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Wonders and woes of being a woman
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Wonders and woes of being a woman


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International Women's day celebrations talk about the wonders and woes of being a woman

International Women's day celebrations talk about the wonders and woes of being a woman

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Wonders and Woes of being a Woman (WWW) Shalini R. Urs International School of Information Management University of Mysore Mysore
  • 2.  
  • 3. Women’s Movement – a journey of hundred years
  • 4. Feminism and being a feminist
    • “ Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes” (American Heritage Dictionary)
    • It is essentially about equality of access and being treated as equal in the legal, political, economic, social sense
    • It is about “Non discriminated against and not denied anything” because of feminine gender
    • It is about believing in , advocating for, even fighting for gender justice
  • 5. Women’s movement – a revolution
    • Unlike many other revolutions, this revolution has crossed boundaries of nations, religions, ideologies, and other kinds of divides
    • It is a movement which has gradually sown the seeds of change, infiltrating societal consciousness with the simple premise that women are as capable and valuable as men
    • It now encompasses the freedom to venture into self-definitions and rivaling aspirations.
  • 6. I am a woman (Feminist Anthem of the 1970s)
    • I am woman, hear me roar
    • In numbers too big to ignore,
    • And I know too much to go back an' pretend
    • 'cause I've heard it all before
    • And I've been down there on the floor
    • No one's ever gonna keep me down again
  • 7. I am a woman…
    • Oh yes I am wise
    • But it's wisdom born of pain
    • Yes, I've paid the price
    • But look how much I gained
    • If I have to, I can do anything
    • I am strong
    • I am invincible
  • 8. I am a woman…
    • I am a woman
    • You can bend but never break me
    • 'cause it only serves to make me
    • More determined to achieve my final goal
    • And I come back even stronger
    • Not a novice any longer
    • 'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul
  • 9. I am a woman…
    • I am woman watch me grow
    • See me standing toe to toe
    • As I spread my lovin' arms across the land
    • But I'm still an embryo
    • With a long long way to go
    • Until I make my brother understand
  • 10. What have we done so far ?
    • We have arrived and have made a difference
    • Today we are no longer trying to define ourselves and wrest our rightful place, we have staked out a definite and special place for ourselves in the societal landscape
    • Today we are not fighting as un-equals but as equals and fight for justice in general
    • We are proud and happy to say we are women
  • 11. The idea of justice
    • As I read today’s news “ Supreme Court rejects Aruna Shanbaug's euthanasia plea” ( by her friend Pinki Virani , my mind naturally went into a rage about the injustice of it all…
    • I almost wanted to vent it somewhere…then as I pondered more sane voice reminded me of Amartya Sen’s Idea of Justice …
    • As Sen says, let us remind ourselves that “ there are questions that cannot be settled in theory , let alone in practice…let us try and make it less unjust and tolerate alternative assessments”
  • 12. Why IWD ? Alice Paul and ERA Clara Zetkin, Germany
  • 13. IWD today
    • The new millennium has witnessed a significant change and attitudinal shift in both women's and society's thoughts about women's equality and emancipation.
    • Many from a younger generation feel that 'all the battles have been won for women' while many feminists from the 1970's know only too well the struggles for emancipation
    • It is sad that many women say that it does mot make a difference. Let us not forget the trials, travails, and the triumph of the movement
  • 14. Let us remember…
    • The gender door did not open easily, women had to struggle for it. It took 40 years to achieve Women’s suffrage in the US
    • In India, the (Hindu) women’s right to property has seen different stages and finally only in the year 2005, all gender discriminations were removed
    • Without the force of feminism, women would have no rights to property, voting, public opinion, education, careers and their own bodies and children
  • 15. A bit of history
    • IWD has been observed since in the early 1900’s.
    • 1908 --Great unrest and critical debate was occurring amongst women (15,000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours, better pay and voting rights)
    • 1909 --the first National Woman's Day (NWD) was observed across the United States on 28 February (Socialist Party of America)
  • 16. History…
    • 1910 --a second International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen
    • Clara Zetikin (Leader of the 'Women's Office' for the Social Democratic Party in Germany) tabled the idea of an International Women's Day.
    • 1911 --International Women's Day (IWD) was held in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on 19 March.
  • 17. History …
    • More than one million women and men attended IWD rallies campaigning for women's rights to work, vote, be trained, to hold public office and end discrimination.
    • 1913-1914 --On the eve of World War I campaigning for peace, Russian women observed their first International Women's Day on the last Sunday in February 1913
    • 1913 International Women's Day was transferred to 8 March and this day has remained the global date for International Women's Day ever since
  • 18. IWD and UN
    • 1975 was designated as 'International Women's Year ' by the United Nations.
    • In 1977, the UN declared March 8 as the International Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, taking the celebrations beyond the Western world.
  • 19. IWD…
    • IWD is now an official holiday in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, China (for women only), Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Madagascar (for women only), Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nepal (for women only), Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia.
  • 20. IWD celebrations
    • The tradition sees men honouring their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc with flowers and small gifts. In some countries IWD has the equivalent status of Mother's Day where children give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.
  • 21. 100 years of women’s movement
    • A long journey from aggression to assertion to acceptance and social transformation
    • Feminism is no longer the exclusive issue of an angry woman.
    • It is a staple of culture, family life, economy, political systems, education, and future society.
    • Perhaps no man, woman or child has not been altered by the global persuasion of feminism
  • 22. Why ? But we must continue to find…
  • 23. Dorothy De Low, 99, from Australia participates in table tennis practice at the World Masters Games at Sydney Olympic Park October 15, 2009. 
 A granny takes a penalty in the Limpopo province, outside Johannesburg October 8, 2009. World Cup fever has spread to South African grannies, with hundreds of poor, elderly women in aprons and skirts fighting for the ball in township games. donning soccer boots instead of their usual rubber sandals to play in local matches. 
 Celebrating the grit, energy, enthusiasm
  • 24. What about this ? I call this the spirit , grit and determination
  • 25. Facing adversity
  • 26. But the movement continues…
    • Should be continued, lest we lose all that we have gained.
    • Lest, another Aruna Shanbhug become a routine thing.
  • 27. Theme of IWD 2011
    • “ Equal access to education, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for women”
    • In this context it is good remember, how much science and technology have helped the Women’s movement ( just like all movements)
    • It was the pill as much as the Feminism that truly heralded the liberation of women
  • 28. Education and Empowerment
    • If knowledge is power, then education is empowering
    • The power of the media and the society is also quite strong.
    • In Freakonmics , he recounts how the women in India, have changed due to television
  • 29. Technology and Women’s empowerment
    • Technology has made muscle power ( the superior edge of men  not so critical
    • Technology has made for a flat world and a great leveler across gender
  • 30. Yin and Yang
    • One of the most fundamental and profound symbols and theories
    • Two poles of existence, opposite but complementary, always seeking balance.
    • Opposing, but not in opposition, two aspects of a single reality.
  • 31. Wonders of being a Woman
    • Discovery of “a mother in Africa” through the mitochondrial DNA of baby placentas
    • It is about being able to create and carry life
    • It is about the fact of being a parent than the conjecture of being a parent
    • “ While maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of conjecture”
    • It is about NOT being ( theoretically) possible for a society to survive without
  • 32. PNM-PPM Library 3.0 Seminar June 29,2010 Shalini Urs Thank you