Online reputation management


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Shane Hampson breaks down Reputation Management

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Online reputation management

  1. 1. ReputationManagementShane Hampson
  2. 2. What is ReputationManagement? Online Reputation Management is theprocess of suppressing negative remarksfrom the first page of search results andcreating resistance for any futurecomplaints to appear on that first page ofGoogle, Yahoo or Bing.
  3. 3. Common Myths You can “delete” harmful websites, likeRip Off Report Responding to the reports helps proveyour innocence You can boost star ratings with fakereviews Online complaints don’t effect business
  4. 4. Reputation Management isimportant ORM is an important piece to every marketing effort:SEO, SEM, print ads, radio spots, commercials, etc. are generating"buzz" about your business or product and peaks the interest ofpotential business. Ask yourself this: if you have a great product and a great marketingcampaign you are getting consistent walk in traffic or a good CTR(Click Through Rate) but you are not converting the traffic in salesyour probably missing your target ROI What could be the culprit? Picture the first page of Google search results as your resumemeaning you have 7 to 10 spots to create a great first impression, ifthat first page is revealing words such asScam, Fraud, Complaints, Rip Off, etc. it automatically puts a redflag in your customers mind and they may choose to move to acompetitor who does not have anything negatively reflecting ontheir business.
  5. 5. Ideal Candidate? Ideal Clients Is an individual person or business who isestablished has credibility with the BBB, wonawards or accomplishments, etc. but mayhave had a disgruntled ex-employee, rivalcompetition or random things like ex-spouses throw their name in the mud.
  6. 6. Resources to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool Pre and post traffic
  7. 7. Techniques Social Media Press Releases Video SEO Off-site content Microsites On-site content Positive Reviews Pro Linking
  8. 8. Social Media Social Media Sites such asFacebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn alloffer business pages you can create. These have a great page rank in the eyes of Google. Twitter actually can out rank most social media sites but the drawback here is that there is a limited amount of letters so if you havea big business name it may not get optimized for the keyword youwant.
  9. 9. Press ReleasesA well written press release combined with syndication to theproper sources can generate a quick ranking for ORM as wellas generate quality high profile backlinks to help your SEO. Press releases offer one of the best ways to boost yoursearch engine rankings and increase web traffic for yourbusiness. Now more than ever, Google values websites withlots of quality, newsworthy content that’s distributedaround the web. Our monthly press release marketing program builds on allthe best Search Engine Optimization and contentmarketing strategies to help you increase rankings and webtraffic.
  10. 10. Video Video’s are another fantastic resource we have at ourdisposal. Google bought YouTube and has made it an integratedpart of their product line. (you can’t create a Gmailaccount without them trying to get you to set up yourYouTube channel) Video content accounts for more than 50% of all webtraffic in the world. That’s why Google places addedimportance on the creation and promotion of videocontent YouTube videos can be embedded, tagged, titled andoptimized for the keywords you are trying to protect.
  11. 11. Off Site Content Websites such as Squidoo, Slideshare, and PitchEngine thatalready have a great page rank with the search engines canbe utilized with the proper content and keyword utilization(dont keyword stuff though). The combination of high page rank, the availability of customURL’s and organic strength can be a phenomenal tool to beutilized. Organic traffic to these individual sites is extremely beneficial inhelping you achieve the desired rankings. Q and A sites with organic community involvement (real usersresponding) can get you great rankings.
  12. 12. MicrositesIf you have been targeted by one of the major search engines asan auto suggest for a harmful term (ex. Example company scam)then a Microsite can be beneficial for you to sustain long termprotection . A great technique for microsites is creating an EMD (Exact MatchDomain) Exmple: if the keyword your trying to clean up is "examplecompany scam" you may want to buy and Exact match domains get ranked very effectively but sinceyour starting from scratch it does take some time to see results. EMDs are a great resource to spin a potential negative into apositive for example, instead of the potential customer seeinghow you are a supposed scam they will see your micro-site andhow not to get scammed by someone in your industry or field.
  13. 13. On Site Content Creating on-site content such /blog can be verybeneficial for eating up real estate on that first page ofmajor search engines. search engines already trust your site, if you applyproper white hat tactics you should be able to getindexed by the crawlers quickly and see rankings in atimely matter.
  14. 14. Ways to get these to rank The two main techniques to get theseprofiles and webpages ranked above thenegatives. Linking Organically (through communityinvolvement.)
  15. 15. Linking Linking is the last point we will discuss but it is without adoubt the most important. The techniques we havediscussed are designed to get organic rankings but linking isreally the bread and butter of every reputationmanagement campaign. The goal of the linking campaign is to link to all positive andneutral information surround the negative complaint(s) inorder to suppress the negative into the 2nd pages of searchresults. Linking is essentially a big popularity contest, you want asmany votes of confidence as you get….. Heres the catch though bad links (links not relevant, orfrom bad neighborhoods) can actually hurt you morethan help so make sure you are getting quality inboundlinks.
  16. 16. Organic Strength Organic community strength combined with a high PR aresome of the reasons websites such as Rip OffReport, PissedConsumer and Yelp are such a pain in theside and very hard to budge. Iron sharpens Iron The same techniques used that brought the negatives up thesearch results you can bring your positive content you createdto the top of the search results as well via organic strength. Increase your popularity (Friends, circles, followers, etc.) Get your content as many re-pins, Likes, Follows, retweets, etc. The more comments, shares, times embedded, etc. the better!
  17. 17. Questions? Contact me. 805.410.7984