technology to inspire maximum visibility while safeguarding your brand.innovative marketing strategies for customers,by using; for example, XML feeds to enhancecommunication between search engines and websites. Conversion and Usability. How well do your customers interact with your site?Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Is it productive and does it lead to the desired ROI? Conversion and usability statistics are collated and123 Solutions take Social Media Campaigns (SMC) utilized by 123 Solutions to gain valuable insights forseriously to make sure our customers get noticed. your business future.Social Media strategy is all about deepening andstrengthening your brand’s relationship withyour customers. We use a targeted Social Media Search Management Technologies (SMT).Optimisation Strategy that is essential if you want to 123 Solutions understands how the latest SMTs can bemake an impact. used to your advantage. Our expertise in choosing theHow 123 Solutions helps your business cut through: right management technology to suit your business is essential in guiding the strategy in the right direction. Creates active online communities. Ensures your business can track the campaign progress. Online Video Services. Updates clients with statistics and results. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is Ensures any SMC compliments existing creative worth a million hits. With Internet speeds high and and brand strategy. people accessing video on their phones and Tablets ROI focused. almost everywhere, video content is truly ‘King’.Marketing Solutions 22-23
  12. 12. Tablet Publishing. Graphic Playground Photography Publishing & Distribution. Multi-device distribution from a single 123 Solutions can offer your business a complete publication design means users only receive solution that can create, distribute, monetize and content specific to their device optimize publications for Tablet devices. We can help Monetization through leading App store your business deliver engaging, business-branded payment systems on all leading devices reading experiences on an array of mobile devices Progressive download system allows including Apple iPad™ and Android™ Tablets. browsing while downloading multiple publications Reach. Full analytics and reporting inclusive in our service Tablet based devices are rapidly surpassing all Full integration with rich media advertising other personal computing devices, giving you Integration with industry leader subscription unprecedented levels of market penetration. Several fulfillment platforms of the largest traditional publishing companies have announced intentions to enter the digital Tablet Complete management from publication market, offering subscription services on Tablet design and construction to delivery and based magazines. monetization. Design & Build. Creative. Insert your brand into customised Apps for Digital publishing experiences incorporating the leading Tablet platforms latest rich media add value to your brand. The unique Creative and engaging graphic design for display and navigation features of the interactive your entire publication Tablet based devices create an experience that stays with your reader giving your content greater impact Interactivity solutions such as 360 degree and building brand awareness. rotation and panoramas, image pans, slide shows, animation, video, audio and web page viewer Value. Illustration Increase customer value by offering enhanced, Editorial Design interactive reading experiences that give the reader Animation a greater sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Give Publication Branding your advertisers greater value by offering them access to a cutting edge advertising platform with proven Video & Photography. success in Brand awareness and sales generation. Video production Editing Impact. Colour grading Recent studies have proven that interactive Audio recording advertising content generates greater engagement, Audio mixing/Editing attitude and purchase intention with both casual Photography and focused readers, resulting in higher levels of 360 video and stills monetization and brand recall. Brisbane’s largest state-of-the-art studioMarketing Solutions 24-25
  13. 13. 3 tek-nol-uh-jee] –noun 1. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use 123 Solutions Technology Solutions Graphic Playground Photography of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. 2. the terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature. 3. a technological process, invention, method, or the like.Creative Solutions Technology
  14. 14. Graphic Playground Photography Website and Application Development. 123 Solutions offers professional web design, development, programming and maintenance and stays constantly in touch with the latest technology and trends. Our skilled designers will execute simple and complex projects for any size business with the same focus and passion every time. Simple HTML coded sites are a thing of the past. Complex websites include sophisticated applications utilising JAVA and Flash platforms amongst others. 123 Solutions’ experienced Code Writers can incorporate existing applets or develop new designs depending on your needs. Content Management Systems (CMS). 