A brief look at the diversity and dynamics of becoming an Ally


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A brief look at the diversity and dynamics of becoming an Ally

  1. 1. WE ARE CHANGING THE FACE AND PRACTICE OF LEADERSHIP TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF CHANGING TIMES Public Allies believes today’s leaders should • Look like America will look • Connect across cultures • Facilitate collaborative action • Recognize and mobilize community assets • Commit to self-development • Be accountable for impact
  2. 2. CHANGING THE FACE AND PRACTICE OF LEADERSHIP Public Allies is the premier pipeline for developing diverse young nonprofit and community leaders, and a recognized source for effective leadership approaches that are right for our changing times. We operate in 15 local communities across the country through a ten month leadership program, alumni networks and Leadership Practice consulting group Recognition: Clinton and Bush administrations • Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards • Pew Partnership for Civic Change Award Strong voice for influencing national networks— America Forward, Voices for National Service, Nonprofit Workforce Coalition
  3. 3. WE IDENTIFY AND CULTIVATE DIVERSE YOUNG LEADERS WITHIN NEIGHBORHOODS AND COMMUNITIES WE SERVE We identify talented young adults, ages 18-30, from diverse and under-represented backgrounds who have a passion to make a difference, and help them turn that passion into a viable career path. In our 10-month program, Allies work full time for a nonprofit organization addressing critical community issues, and develop leadership skills through regular trainings delivered by community leaders.
  4. 4. PUBLIC ALLIES LEADERSHIP STARTS HERE Paid Apprenticeships Rigorous leadership development in nonprofit organizations in their delivered by community leaders, communities where they: practitioners and educators, which includes: • intensive bi-weekly skill training and • create, improve and expand leadership development seminars services that address diverse issues, including youth • Critical feedback, reflection, and development, education, public personal coaching toward individual health, economic development and performance and professional goals the environment • community building and team projects with a diverse cohort of peers • earn a monthly stipend of $1,500 • presentations of learning at the end of the year to demonstrate how one • receive healthcare, childcare, met the learning outcomes of the student loan deferment and a post- program service education award of $5,000
  5. 5. INFLUENCE ON THE NONPROFIT SECTOR & WORKFORCE Our Leadership • Nonprofit Sector employs 14 million, half in • Corporations for National community and human services. and Community Service • Bridgespan reports the nonprofit sector will • Voices for National Service need more than 640 new leaders over the • Nonprofit Sector for next decade. Workforce Coalition • Only 9% of college seniors know how to • Alliance for Children find a nonprofit job. and Families • Less than 15% of nonprofit leaders are • Research and Polling build of color, and leaders under 40 are less • America Forward diverse than older colleagues.
  6. 6. LEADER IN DIVERSITY Public Allies boasts one of the most diverse leadership programs in the country. 67% of Allies are people of color, 60% are women, 50% have college degrees, and 15% are LGBT.
  7. 7. WE WORK NATIONALLY TO DEVELOP LEADERS IN THEIR HOME COMMUNITIES Our operating partners American Sunrise (San Antonio) Arizona State University School of Nonprofit Leadership and Management Bay Area Community Resources (Silicon Valley) BRIDGES (Cincinnati) Community Development Technologies Center (Los Angeles) Coro Center for Civic Leadership (Pittsburgh) Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center (Estes Park) New Mexico Forum for Youth and Community Development North Carolina Central University School of Public Administration RYASAP (Connecticut) Public Allies partners with local universities and University of Delaware Center for Community nonprofit organizations. These partnerships Service and Research build local capacity, strengthen management, University of Wisconsin deliver consistent program quality, leverage Milwaukee School of Continuing Education trusted brands, and streamline costs. We will grow to 30 communities by 2011.
  8. 8. MULTIPLE LEVELS OF IMPACT Over 80% of program graduates continue in nonprofit careers and are more than twice as likely to engage in civic activities than their peers. Allies gain report gains in teamwork, interpersonal communication, project planning and evaluation, diversity and inclusion, and personal responsibility. Recruited more than 11,148 volunteers last year generating more than $2 million in value for communities. Nonprofits hosting an Ally saved over $23,000 as compared to what it would cost to do the same work without Public Allies. In 15 communities, Allies saved nonprofits more than $7 million last year.
  9. 9. OUR NONPROFIT PARTNERS San Antonio Organizations hosting Allies (past 2 years) American Sunrise Learning Center American Indians in Texas Basilica of the Little Flower Bexar County Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area C.A.M.P J.O.V.E.N Catholic Charities / Guadalupe Community Project Quest / Center Center Rape Crisis Center Catholic Charities /V.I.T.A. Respite Care of San Antonio Centro Med St. Peter-St. Joseph Children's Home Christian Senior Services/Meals on Wheels San Antonio AIDS Foundation COSA/Department of Community Initiatives San Antonio Public Library Foundation City of San Antonio Making Connections San Antonio Sports Family Services Association Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
  10. 10. ALUMNI IN ACTION A sample of where San Antonio alumni lead: American Sunrise Learning Center American Indians in Texas Bexar County Boy Scouts of America, Alamo Area C.A.M.P Catholic Charities/V.I.T.A Centro Med City of San Antonio Family Services Association Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas Project Quest Center Diverse leaders have completed Public Rape Crisis Center Allies San Antonio and are continuing to Respite Care of San Antonio serve San Antonio Public Library Foundation
  11. 11. BE THE CHANGE… • Change your life, change your community, and eventually even change the world! • With Public Allies, you can make a career out of making a difference. • Everyone leads—including diverse young leaders like you. Join us in changing the face and practice of leadership in your community. We’re looking for diverse people ages 18 to 30 who have at least a high school diploma or GED and are committed to creating social change. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD -Ghandi
  12. 12. APPLY TODAY SPEAK WITH A PUBLIC ALLY! YOU CAN ALSO VISIT US ONLINE OR CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION www.publicallies.org Contact Us Public Allies San Antonio Ph: 210.228.9693 Fax: 210-228-9906 www.myspace.com/publicalliesalamocity @ PUBLIC ALLIES SAN ANTONIO