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What\'s New in Alchemy Catalyst 9.0 the Worlds leading software localization technology

What\'s New in Alchemy Catalyst 9.0 the Worlds leading software localization technology

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  • 1. Catalyst 9.0October 2010
    • Introduction to Catalyst 9.0
    • 2. New Features
    Multi-Lingual Support
    Job File
    Job Scheduling
    New File Formats
    Productivity Features
    TM Enhancements
    Pixel Based Limits
    Share Project Statistics
    .NET Enhancements
    64 bit
  • 3. Catalyst 9.0 – Multi-Lingual Support
    9.0 permits tasks such as
    Project Creation, Validation, Leverage, etc.
    …to be run across multiple languages in one go through the Alchemy Catalyst UI
    E.g. Leverage 5 JFIGS projects all in one click
    TMs are already Multi-Lingual
    Language Exchange
    *.TM format (new xliff based TM)
  • 4. Catalyst 9.0 – Job File
    The Problem?
    4 *.ttk Project Files, 4 languages
    16 Project files to be localised
    16 Creates, 16 Validation reports, 16 Leverages
    Now you can simply specify through the UI
    4 project files as template files
    4 languages
    Tell Catalyst to organise the Job
  • 5. Catalyst 9.0 – Job File
    Job File is a collection of
    Catalyst Projects (*.ttk)
    Chosen Languages
    Open XML format ( *.jobx – editable externally)
    Creates Job File Structure on disk
  • 6. Catalyst 9.0 – Job Scheduling
    Job File is now an input to all Experts
    Previously perform 16 different leverage tasks
    Cat 9.0 – schedule all 16 in one go
    Browse to Job File
    Catalyst lists template files
    Languages to be Leveraged
  • 7. Catalyst 9.0 – Job Scheduling
    Scheduled Tasks List
    Hierarchical Tasks List
    Shows Tasks with Status
    Finished, Running, Scheduled
    Pause Scheduler
    Amend Tasks if necessary
    Perform more urgent tasks
    Fault tolerant (tasks in external editable file)
  • 8. Catalyst 9.0 – New File Formats in 9.0
    Vis Studio 2010 Help Format (*.msha, *.mshc)
    Compressed List of HTML and other base types
    Compressed Files
    *.zip, *.cab, etc.
    Cat 9.0 can now decompress, insert (offering rules for files)
    Optionally Re-compress on extract
    Exe files (no new code here)
    • Drivers (*.sys)
    • 9. Screen Savers (*.scr)
    • 10. Control Panel Applets (*.cpl)
    • 11. MS Styles (*.msstyles)
    • 12. Codec Files (*.acm, *.ax)
    • 13. Multi-Lingual User Pack (*.mui)
  • Catalyst 9.0 – Productivity Enhancements
    Accelerators (client feedback)
    Close All Projects ( and Close All, but this)
    Locate segment in Navigator
    Copy Results to Clipboard
    Make Keyword
    Perform Concordance Search
    Send To … dictionary.com, thesaurus.com, MS glossaries, etc. (can add anything you wish)
    Show whitespace (in Trans Toolbar and in String List)
    Pivot Language
  • 14. Catalyst 9.0 – TM Enhancements
    Support for new desktop TM
    Xliff based TM
    *.tm (xliff TM format shared with Publisher)
    Cleanup Expert
    Push content to all supported TM Formats
  • 15. Catalyst 9.0 – Pixel Length Limits
    Pixel Limitations
    Add MaxHeight, MaxWidth variables
    Combine with Font and Font size
    Indicate to Linguist the available space
  • 16. Catalyst 9.0 – SDK Included
    Developer Pro will come with additional SDK
    ezScript (Command Line)
    COM API (new)
    Event API (new)
  • 17. Catalyst 9.0 – Share Project Statistics
    Integration Extensions
    Add Vitals Statistics to a Project File
    Source, Target Language
    Number of Words
    Percentage translated
    Project File becomes a compressed
    First file is Project File
    2nd file in archive is VitalStats.xml
    Shell Extension – hover over Project File
  • 18. Catalyst 9.0 - .NET Enhancements
    WPF – enhanced xaml load
    Increased generation of visual
    .NET 4.0
    Lots of combinations – all auto detected, no UI switch
    Edit .net 2.0 satellites while running.net 2.0
    Edit .net 2.0 satellites while running.net 4.0
    Edit .net 4.0 satellites while running.net 4.0
  • 19. Catalyst 9.0 – 64 bit version
    New 64bit compiled version
    Required to read/write 64bit .net satellites