123 Solutions offers customised Content Management Systems that enable you to modify your online content with a simple user interface. There’s no need to learn complex coding, all you need is Internet access and you have complete control over your CMS. E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions. Web enabling of Legacy Applications. E-Business is the use of technology to support business 123 Solutions can turn your existing legacy software processes E-Commerce is the use of technology to applications into fully featured browser based online generate income streams. By using these two together apps. Implement them as a stand-alone features 123 Solutions can create an eStrategy that is an or incorporate them into your own website. This essential core of any successful business. increases the ease and convenience with which you can interact with your customers, staff and partners. 123 Solutions can provide: Front-end consulting, planning and implementation. Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Ongoing management of your technology 123 Solutions have the expertise to implement CRM solutions so you can manage the relationships you have with A flexible scale of management your customers as well as streamlining various processes like lead generation, contact and sales Flexible market strategy, whether talking Business- management, customer service provision and metric to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer analytics. Automation of these workflows frees up (B2C). your staff to provide better service to your customers. Vast experience in working to small or large 123 Solutions will customise and implement a CRM business needs. package to help you build and maintain meaningful relationships with your customers.Technology Solutions 28-29
  15. 15. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Graphic Playground Bring it all together with our 123 Solutions ERP package that uses a single Photography integrated database driven model that covers all the key areas of a complete business management system, like Human Resources (HR), operations, products/ services and analytics. Our ERP platform allows for the inclusion of high quality, commercial and open source modules thereby providing you with highly customisable business management solutions. With every module linked by a central database, updates to vital information are reflected across all areas of your company, in real time, reducing redundancy errors and achieving a more efficient workplace. 123 Solutions customisation connects you only to the modules you need, avoiding the usual bulky fully loaded software package. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 123 Solutions can offer BPO that allows your company to reduce costs and focus only on core business. Outsourcing specific business functions to highly experienced third parties leads to efficient outcomes for you and your customers. 123 Solutions can provide you with a range of specific outsourcing services according to your needs. IT Help Desk and Technical Support. 123 Solutions keeps your business on track by offering an integrated end- user support and help desk that manages and solves issues as they arise. Our integrated help desk solution combines the immediacy of desk-side support with highly trained Help Desk professionals. Our team of software engineers is able to make ongoing modifications to open source software so the source of potential repeat-problems is eliminated. Email Support Services. Email management is the proven and preferred way for companies to communicate. Recent studies show that nearly half of web enabled businesses fail Project Management. to respond to customer emails within 24 hours, largely due to poor infrastructure and lack of expertise or mishandling. Our refined infrastructure and exacting 123 Solutions is so much more than just a marketing company or an IT company processes ensure prime email management to leading businesses. or even a design studio. Combining the knowledge and experience of many years in a variety of industries, 123 Solutions brings together all the crucial Web Based Chat Services. components of success in the modern business world and seamlessly combines them to radically transform your business model, realising profits and reaching 123 Solutions interactive web based chat facilities connect your staff with markets that are as yet unrealised. customers in real-time. Website enquiries can be automatically directed to Through highly experienced company builders, unprecedented access to cutting customer service, sales or support staff so your customers can experience edge software engineers, award winning photography and design staff, sole access immediate resolution. to the largest photographic studio space in Queensland and a broad network of creative and business partners, 123 Solutions has all of the tools available for your company to achieve growth and income beyond your current expectations. Whether you need to incorporate individual software elements into your business process, engage in creative and cutting edge marketing campaigns to generate sales growth or require total management of streamlined, cost effective corporate management systems, 123 Solutions has the solution for your company.Technology Solutions 30-31
  16. 16. ecosystem: Community Portal a system Mass Social Media formed by the Corporate Site Independent Blogs interaction of a community of Idea Generation Blogs organisms with their Discussion Groups environment. Independent CommunitiesTechnology Solutions 32-33
  17. 17. thinkglobal. 1300 793 123 | 1300 793 112 34 Wyandra St Newstead QLD 4006 Australia info@123solutions.com.au www.123solutions.com.auCreative Solutions